This should be the main aim of congress to overturn this end to our freedom and the foundation stone of making Amerika a medieval fiefdom. "You will own nothing and be happy."

Gen. Smedley Butler, "All wars are Banking Wars." These banking corporations should be taken down and replaced with a gold backed currency that is not totally a fiat currency as we now have. Get rid of these ability of congress to be controlled without a budget or appropriate money it does not have including for foreign wars for other nations.

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Mar 18Liked by Greg Reese

We need to “violently reject” this in America too. Why is it that every other country seems to have the balls to fight back, while we’re always complacent and do nothing???

Happy St. Patty’s Day, Greg! 🍀🍻

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As always, thank you for your videos. God bless and protect you and your family.

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A note about the Indian UPI System:

It runs on complete bio-metric data for every single citizen... so anyone who didn't know to get get on board like the isolated elderly - could not get food assistance later on because they were not in the system. Also, when the national data set for every citizen was complete - the entire data set went on sale on the dark web for 500 Ruppees ($20 bucks). Oh yea. I'm just dying to have my personal information for sale on the dark web.

If anyone can't figure out how to stop this, here's some starting points:

Draw your line in the sand now and get ready to really fight because this is it - if we lose our financial freedom, our Constitutional Republic is OVER. If you can't imagine what that fight looks like:

1-Phone calls to all political representatives. Any Congressmember can be reached at: 202-224-3121. BURN the phone lines down and hit the local offices too. Get names and demand written positions or press releases on this issue

2-E-mails to the same.

3-If / when you get a crappy or no response, don't be afraid to start a re-call or impeachment effort. Study the process and figure out how to do it. This is happening all over because of the scamdemic overreach so it's a well trod path.

4-Educate everyone around you and those who are sworn to serve and protect. Their opinion means more than anyone else's right now. They must understand what is at stake and be ready to protect us from these globalist demons.

5-Collect information on every detail of this system and confront state political representatives with it. The Great State of ___ (insert yours) MUST remove itself from this payment system like Oklahoma has done.

6-Contact the ___ Attorney General and express your horror at the very idea that the US Treasury would be replaced by a parasitic, European owned, private banking cartel to effect payment to US citizens from their government.

There is much more each of us can do - but basically it boils down to 30 days.

IF our political reps don't get the message and shut this shit down in 30 days - our political reps must go and be replaced by people who will uphold their oath to defend the US Constitution.

I will send a contact list for our entire political line up - since it appears that unfortunately, neither local political party has created one for it's members or the public at large - for years...

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So if people start to rebel they have several different cards they can play to crush our rebellion. One card is the civil war card and then invasion by the United Nations. The blue helmets, which is mostly China and Russia and they will crush our rebellion that way. They're also building the narrative for China and Russia to attack our country with the Poseidon weapon on the east and west coast which is not really China and Russia, but really the world bank families that are running their own breakaway government with its own military and its own intelligence agencies. They've also built the narrative of the Taliban attacking our country because our borders are open and they've admitted on the news that there's all sorts of terrorists crossing into our country. So if any rebellion breaks out and it gets big enough and it's not under their control, they will use civil war card China and Russia card Iran card the terrorist card in the domestic terrorist card. So they've got us boxed in a corner and that's where they want us. So again, if there's any rebellion that breaks out, they have a good hand of cards to crush that rebellion and claim plausible deniability.

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Damn you work fast. Kickass

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Thank you to all the "thank yous!" Comments. Very kind of you. I must add Greg Reese, God has put you and your name and future on my heart. I am praying for you in all areas of your life. God has bigger plans for you. Reach out and grab the blessings that are yours. Pray, have faith in Him, and watch your life grow. Just had to share that with you. I decree greater subscribers for you also.

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Mar 17·edited Mar 17

The Trust Game: Episode 4 - "Dr. Jekyll Delivers Mr. Fed" - YouTube

Must see - Compelling , educational


Terrific story of the Federal Reserve TAKEOVER of USA , and crushing of Gold standard with weak president Woodrow. Especially watch near the end with Rep Lindbergh trying to wake people up!!!

They crushed him. Now 100 years later , we are EXACTLY where he warned congress we would be! Watch

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This is war on the people, and all is fair in love and war. So, that means that we, the people, must crash the banking system and swallow up the gold and silver supplies NOW, before they’re ready. Drain your accounts, keep the money OUT of the big banks (they’re waiting for you to kill the small banks and deposit your wealth into their waiting jaws), and get as much PM as you can. Then sit on your hands, relax, and wait. The fireworks will begin shortly.

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“dump the fed”

Since the US Federal Reserve Bank has unlimited resources to meet capital requirements for transactions in “forward” markets and “margin calls” in futures markets, they will continue to have the ability to create profitable arbitrage opportunities for professional trading houses, in order to direct desired pricing outcomes for financial and commodity markets.

To rescue the collapsing market of the Monday October 19th, 1987 stock market crash, the New York Fed President , Mr. Gerald Corrigan on that dark Tuesday morning insructed his traders to “bid up” the deferred (less liquid) S&P futures contracts to create significant arbitrage opportunities for big US trading houses.

The trading houses immediately sold those inflated deferred contracts and simultneously went “long” (purchased) the stock market, locking in guaranteed profitable arbitrage returns . Their risk free stock purchases instantly reversed the market direction and ensured the robust rally that followed.

Today, the Fed directs similar strategies for any market they choose.

For example when the time is right they could simply create an arbitrage opportunity by selling down the deferred gold  futures contracts -

traders again, will quickly step up and purchase the undervalued deferred months being offered by the Fed and simultaneously lock in their profits by shorting (selling) the spot prices - down goes gold,

Any wonder why Russia refused to sign on to “Bretton Woods Agreement” in 1944 ?

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This is just another spike in the bull's back. The House of R-child is holding up the economy, keeping a ceiling on precious metals so they can scarf up all of that for cheap while throwing bolas at people's feet


so when Davidson's "float away" moment happens the HOR will let go of everything and run to their ark cities beneath the dust along with the chosen few.

Ed Dowd was on AJ the other day saying some of the oligarchs are freaking out because many took the jab were not given the placebo and realizing they're not in the loop watching not only their fortunes turn to dust but their bodies as well.

As the quickening happens they will start over without 99% of the population. The bank failures are just another command and control mechanism. Part of the many they've put in place.

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Dear House Financial Services Sub-Committee Member:

Even heroic phone performance by your staffers cannot save your reputations now.

After the abuse we the citizens of this sabotaged Republic... have suffered at the hands of the parasitic, European-owned, 'federal' Reserve Central Bank cartel...

...historically since 1913, and more recently the never-ending recession that began with massive mortgage fraud and the TARP bail-out program's theft of taxpayer's dollars for bonuses in 2008...

In light of current events, what exactly is the purpose of the House Financial Services Committee as an organization?

Your chairman, my US Representative, failed to respond to me when I surfaced the topic of Bail-Ins a month and a half ago in a MAJOR way to both your offices and his DC office. We're talking multiple phone calls and e-mails, back up information, FDIC comments... And what did I get in return? Crickets and Bail Ins a month and a half later. Could you people suck more?

And now CNN is twisting in the wind trying to pitch some bizarre notion that our mentally defective body-double president, has somehow performed a magic act and re-insured all of the deposits in the USA, that are ALREADY insured by the now utterly corrupted and severely underfunded FDIC??

Your organization has achieved amazing levels of perfectly timed ineptitude... and I promise you, we the people are DONE with the lot of you.

No Regards,

PS Since 2008, you could have mounted a serious effort to restore Glass-Steagall and at least fought for CFTC regulation of derivatives. Should I even bother to look and see if you did?

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They consider as animals. They consider us dogs if not lower than dogs. But what happens to an animal when you keep beating it and you have it cornered

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I say this is the beginning of the end. No politician is going to be able to stop what looms ahead. If you don't know Jesus, it's time to get saved asap; you and your loved ones. Repent. Get your house in order.

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Good for Nigeria!

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