Just a distraction to keep people unfocussed. The Maui Massacre is probably the reason for the re-direction. Don't comply but also please don't forget.

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Yes commented similarly below.

Albeit less eloquently 😂...

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LOLL, I'm learning to cap my anger and follow my Christian beliefs. The 'elites' have been slaughtering the 'plebes' since Cain killed Abel. "They" know what's fair and best, right? People everywhere beware! The Georgia guide stones were a warning, I believe, which is why they were destroyed. The future is a "Hunger Games" scenario with only 500,000,000 allowed to enjoy the resources of Earth. Why do I think such doom and gloom. It started when I learned more truth about the French and "Indian" war last year from a 'true history' perspective and started the dark path down the evil history of "Great" Britain and its Empire. Ironic how they created their own religion, Church of England, so divorce could be legal waaaaaay back in history (pleasure wins out over morals). Now, in the US, the changing of laws and choosing to call evil "good" continues down the evil path of immorality and amorality. The people with the money are creating themselves as gods for their unsatiable pleasure and sensuality at the cost of humanity as a whole. A humanity created of humans that were created in the image of God. The whole thing is Satanic, but John's revelation told us about it, so I'm not surprised.

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You Nailed it 100%!! This is a spiritual attack, Good vs. Evil, and they are trying really hard to divide people, and the only unifier is Jesus Christ!!

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I donated and threw in some Law of Attraction info. When I found out about TI's I went to a local bar and got drunkish. The very idea that we could have our minds violated like that... and privacy? The fight for privacy hasn't even reached the Targeted Individual (TI) disaster yet.

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Thank you for even noticing. My mind is no longer my own. I live in hive mind.

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Christ did not come to unify people, on the contrary Christ comes to bring war and to set Father against Son, Mother against Daughter, Brother against Sister, he did not come to unify anybody he came to set people apart.....You must read the Bible, if you listen to anybody on TV or at the Church you will be deceived 100% and the only way for you to know that is to actually read the Bible for yourself. All people on TV are pure evil, and every Church I've been to in the USA is pure evil and pure lies which they speak about every subject there is.

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Yes, I do get into the word everyday and you are correct! Thank you for making that point and correcting me on that!

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"...only 500,000,000 allowed to enjoy the resources of Earth." NOPE! 500,000,000 may be kept "alive" but they will be useless bug eaters that toil to keep the elites swimming in whatever they desire. Nothing for the "living" masses to enjoy about existing. auschwitz 2.0 is what it would be.

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Yeah, anybody left who is still against Hitler? Or are we waking up now finally?

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Yes!!! Well said Brother...Amen!

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Cain was right to kill Abel as no animal with blood was to ever be killed &/or eaten. Abel is the antithesis if ¥øu actually read the idiot bible with some exceptions from other beliefs, as physiologically we are not capable of destroying pathogens in our gut as ours is a ph of 4 and not nearly as high a degree of molarity of the H2SO4 gas (look up what a mole is). Cain was in Eden and Abel was not because animal and human sacrifice which is the high rite of Judeans and Phoenicians include the burning of all first born for of any animal or child which is what their Lord (Baal the Storm God) and it's not YHWH either as several other names were used before this and the true meaning mislabeled in Greek as it could no be written in Hebrew and exposed it's name is DESOLATION. Jewish projection of their own atrocities has been forgotten and this generation should be the last. No 2800 slaves for each jew (Babylonian Talmud) teaching goy to be sex workers as a pre-teen and to be used in rituals of beat, bleed (the women would sop up the blood and use for fertility purposes to mix with matzos) and eat the uncooked flesh everything down to the bone which were put in jars filled with sand or sand and dirt found in the "excavation at gezer" by Macallaister but in all regions of their death cult. The OLD TESTAMENT (Hebrew in the Torah and the first in the Pentateuch (first 5 books of the Torah), we read now is the septuagint, rewritten Torah in Greek as to make definitions more specific. Hebrew may be greek but is a very poor language which after the entire time they have been here, they still cannot come to the meaning of it and almost all of it is allegories and genocide while few if any of their characters ever existed and even entire countries were made up but they do love genocide and pre destruction of people that they think may be a threat in the future including mothers of Palestinians that the UK sold to Rothschild with No Right to do so as Palestine was a peaceful agrarian society with small towns and not what the perpetual liars or people that lie that King Darius the Great stated who is 2nd generation of Cyrus the "pathetic?" who did what Cromwell did and made this earth into a living hell where money, power, access and control are more valuable than life itself and with Transhumanism coming and is already in you because you breath the smart dust (Maryland University 2004 - 4 Micron cube 12 bit computer with IO capabilities and communication abilities to communicate with the Internet of things and we are all loaded with millions of them along with aluminum (in every breath and a neurotoxin that is the foundation if not the whole cause of autism as British Research Team that identified that it is the only cause of autism which wasn't even in the dictionary in the early 1900s is 1 or 4 for boys and 1 of 15-20 for girls).

Aluminum anchors onto your nervous system and stays there forever and loads the brain with the massive neurological system with ions to attach to as nano-aluminum in you sky and air when you breath it is is building a Cyber (can't call you human anymore) being with self assembling routes and transmitters, and cellular activity current and historical, and you are going to be changed and it's not over night but it's in you to the point which is 2/3rds the way there.

Christians are not Jewish or from anyone that is Jewish and has no nationality and you NT is a Roman/Jewish fraud and I certainly agree that the goyim which means cattle as you are an amusement and something to eat and render the fat along with their bisexual sadism that goes all the way to infancy and if you don't or have not read the Babylonian Talmud (requires the Jewish Encyclopedia) and understand that the word of a Jew is equal to the word of God as they are made the only ones of Adam and Eve created by their god and you are not. You were made with all of the other animals, then you might as well talk to a wall while discussing any issue of this matter.

Christians do not eat meat or any animal that has blood in it, one of the few things that pre-judaic people actually understood and is an unconditional law as you read it of before Noah while the Jews turned that entire concept upside down and have not ever repented as they are liars which is their native tongue and they can do anything they please to you, and one Palestinian family was burned to death in their home and made fun of as the criminal was let off and the dead baby was held up in effigy, burned and blacked at the end of a rope while the people of the community danced. Look up 1 shot two kills too. Putting a massive hole in the baby is pre-emptive strike.

You are no Christian as the NT is a Judeo-Roman scam. Find out what the Essenes are and their relationships with Egyptians and Buddhists of those books one being the Gospel, as what you have is filth. Jesus did not drink either so vegan and didn't drink and you are a "Christian"?

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If you read the Bible you'll see the first Jew who is Abraham was the biggest scum bag you could possibly find on planet Earth......And Muhammed in the Koran is a pedophile by definition as a 50 year old man married a 6 year old girl and had sex with her when she was 9 years old, that is the definition of what a pedophile is. So both the Jew and their half brothers the Arabics worship Lucifer as god and both are deviants and disgusting beyond belief or measure. So as God's Witness I'm here to state, that both Muslims (Arabics) and Jews are the scums of this entire Earth and both of these races belong to Satan/Lucifer and that is who they worship......

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Any resources you can point to on The French & Indian Wars? Have not been down that rabbit hole yet.

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Not really. I spoke with an Archeologist at Ft Loudoun State Park and learned a lot from him. I also asked his opinion of Benedict Arnold. Do you know the truth about him? Unfairly labeled a traitor. A perfect example of the power of history revision and gas lighting.

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If you have the time, could you give a brief summary of the French & Indian wars? I would appreciate it. And if you are too busy, trust me - I understand, so no problem if you can’t.

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Yes, I did look at him at one point, you know, in the process of trying to reconstruct an accurate history. But you go down so many rabbit holes, that you forget half or more of what you read.

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Here is the biggest rabbit hole in the entire world by a million times: http://oiltradingacademytradesvideoblog.blogspot.com/2017/05/freemason-code.html

Very few people can understand this though, it's way over most peoples head and spiritual understanding......

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This is what they are doing but the media and influencers won’t tell you. https://twitter.com/nazivogue/status/1675302191366561793?s=46&t=7kTUIRsn8dwirIxD004EHA

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The way things now are are so convoluted, how can one know whether or not this person is real. The real irony would be if it was actually darpa telling on themselves to build money for their black budgets.

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Actual real person. Elizabeth Coady.

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2 Timothy 3:1-5

1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2For men shall be lovers of their own selves,

(SELFIES anyone, PRIDE parades anyone…)

covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers,

disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3Without natural affection,

trucebreakers, false accusers,

incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, …

4Traitors, heady, highminded,

lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

5Having a form of godliness,

but denying the power thereof:

from such turn away.”

ABIDE in Jeshua (Jesus) brothers and sisters.

As He Himself told us -


NO-ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH Me. “

John 14:6. 🙌

There is NO way to The Father BUT through HIM. Believe His Words for they are worthy of your trust.

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The Maui Massacre looks like a template for the rest of the areas the parasites wish to infest.

Our city council recently gave themselves permission to essentially confiscate properties that THEY designate to be redeveloped to suit THEM. This “redevelopment” will remove single family homes and duplexes and be replaced with multiple units with no or limited parking. I call their PLAN, “Kickbacks-4-Us”.

In the meantime, they happily hinder traffic with miles and miles of bike lanes for those three cyclists who ride their bike in this million-plus population.

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Are they trotting out Eminent Domain to hide under common benefit for their personal private profit?

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I did not see the words, “eminent domain”, but the intent is the same. They use the bla bla of “we need more housing”. I told them to stop inviting corporations to move here and to stop issuing so many permits because we have a known water problem.

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I hope they listen!!! It's pretty awful if the developers can just roll up (like they did in Ft Myers) and get all the impact fee free re-zoning they want, cut down every freaking tree, and destroy the local waterways with toxic lawncare run off and failed septic systems... nashing of teeth!!

In about 3 weeks, I will be starting Freedom Meetings at my house once or twice a month. I will be teaching what I learn (TacticalCivics.com and LocalActivist.org) about forming groups so that the attendees can go and form groups of their own. The resistance will form up faster that way...:)))))))

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If you want to rebel against the government you better have an AK-47, AR-15, and many rounds to take the Police on when they come and to shoot them all in the head and KILL them DEAD! And then challenge anybody and everybody to bring it.....If you're not willing to do that you better keep your mouth shut otherwise you'll just be rotting away in a prison cell......

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I hear you. But there is another approach. I have been an activist for 40 years. I go straight into the highest levels of the organizations I try to inform and change. I am energetically hard wired to be a change catalyst.

I incarnated here at this time to fight these many negative systems at this exact time in our Earth's history. When I meet people for the first time, I make sure to tell them that by hanging out with me, they may find themselves subject to personal changes - small and large. By hanging out with me, my friends receive information that can change their lives immediately, or over time.

I ask for divine and energetic protection for me, and those around me, from the negative forces present in this dimension at this time and we receive it. No, my life isn't perfect every minute of the day. I still screw stuff up, things break, and I have to fix shit - but ultimately, I feel safe and protected all the time.

Remember, we are in an Attractive Universe. What we think about, we DO bring about. If you engage these evil forces, you acknowledge that they are part of your reality, whether you have the ability to vanquish them or not. If you ignore them - no matter what they do - you are putting them in your rearview mirror and their power lessens.

I have experienced V2K (in fully 5G Fort Myers, FL) to try to get me to take the C19 bioweapon injection. I believe I attracted this attack because I kept asking the question, "How?! Why?! Did all of my friends and many relatives get this fucking shot??! So, the attractive universe, with my spirit guides present, allowed me to experience the subtle nature of the Mind Control being deployed on the taxpayers in Fort Myers.

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As a victim of gang stalking within the USA I have to give you warning......The Jews WILL attack you, 100% guaranteed, and the Police will come to arrest you and throw you into jail for serdition. It's no joke.....I left the USA in 2015 in an emergency move leaving behind $75,000 worth of belongings to make an escape to another country as the Jews informed me they were going to put me into prison since I would not do as they told me to do. You will get a very hard lesson in life just like I got: http://oiltradingacademytradesvideoblog.blogspot.com/2014/09/my-story-of-being-slandered-extorted.html

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We need to expose everything in the Maui fire unfortunately is a great example of what to expose.

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My link collection below. I was scraping Maui Government website to find the salaries of the key players... Nada. I needed to dig into their 900+page operating budget to find them...

But anyway, I discovered that the Maui Police department is budgeted at $40 million a year. I looked at all of the police department photos and never saw more than 20 officers. How exactly do 20 officers account for $40 million dollars a year?


County of Maui

200 S. High St.

Kalana O Maui Bldg,

Wailuku, HI 96793

Information Desk located: 2nd floor lobby



Never Before Seen Footage of Lahaina Fire from Highest Point






MAUI -Lahaina Fires a Satanic Holocaust and Theft of Hawaii Sacred Lands

Eric West vows to weed-out the bad actors in Lahaina “Green-New-Deal” Land-Grab



The Real Cause of the Maui Wildfire Disaster (Cliff Mass)

Fire had nothing to do with climate change, TC Dora, or extended drought.




Multi-Billion Dollar “Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)” Market, For Military and “Civilian Use” (?). Were DEWs Used in Hawaii?



MAUI "Officials" Order No-Fly-Zone Over Lahaina as NewFence Encircles the CrimeScene - Coverup?



Eric West Interview on the Recovery ofMaui and Lahaina


Eric is interviewed by significant political figure in Hawaii. detailing what is needed to protect heritage and environment. I'm guessing that TULSI GABBARD is the political figure of interest



Police blocked peoplefromevacuating Lahaina?



Maui Update with EricWest at Pohaku Park via Starlink (8/16/23) Paradise Fire recovery personnelon-scene with legal advice to victims



GEOFF CYGNUS Maui - Lahaine Volunteer Reporter on TIK TOK- Frequent Videos and interviews


Volunteer RealNews Reporter


X/Twitter: CygnusGeoff https://twitter.com/CygnusGeoff





Maui -Lahaina Disaster Area Still Without Verizon Internet Service After More Than a Week - Maui Youtube Influencer, Eric West,Using Borrowed Skylink to plea for Internet Service




(Eric West-Hawaii Real Estate) Maui Must DO Things, Attend meetings

Streamed liveonAug8, 2023 Eric West Claims Maui is down 100 police officers

*Compiler's Note: They still have a $40 Million annual budget, even though it looks like they have about 20 officers...


Maui County Planning Commission Meeting - 8/8/2023




(Eric West- Hawaii Real Estate) Day After the Fire report and tour of damage

Lahaina Town Fire - Rare Day After Footage of Lahaina



(Eric West - Hawaii Real Estate) Lahaina Maui Fire Update (Eric West). Report on damaged area in Lahaina -Streamed 8/12/23

"Boats exploded or sunk"-- Embers blowing right through doors. Initial report the fire started by a downed power-line due to winds-Winds were estimated at 40 to 50 MPH at the time of power line issue. Brush fire reported contained and everyone went back to sleep then fire flared up again. Eric expects town to be rebuilt in 5 years but not the way it was. --Most of the homes burned were working-class structures Police said he could not come back if he left to get supplies.-- People in long lines to buy gas for cars and generators.



Eric West - Hawaii Real Estate // Maui Lahaina Fire LIVESTARLINK Update7pm 08/13/23


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That 40 M budget is so interesting. Thanks for digging. God Bless.

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Por Nada! When I was growing up we always had used cars... and one of them was a Studebaker!!! It was cute!

So I retraced my steps to get you the link to the Maui County Government Operating Budgets (900+ pages).

Below is the link I used to download all those budgets - police dept and on mauicounty.gov, the general operating budgets. Strangely, this morning the web address for Maui County government is completely different with a .US extension. I will keep digging and see if I can find those budgets under the new link format.

https://www.mauicounty.gov/122/Police-Department --> Now it won't load on my EpicSearch.in search engine running on EpicBrowser on Windows7.

County of Maui

200 S. High St.

Kalana O Maui Bldg,

Wailuku, HI 96793

Information Desk located: 2nd floor lobby

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UPDATE: I m so fucking gaslit by my PC system because I refuse to move off Windows7...:))) It's all working now. Bizarre!!

https://www.mauicounty.gov/DocumentCenter--> This is where I found them; but I can't find them now... go figure.

But look what I did find:




The 2022 General Election ballot for Maui County voters will contain 15 proposed amendments to the Revised Charter of the County of Maui ( 1983), as amended ("Charter"). The attached "Exhibit l" is my Office's independent evaluation of the potential financial impacts of each of the 15 proposed Charter amendments. Exhibit 1 lists the additional annual estimated costs for each of the proposed Charter amendments. I feel the easy-to-read layout of Exhibit 1 may aid Maui County voters in their decision-making process regarding County operations and services.

This evaluation is not an audit and purposely does not include conclusions and explanatory language within Exhibit 1 in order to avoid any perception that my Office is advocating for or against any of the proposed Charter amendments. That format-while less than ideal-is intended to avoid the loss of public trust, the possible violation of

campaign finance laws, and the use of government funds to advocate for or against a ballot initiative. Should you have any questions, please contact me at (808) 463-3192. "

So in 2022, Mayor Michael P. Victorino submitted a big proposed regulatory change on the local ballot re: Housing. Funny how the Mayor just changed too....

If you can't find the operating budgets either, e-mail me at: allcomm1@protonmail.com and I'll send whatever years you want - one at a time because they are 900+page reports.

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Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Cabal's Land and Real Estate Stealing Tactics


We talk about the connections between Lahaina and other devastating fires, and their relationship to the WHO/UN agenda

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8/13/23 (Eric West -Hawaii Real Estate)

Reporting at home, 4miles from fire area -- Power restored in his neighborhood. Anotherfire brokeout in his neighborhood and was advised not to leave then an Amber alert closed down the highway due to crash. Claims Jeff Bezos donated $150 million. Oprah Winfrey said to have made a donation pledge. Propane tanks needed according to conversation with Fire Chief. Rumors of looting. No mass communication - KPOA radio at 7AM-3PM and 12 NOON otherwise no dedicated command post

Supplies arriving by air and sea.. Asthma medication for Eric's son arrived. More starlink station arriving soon.

Water is un-drinkable and should not be used due to chemical contamination Re-building is estimated at over $5.5 Billion Fire started day before public schools opened



DWNEWS 8/14/2023 --Hawaii fire victims demand to know why warning system failed| DWNews

"They've seen metals twisted in a way they have never seen before" Repeated comments about debris containing asbestos. Hawaii has a highly developed emergency warning system due to threat of tsunamis. You can see the sirens everywhere but were not put into effect during the fire. A problem with "Emergency management not being on the island at the time" and that impeded the early warning systems (Emergency management told to stand-down?)



ABCNEWS 8/14/23 - New video from Maui fire survivors. Only 3% searched with cadaver dogs. Retreati nto the ocean saved some Fleetwood MAC restaurant destroyed a blow to the cultureof the island.

Sirens were not activated. Lawsuit against power company for not de-energizing the grid in lead-up to the fires (told to stand-down?)

Firefighters found insufficient water pressure to fightthe fires.Their hoses apparently had no pressure (Water pumps shut down but electric grid remained on?)



KHON2 News 8/11/2023: Presser: Update on Maui fires Gov.Josh Green: Gov.Green reported to be "back on island" for the one this one hour Presser. Reportedly secured federal Aid from Biden. Maui Mayor Richard Bissen took the lectern after only a few words from Gov. Green.



Driving and trapped in the Fire in Lahaina at night -Instagram (8/8/23)



MAUI: Tulsi Gabbard Interview on Lahaina Fire




MAUI: John Durkin 4-Part Video Seriesof Lahaina Inferno and Aftermath. https://newsparadigm.substack.com/p/maui-john-durkin-4-part-video-series


MAUI: GeoengineeringWatch, Dane Wigington Describes How Winds Were Engineered to Torch Lahaina



Hero's of Lahaina



MAUI: Lahaina Fire Ultimate 4KDrone Video Provided by Eric West. Eric West’s high resolution and methodical drone tracking provides excellent forensic review of wind and fire damage.




Locals Tell What Really Happened Maui Fire (I Am Eloho)


It's not that there was no disaster but it was presented with the help of actors, CGI, photoshop and possibly DEEP FAKE tech. Look for it when you watch the MSM reports -Example of photo shop or Deep Fake in this "before and after drone sequence of high res aerial photos that are somehow perfectly matched in all metric dimensions even as the camera zooms higher. How can there be such foreknowledge to fly a drone over this terrain at a time BEFORE the fires and overlay the after drone fly-over in perfect dimensions.? This is more than curious.




After 2 weeks EricWestreports there is still no reliable cell service and afrustration of governmentfoot-dragging on status of childrenand families



BURNED ALIVE! | Maui Massacre // DEWStrike at 12:56 // Blue Didn't Burn 14:35

HAARP (IonosphericHeaterNetwork) Clips 14:49






EXPOSED! They’re All In On it | Maui Massacre



WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?! Lahaina Fire Lawsuits Begin| Maui Massacre


08/30/23 Dead children estimates are between 500 - 2000.





BREAKING NEWS: Oprah WinfreyINVESTIGATED for Maui Fires!



BREAKING NEWS: Oprah Winfrey INVESTIGATED for Maui Fires!

INSULTED! Biden Said THIS at Maui Massacre Site?!



SOMETHING IS FISHY! Maui Fire |Conspiracy Cover Up | Exclusive Interview with FISH



DISGUSTING! Mark Zuckerberg STEALS Maui from Native Hawaiians: LAND GRAB!



EVICTED?! The Maui MassacreCorruptionJust GotEven WORSE!



WTF? ANOTHER Fire Breaks North of Lahaina Close to Hyatt Hotel Housing Mostof the Survivors! Tragically, many of these Firefighterslost their homestoo.




DO "MELTED CARS" Prove D.E.W. Weapons in Maui? SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Eric West team performs close video inspection of vehicles ravaged by intense heat



More Than 2,000 Children From Lahaina Public Schools Still Missing After Maui Wildfires

There are still 850 people missing from the Maui wildfires, but a new report from the Hawaii State Department of Education shows that there are more than 2,000 children who are unaccounted for in the public school system.


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Microscopic investigation of land ownership and precision destruction on Maui.

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Thank you!! I have added it to the collection. And I would not be surprised if GIS data was used to target the pre-sprayed nano tech when it was activated.

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exactly the same happened at the begin of Ukraine war, when covid issues became too obvious and uncomfortable. Every tragedy is covering up the next one, so that the previous one gets 'less impact' in the human mind. That's the only way to make everyone forget that we all are HUMANS with FREE WILL, which should have stopped any nonsense, but it didn't of course becasue we are busy with the next hit. The 'downgrade' of HUMANS by the genetically modifying injections is the final purpose of the covid crimes, in my opinion. That's why the 'mandates', which now they can and will have to stick wherever 'they' want..

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The aide said that guys like me were 'in what we

call the reality-based community,' which he

defined as people who 'believe that solutions

emerge from your judicious study of discernible

reality.' [...] 'That's not the way the world

really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an

empire now, and when we act, we create our own

reality. And while you're studying that

reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act

again, creating other new realities, which you can

study too, and that's how things will sort out.

We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will

be left to just study what we do'


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not reading wi-ki, only in emergency, to much BS among part truths..

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Please don't get Distracted!

Read the text pasted.

I will go try to find link to the original article by Suskind

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and WHO are you to tell me what to do???

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Let me rephrase:

It would be better if we did not get distracted. ;-)

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Focus Unite! ;-)

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1st Seal: White Medical Horse goes around the world conquering the minds of 6 billion people and making them take a Satanic Poison Shot.

2nd Seal: Peace will be taken from the Earth......about to start now.

3rd Seal: Black Horse: All global financial systems world wide will collapse to 0 in one day (24 hours).

4th Seal: Pale Horse: All those that took the Satanic Poison Shot and those who are sick from 5G and those who are too weak to make it for immigrations, refugees, flooding, fires, evacuations, etc, and those who get some form of sickness, will all die. You turn Pale when you die or just before you die.

5th Seal: All of God's Elect will be beheaded by the Jews Messiah the Antichrist all around the world within the USA.

For those who are still alive first the USA will be nuked in one hour and completely destroyed by Russia and China which are proxies that the Jews own and control to nuke the USA and destroy it to hide their crimes of killing God's people from around the world in the millions. And then God is going to punish all the people of the Earth for them folllowing along like cattle in every evil thing there is to follow and do. They will all be punished and if not repent they will be cast into "The Hell".

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I don't know about you all -- but I can fight more than one tyranny at a time.

No problem.

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The Jews are using DEW weapons which are being directed from space satellites. Think of them as lasers that are infused with atomic particles to turn metal into powder. The Jews are using this weapon all over the entire world, Australia, Spain, Canada, Thailand, Hawaii, California, Lousiana, and many others. They are doing this to give credance to their "Climate Change", which equals 33 standing for 33rd Degree Freemason. They are going to use Climate Change to accuse you and 7 billion other people of causing this and that you are now the enemy. So you must give up eating meat and diary because cow farts cause climate change. You have to give up eating rice and wheat as these also cause climate change. You have to give up your personal car because this too causes climate change. You have to give up your electricity because this too causes climate change, and you have to do and believe everything the Jews tell you to otherwise you'll be antisemetic.......which God's Witness would like to state for all to see and hear that I am 100% antisemitic and in fact I'm willing to bet that I'm by far the most antisimitic person to ever exist before outiside of God of course. There is a much larger agenda which is world wide that the narrow view of America. The USA is Lucifer's chosen country and is evil beyond measure, and the USA is to be a sacrifice for the Jew World Order. It's where the blood of the Saints will be found at the 5th Seal.

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Comment deleted
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Absolutely, I hear friends of friends say, I will live off the grid to get away from everything and my answer is as long as they have satellites up in the air and you have a computer or cell phone you are never off the grid! The only people off the grid and they are not even off the grid anymore are the Amish!!

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Pfizer, the NIH, CDC, and FDA have made it so strokes, heart attacks, neurological diseases, and sudden death are normalized standard expectations since the injections were rolled out. All in the name of preventing coughs, sneezes, fever, and sniffles. In case anyone hasn't caught on yet, mankind is the disease they are working tirelessly to eradicate

This entire thing was a deliberate egregious fraud from top to bottom. The flu was re-branded as COVID - it went to zero when the pandemic hit the scene:

https://tritorch.com/flu [image]

The PCR test cannot tell the difference between bacteria and a virus and this was just one of a manifold of problems with that egregiously fraudulent test:

https://tritorch.com/PCRBacteria [image]

Meanwhile SARS-CoV2 is dangerous to almost no one - and they knew it nearly from the the start.

https://tritorch.com/covidKillRate [image]

https://tritorch.com/CDCIFR2020 [image]

In September 2020, this was the CDC's best estimate for the COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate:

0-19 years old: 0.00003

20-49 years old: 0.0002

50-69 years old: 0.005

70+ years old: 0.054

Meaning all of the following carnage was based on a deliberate lie:

The masks ● the social distancing ● the lockdowns ● the economic and farming destruction ● the mental and physical health destruction ● the arrested development of millions of children ● the myriad of preventable suicides ● the bevy of new, rushed, barely tested, deadly vaccines

On the other hand, during the injection trials, Pfizer recorded an astonishing number of Adverse Events, spontaneous abortions, and death - which they tried to use the court system to hide for 55 years. It caused caused 23 spontaneous abortions and 75 serious clinical events from 270 expectant mothers and 1223 deaths during trial:

https://tritorch.com/ae6 [image]

https://tritorch.com/ae2 [image]

https://tritorch.com/pfizerTrialAdverseEvents [pdf]

Then, after the roll-out, the CDC VAERS safety signal database exploded with adverse events and death in numbers never seen before:

https://tritorch.com/CDCVaers [pdf]

In summary, poison seems to be an accurate term for the COVID Pfizer injection. They had a practice run for this charade in 2009: https://youtu.be/Gs-DBOFWCpc [3.31mins]

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all great resources. Thanks. BUT, the one most important thing, to me is the fact, that the covid injection materials are in addition to nano's , a synthetic GENETIC MATERIAL, something what I touch in all my substack posts from very begin. And while not looking into the genes specifically exceot for few cases (ModE-RNA patent), but alone on that what they express, I saw early 2020 that the SPike sequences contain lot of fragments (short amino acid strings) from other lethal patented sequences, like antharx, cholera, marburg, and of course HIV, etc., etc. The oldest patent I was able to trace goes back to 1987 Infectious Bronchitis Virus, for pigs...

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It's a chimeric injection no doubt, so much so that only a deeply disturbed mind(s) could come up with such an idea.

Here is a patent for turning DNA into a triple helix. Some have found evidence that the injections include a chemical that causes this reaction: https://archive.ph/RzE8F

Here is the relevant portion: http://tritorch.com/tripleHelix.png

Here is a pre-programming article for it: http://tritorch.com/tripleHelix2.png

Here is a whistle-blower video discussing it: https://bitchute.com/video/98g9MzTMGjbv [1.12mins]

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the last 'whistleblower', who looks like from hollywood (frequently when BS is spread...) is claiming sulfuric bond holding the DNA togehter.... There is NO SULPHUR in DNA, the heaviest element is PHOSPHOR... Sure, there are triple DNA/RNA helices out there, BUT if you add just those two CC anywhere, you will change the entire AMINO ACID sequence which that specific mRNA code (not even talking mod mRNA) expresses, i.e. something different than the 'original toxic universal' Spike.

That patent is actually related to the REMOVAL of DNA template from the transcribed mRNA, and that should be the last step in the synthetic covid injections production, but apparently was not done, according to Kevin Mc.. Anyway, I'm not saying this 3-ple helix is not important, the GENETIC MATERIAL is very easily conjugated to itself and similar aromatic compounds and amino acids, thus giving a huge opportunity to manipulate it..

On other note, slowly I think where it goes, and it is connected with the Biblical story of God participating in his SON (Jesus) creation. Just too many recent coincidences in the main science articles suddenly writing about Mary's conception, including the National Geographic which in 2017 published Prof. G. Church(..) saying you can express viruses and introduce this way gene modifications by a plain modulation of magnetic fields around, via IPhones for example...

The covid genetically modifying injections carry VENOM's motifs, and that should tell you already something. The Lucifer is not that far away.

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Just like satan to want to get inbetween God’s creation and create a wedge. He’s such a pathetic imitation - so desperate to be worshiped.

Last days…tick..tick.

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the plan was and still is to build BACK 'better', whereby to build means first to erase the entire God's creation, including humans. The back is going back in time.. Why would B-I-DEN put a new crime called NEXTgen into action? They need to be stopped, NOW

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If you go by what the Jews say then this is what is going to happen. All the people of the world are about to rebel agaisnt their own governments and hang the people involved, that means Biden and Congress etc. The people will do this world wide in every country there is. Then the people will focus their attention upon the Jews to wipe them from the face of this planet and to finish what Hitler started. Then when the Jews are about to be wiped out within Israel which they will all move back to world wide their "Messiah" will show up to save them from the wrath of the Gentiles, and this person will be the Jews Messiah they are waiting for and be the Antichrist and require worship and to take his Mark. The whole agenda you are seeing in everything you see and hear is for one purpose alone, to get as many people as possible to worship their Messiah and be condemned by God just as they are already condemned by God. Anybody who cannot wake up to the Jews and their evil and follows these scums in anything they do or say will be going to "The Hell" with the Jews......

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And I know you know B-I-DEN is not in charge of anything except TRYING to read the SCRIPTS they show him on the teleprompter…

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Interesting analysis and information mejbcart, it is appreciated.

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Yes CDC has since it was established been “managing” the disease for the Rockefeller’s - THE DISEASE to them IS US.

They founded Johns Hopkins and MOST medical structures.

Funded Kissinger - and most agencies doing covert eugenics and population control using “health” as their method.

The destruction they cause by polluting water with fluoride to dumb us down through chems & toxic pesticides/herbicide, gmo’s and worthless “education” and failing health petro chem drugs has been going on since they constructed a mandatory system of hierarchal allopathic drug pedddler medicine system, and killed natural herbal treatments, that work, and cure.

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Yes. Rockefeller used the love of money to hijack medicine a century ago, and immediately slit the throat of a thousand years of medicinal knowledge and wisdom.

Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome: https://tritorch.com/legion

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Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime. Stalin.

FOR THE LOVE of MONEY for sure! And power.

We know many are complicit, but most men and women in authority are now bought and paid for worldwide.

Promises of advancement and safety have been made to these minions who are willing to slaughter millions.

I believe unless response is provoked from earth from the sleeping masses, or God from heaven intervenes, a great culling is going to occur with the Nazi blueprint being executed.

PS: Your Charlie Munger quote - he was on camera saying how he admires China’s social credit score! What kind of a person says something like that!

Their inhumane slave type system and labor camps.That says it all.

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Nazi blueprint? It's a Jewish blueprint not a Nazi one, the Nazi's are the good guys it's the Jews who are evil and destroying the whole world.....

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Yes but you have to name the people doing this and those people are Jews......

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There is a cruel, thieving Khazarian sect, operating under the secret society groups they formed, that has been a destructive , hateful bunch, - but it is NOT ALL Jews.

Their are many good Jews, including Messianic Jews (who recognize Jeshua (Jesus) as their messiah)

The violent Khazar sect who originated from Turkey joined the Jewish faith (Judaism) , to covertly blend, like chameleons, into the Jewish community.

They were forced out of certain communities because they were murderous and thieves , and some say they sacrificed children…and they needed to assimilate in order to function in other cities.

Now , if they truly converted to transform into a peaceful group, that would be fine. People can change, however this group don’t want to change.

They merely used this tactic to become invisible, to conduct their evil, without being identified.

They are like the chaff among the wheat.

And now in present day, this particular secret society, Illuminati group don’t worship God, as Judaism does. And they continue with their hateful destruction of everything that is ordained by God and want to destroy His laws and anything good.

This group are just using the protection of anti-semite shield,

but in reality, this sect really worship - Lucifer .

Saying it’s “all” Jews that are a problem, is like saying “ALL whites” are bad.

Aren’t you sick of these weak, manipulative accusations yourself from others?

So we need to be accurate with identifying the root cause of an attacking enemy.

There are elements within many races and tribes that hate other groups - without cause. This secret group however ARE the MOST RACIST, and destructive, and unfortunately, powerful narcissists.

Behind them operates a force of darkness -“ legion” is their name and they have a master commander satan. Evil exists and works through humans who chose to align themselves with satisfying only the sensual pleasure in life without conscience .

Even Jesus (a JEW himself )identified a certain GROUP within the religious Pharisees at the time, as being hypocrites, and following satan (their father of lies and murder).

We must be restrained when using our “little member” with accuracy and truth.

It is essential, or we are no better than the false accusers, that we ourselves, seek justice against.

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Thankfully I wasn't in the "democrat hour" this morning...which is is the 8am hour here at the studio.

My partner told me when I came over (I was on the other side leading a meditation, funnily enough) that they were arguing that the vaccine worked and that it is abundantly clear that it was both safe and effective. 🤯

AND that there wouldn't have even been a pandemic if Hillary had been president. 🙄

Admittedly I woke up a bit salty this morning...mostly because I am completely disgusted with the WILLINGNESS TO BURN CHILDREN ALIVE...and I don't think I could've held my composure. When I feel the anger deep in my chest like this, it's never a good time to "get into it" with someone that is a FUCKING SLAVE TO THEIR STUPID ASS POLITICAL BRAINWASHING.

See what I mean? I am currently not really in a "constructive conversation" space.

Wow. Still really hot about it. This is also the crew that would regularly come in and talk about "all the idiots prolonging the pandemic because they won't get vaccinated"...so they are already loaded for me.

We largely don't talk about any of it because we are just too far apart....and I'm good with just staying away from these things. But if it gets brought up, I really have a hard time not unloading.

Ok, I just needed to vent.

Thank you for listening.

Back to work.

Also...they can ABSOLUTELY stick their vaccine mandates RIGHT UP THEIR ASS.


And I dare someone to ask me to put on a mask.

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Sadly, your colleagues still reflect the majority opinion. They live in an information vacuum and are willfully ignorant of anything that suggests adverse reactions or otherwise questions the ongoing narrative.

I estimate that ninety percent of my work colleagues got the shots based upon the marketing campaign and the litany of 'thumbs up' selfies my colleagues posted during the Spring 2021 vaccination campaign. Fortunately, people tend to keep their opinions to themselves.

I'd lose my mind if I was confronted with the situation that you described.

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I guess I have talked about it enough that I know that most of our clients are not getting any additional shots. And many of them chose not to jab their kids.

Both of which I count as a personal victory.

There is just one particular crew, well a couple of standing appointment hours actually, that I know not to bring any of it up. And I get plenty of breaks from the super jabbed, because the people who have taken many or all of the boosters are rarely ever able to make more than a couple consecutive appointments.

They are regularly ill. And regularly attending funerals. In fact, I am done for the day today. Wednesday is my light day anyway, but usually not this light.

One is out sick after returning from a trip to Arkansas for a funeral. And another is having another GI flare - which happens with abundant regularity now. 🤣 pun intended 🥁

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Little Pink Houses for you and me...

Many don't take the transfection factor seriously enough. With this, everything is F-ed-up royally. ELECTROPORATION is the name of the game and Plato was taken to heart. Pack everyone into cities and plant rodent diseases to depop.

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Have compassion for the mind-controlled, for they know not what they do.

"The Great Replacement"


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I’m right there with you. Preaching to the choir.

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The only thing that is new for the power in control now is that it is global, with the exceptions of a few holdout countries. They have the political power and all the resources and money, they have bribed, co-opted or threatened/killed our politicians/police/judicial system/medical system. The ideology is an ancient one and they practice these sacrifices everyday without most people even noticing. People are far behind the curve of waking up to them implementing their plan and even if everyone woke up one day with all the truth in the whole of existence without action its just a word. People need to be willing to go full out because if we don't when they try plan B you wont get a second chance PERIOD.

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I wonder if the Luciferian's got a big energetic boost sucking up the horrible deaths of all those kids?

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I've heard they're all about feeding on pain, fear and death.

I've heard they're all about feeding on pain, fear and death. Human sacrifice is a thing for them.

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The Monarch Program comes to mind. I read that they put the kids in cages and turn on the electricity. The kids convulse and their eyelids flutter like butterfly wings. Those that don't die are re-programmed for super soldiers, sex slaves, and assassins.

The US Dept of Defense is the vehicle the Luciferians in Basel, Switzerland at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are using to effect their global democide.

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When I lived in Las Vegas Henderson NV in Green Valley I went to the Whole Foods there. While shopping a guy with a cart with a very young girl maybe 4 years old sitting in the cart used this cart to slam into me from behind and then proceed to tell me it's my fault and that I meant to do it. To make a long story short. I took a look at this little girl within the cart, you cannot imagine the look upon her face. She was terrified out of her mind to such an extent to being numb. She would not utter one word or make even one sound, and the look upon her face said everything. This was not the man's daughter, she was a sex slave of the Freemason Jews or just Jews, Jews are all like this almost without exception. To this day I regret not saving this young girl, I could have but I myself was in such shock by what happened I was not processing the information as I normally would. Everyone needs to be made aware and to realize that there is an evil within the USA that most people cannot fathom, and that it's the JEWS who are doing this, enough with the antisemitic idiocy nonsense, the truth is the truth and NOTHING can change that. Wake up everyone and realize you have a Satanic element in your midst, and they own everything around you and hate your guts. Keep in mind a Jew dies like everyone else does and bleeds like everyone else does.......

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I know what you mean about missing that opportunity to assist because you were in shock. I too - before I learned about benevolent protection - experienced this same kind of mind lock.

It's not just Jewish people. I know you know that:))). They are at the center of the machinations - true. But there are thousands of others who have become Luciferian on some level, and see chaos and suffering as a desired state. Their time is over. The Earth is in ascension and they know it. This is why there is so much happening right now. Check out this inspirational evil fighting guy:

Eril Kaya


And these are freaking crazy inspirational from The Ringing Cedars movement:

PART 1 - Is This The MIND-BLOWING Truth About Our History?


PART 2 - Is This The MIND-BLOWING Truth About Our History?


These links fit the Tartarian Empire information like a glove:))))))))))

You are NOT alone. Big HUGS!!!

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If you were to study actors and singers lives you would realize they are not who they appear to be. For one thing all singers and actors that become famous die at an early age. Like Elvis Presely, Whitney Houston, Jim Morrison, Prince, John Denver, and thousands of others the same. Actors also all die early in life. James Dean, Heather O'Rourke, John Candy, Paul Walker, Corey Haim, and thousands of others. Another thing you would notice is that all people who sell their soul for fame and fortune must be up and sacrifice their eldest son to be murdered by the Jews and their Father Lucifer/Satan. Like Bill Bixby, Johnny Carson, Charlie Chaplin, Paul Newman, Maria Osmond, Mary Tyler Moore, and John Travolta, and thousands more. The real truth about Hollywood and the Music industry is that it's Satanic by it's very nature and the people involved are Satanic (Jews) and the people who sell their souls are also really just scums, not good actors or singers just low class scum in a spiritual sense. And the Devil came calling for them when they no longer had any value to him anymore. That's why you see Tom Cruise making one movie after another, when he stops making movies the Devil will come calling for him too.......So many scums in this world......

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Not surprised.

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The Jews kill over 200,000 children every year within the USA. The Jews put the children onto an alter of their "god" and they torture the child to death causing massive pain, so that when they mix the childrens blood with their "Passover Bread" they are eating the blood of their enemies. Who is the Jews enemy? Anybody who does not belong to their Jewish cult and commit incest is their enemy. So what happens with all the childrens bodies? They are ground up by the Jews into hamburger meat and sold to Mcdonalds so that the Gentiles eat their own children........Anybody ready to make war with the Jews yet?

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Perhaps, at the end of all things, we will discover that you are correct.

Right now, I can clearly see Jewish influence across our media and government. I can see the conspiracies like 09/11. I've read up on real Jewish history written by non-American's to correct the lies and distortion from my Baltimore Public School Tavistock-programmed education.

There is no excuse for mass murder - even of Jews. Pogroms have been executed against the Jews down through the ages. Somehow, the Jews always manage to restore themselves to a position of global supremacy.... in part by facilitating the destruction of the non-Zionist lines in their own races.

Try focusing your ire on The Rothschilds. They are the architects of all massive global events. They are the ones who instructed their minions decades ago to create today's Great Culling. They and their line, have done this repeatedly throughout time - and they have always lost at the bitter end.:))))))))))

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I hear you sista! They can put their masks the same place as their vaccine mandates! I feel you! I'm empathic, as are MOST sentient beings who haven't been dumbed down and numbed down. The atrocities around us are unconscionable and in order to cope many turn to alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, etc, or simply tune out reality and remain under 'the spell'. We discharge and clear what builds up in the central nervous system during deep sleep, deep breathing and yogic spinal twists, and earthing/grounding.

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Glad someone else is here with me.


It's hard to integrate all of it. I strongly lean in to my practices....breath work, meditation, vibrational sound healing, I hardly even own shoes....but DAMN. Some days are harder than others.

Last night was restless sleep....dreams of burning...

That made today harder and my patience "less abundant".

It's still making it harder lol.

But it helps to commiserate. Thank you.

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Amen to that! I heard a report yesterday from Ron Paul's Liberty Report that they were backing down from the Mask mandates because of the backlash from the people. Hopefully that is true.

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I heard similar, and I'll be one of them being escorted out of businesses who try to enforce these ILLEGAL mandates. Since they cannot arrest me for non compliance, they pull the "you're trespassing" bullshit on you.

SO, I'll be purchasing elsewhere.

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Same here. I will not comply.

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Just walk into the store with an AK-47 and dare them to say one word......This is what needs to be done by everyone......

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Comment deleted
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Seriously! I live in Camper, drive an old Chevy Pick up. I'm doing good to pay my own way and share with my daughter and neighbors. I'm not giving money to strangers who solicit online. If I see homeless people on the streets I give to them. Shame on you... I don't ask anyone for money. And I don't trust people I don't know.

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I understand your reaction. I have posted elsewhere here but specifically to descriptive tweets. That is a lost opportunity for me

because important for strangers to hear.

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Comment deleted
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No I didn't. I get so turned off by people asking for money. That usually ends it for me. I'm so sick of greedy people. I don't ask for money. Especially not from strangers. I'm not on Twitter or X or Facebook or Gab. I'm an outcast and I wear it as a badge of honor.

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Don’t know how you saw tweet for ‘givesendgo’ before reading my tweets. The tweets are what you should read. I have nonconsensual WIFI chips in mY skull. About 20 percent of population is working for deep state. Maybe you are because don’t know how you could have seen my givesendgo without reading tweets.

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Resolve no mask and no quackzines,regardless of the backdown or smackdown or crackdown from the authorities

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Right! and don't let them lobotomize you either with their PCR test. I haven't been to a Doctor in more than 20 years. I don't get tested for anything ever. I really need dental work, but I don't trust them either. They charge way to much, and I have a problem with giving my little bit of money to greedy people. I'd rather give to the homeless and hungry.

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I highly recommend everyone read "Confessions of a Medical Heritic" author Robert S.Mendelsohn M.D. and you will never ever go back to an M.D.

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And share videos like this one. Many people don't take time to read anymore. (Substack susbscribers do!! :D) This connects ALL the dots! The creator of it, Michael J Murphy was 'suicided'.



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You can get major restorative dental work done in other countries like Costa Rica and Mexico for literally 1/4 of what it costs to get the exact same work done here in the US. They just don’t accept insurance. Both Costa Rica and Mexico have very safe “dental tourism industries.” There are several other countries overseas like Thailand, Turkey and Hungary that offer even lower-priced dental tourism packages, but obviously they’re quite a bit farther away, so the airfare would be much more expensive.

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!! I agree. I did a deep dive into removing a root canal in Mexico. When I told the dentist in Ft Myers, FL I had checked out going to Mexico, he matched their price and I stayed in the USA.:)))))))) Medical care here is just like the legal services nobody can afford.

I wanted to go to a Naturopathic practice. OK. The nearest one was in Asheville, NC and they flat out said on their website: The first visit will be 4 hours and cost $680.00. Even if I could afford that, I wouldn't. We need to vote with our feet when doctors of any kind gouge like that.

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I saw yesterday how e liquid is 400$ in America and 200$ in Europe… less in other countries.

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I don't know what was more entertaining, the little kid essentially saying up your ass with the masks, or singing to the cops "you can stick your vaccine up your ass." Whenever I grocery shop I make a point of wearing a tee shirt that says FJB or F Fauci or something along those lines. When mask mandates get pushed I break out my Zorro mask and oddly enough, no one ever asks me to wear a mask when wearing my Zorro mask - weird huh.

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For you senor...


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Ole.... I like it... for yucks, check out my "safe" & "effective" post a while ago:


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The Four Agreements is a gem!

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The Four Agreements are:

Be Impeccable With Your Word.

Don't Take Anything Personally.

Don't Make Assumptions.

Always Do Your Best.

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I always liked Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

Cryptic but who knows; note TLR only put silver bullets in his gun and what was his horse's name?

When George Webb reported about the 2019 Wuhan Military Olympics soldiers were given a real vax that had a silver component to it and believes C-19 was spread from that gathering which was suspiciously close to the BSL-4 facility and the wet market.

Silver (nano) I'm hearing is the only thing that works to keep the biowep replication down to a mild roar.

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Already got their heads up their hind ends🤡

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Their mandates should fit quite nicely up there with their heads 🤣

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I'm going to work on an article on how we can LEGALLY NON-COMPLY. I was able to do this with the mandates when corporations started enforcing them and I think we should educate ourselves on how we can use the LAW and the RIGHTS we have to LEGALLY SAY NO:


We've seen how some teaches have used it to not call kids whatever pronouns the child wants to be called (https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/elmo-and-a-rock)

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I suggest also following Coffee and Covid by Jeff Childers, Esq. Lawyer in Florida. Not complying here. My ears don't hold masks on, anyway.

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I got escorted out of the VA once because my “Worn by force—Not fear” mask kept slipping and my doctor attempted to tape my mask to my face. I asked, “What’s next? Saran Wrap around my head???”

Just before I exited the front doors, I asked the the security guard, “What’s next? Are we going to have to wear diapers to keep everyone else from shitting their pants?”

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People like you make me proud..Stand up for yourselves people

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... “What’s next? Are we going to have to wear diapers to keep everyone else from shitting their pants?”

DEAD! 💀😂🤣😭🤭

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Comment deleted
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Look at my avatar. The mask would make my nose dry, which is awful, so it's all for the best.

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As Americans, we don't have to figure out to legally non-comply. 🙃

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They’re not complying.

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08/25/23 The Ban The Jab Forum:


This is a 5 person podcast that spells out where we are and doesn't skip anything...

National American Renaissance Movement (NationalArm.org) 'Ban the Jab' Forum. This in depth educational forum includes a panel discussion of experts from various backgrounds. The C19 biological weapon injections, the specter of more illegal lockdowns, human rights violations, and globalism were discussed from a medical, legal, ethical, psychological, and even a historical perspective.


Dr. Peter Breggin, M.D

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Esq., PhD (Note: appears at 51 min)

Michael Diamond, Esq.

David Meiswinkle, Esq.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea, M.D., PhD

Dr. Joseph Sansone, M.S., PhD

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Thanks for sharing here!

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Thanks Greg, clarion call getting stronger. Let's hope more and more and breaking through that spell. Appreciate the clarity of this video.

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That would be the Second Seal being opened by Christ.......so that "peace will be taken from the Earth"......

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This is what they want to do you. Milliions know, influencers know. No one is writing about #targetedindividuals https://twitter.com/nazivogue/status/1675302191366561793?s=46&t=7kTUIRsn8dwirIxD004EHA

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There used to be a show segment on RBN where the host mostly talked about TI. It's not there anymore and don't know where the host went.

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Remarkable what is occurring with an iron-tight lock on info

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Oh yeah it’s very real. It made me lean on God , scary stuff.

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Agreed. Unfortunate for most of us, the gov't leaders who were bamboozled into joining the IMF are now getting the Godfather speech.


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It will be VERY INTERESTING to see how it rolls out this time; that is who, and how many will comply.

I'm not as confident as I'd like to be that enough folks will resist, as we've seen that the majority is cowardly if not malicious.

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President Trump is bringing the country and the world together. I'm suspended on Twitter, but I still read a few accounts like "Papi Trumpo," DC Draino and Liz Crokin. The changes that are happening in humanity are really beautiful.

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Make an idol of Trump or anyone else at your own risk. God the Creator and Sustainer hates idolatry.

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Exactly. I’m so sick of hearing how “Trump is gonna save us!” 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

Like it or not, Trump is going to prison. The current administration will stop at absolutely nothing to stop him from winning the next election. And our judicial system is completely rigged, not to mention all of our electoral systems...

So... he’s completely fucked.

While we’ll here, I’d just like to remind everyone that Trump didn’t do a damn thing to save ANY of the J6 prisoners, while he still had the freedom to do so (and he had plenty of opportunities), so what makes you think he’ll be able to do a damn thing to help anyone from prison???

He won’t.

It is ENTIRELY up to us to save ourselves.


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By your logic, to show proper respect for Yeshua is idolatry. I disagree. Yeshua is a great master, always willing to help if asked. And like Yeshua, Donald J. Trump bows down to God alone.

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You are very much mistaken about Yeshua, or Jesus, of the Bible. He is God the Son, the second Person of the Trinity.

Just As He said He was and is and ever shall be.

Repent and Pray for understanding and discernment from God the Creator, Redeemer and SUSTAINER. Then read the Bible.

And you are confused about "my logic." God is not perceived through man's worldly methodologies. Dont try to gaslight me by making me out to be the idolator here.

How do you come by your unshakeable knowledge concerning whom Trump bows down to?

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Let's put aside the question of whether Yeshua taught his disciples to worship him or to worship God. I've read Yesha's words, but I respect your choice to believe Paul. There's nothing wrong with that.

I know whom Trump bows down to, as I follow his Twitter account, Papi Trumpo. He says every Sunday that God is great and that he only bows down to God.

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Yes, you're right. It's just a matter of if we can reach critical mass, to finally overthrow this insane regime.

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You and everybody else are not going to do it without God the Almighty. We are in this mess to begin with because we turned away from Him and devoted ourselves to all our idols!. we need to repent and turn back to Him and He will take our disbelief, turning it to trust, thanksgiving and blessing!

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I believe in God but don't expect Him to do ALL the heavy lifting.

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Makes me wonder if there gonna unleash the real deadly covid when we give em the finger this winter..if they do they can still stick there vaccine mandates up there ass

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Aug 30, 2023·edited Aug 30, 2023

Yup Tedros is calling the BA-2.86...

"The real deal..."

Hope it's not Marburg.

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Right? Sounds very traumatizing too. It would create plenty of fear.

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Gates was gleefully boasting months ago. , bad for children and rough respiratory conditions.

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Gates is a total loser. He lost his whole boy-genius persona feigning working for humanity.

It's like the scene were Mia looks into the crib and then looks at Cassavetes.


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Sooner or later it will be I'm sure it's in the jabs

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Yup, it's proli the 1p36 gene deletion syndrome ability to manipulate organisms into diseases.

And that they're planning on rolling more poison out, the sheep will unwittingly be carriers.

They put this whole thing together well with AI at the helm and space-based HAARP.

Doesn't help that Musk polluted the skies with satellites.

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Man the only thing that's gonna save us is the return of Jesus ! Thanks for the info brother

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You're welcome.

Yes but I'm hearing we're at the Day of the Lord. Elijah must come first to restore all things.

Matthew 17:10-13

"And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?”

Jesus answered and said to them, “Indeed, Elijah is coming first and will restore all things."

We're at 1Thessalonians 5:

The Day of the Lord

"But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. 3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape."

Jesus is said to come at the End of the Age.

Mathew 24:3-14

"And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come."

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Come soon lord Jesus! Maranatha!

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That title, nicely articulated!

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Good job Greg!

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The mockery and discrediting of those like yourself Greg, who had been exposing this fraud. The nerve.

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FANTASTIC! Thank you to Greg Reese! This is great!

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Aug 30, 2023·edited Aug 30, 2023

Another important message, as always, from Greg.

BTW, I could listen to Greg read a recipe card and be enthralled. Best voice in broadcasting, imo!


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