Thanks for covering this Greg. I’m Canadian and as these fires are raging Castro Trudeau decided to fly to UKRAINIAN and give them 500 Million more dollars to launder. Help us we are sick of our dictatorship. Much love and respect to you Greg. I love your work. God Bless ❤️🇨🇦🇺🇸☮️✊

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Insult to injury I just heard from Doc Mount today that the American taxpayer has been paying Yookrane's Social Security fund SINCE 1992.



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Jun 11, 2023·edited Jun 11, 2023

Spread animal manure and urine around the land to protect animals and land from fire because fire cannot pass through urine and feces, urine and animal feces extinguish fire! It's a simple method that protects animals and territories and that's why in recent decades they've been closing all the animals and preventing urine and feces from being returned to the land to de-protect the land, soil and de-protect the animals already preparing these arson attacks that are killing the animals and nature! Use your animals urine and faeces around the land to protect them! It was what was done in the old days naturally and there were no fires at all because the fluids, urine and feces of animals do not allow the proliferation of fire, it extinguish the fire! Do not use any water near the animals because water in contact with fire explodes! And fire is attracted to water! Fire and water attract each other because they are oppositely charged elements ionized by light! That's why most fires are caused by water, water attracts fire and firefighters use water to cause explosions and spread fires to keep the fire going! In case of fires near the animals, immediately remove the water away from the animals and the land you want to protect! An easy way to get the fire away is to use water where we want the fire to go because fire is attracted to water!

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fire and water attract each other because they are being ionized by light and oxygen.

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This is exactly what I expected these bozos to pull. If you look, you'll see there are fires breaking out all over the world. They think they're fooling us. They're as transparent as Saran Wrap.

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As "transparent" as Satan's wrap.

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check and see if the arrested arsonists, were released later

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They were , it was all over the radio , all week . Radio is the only place in Canada you can still hear factual truths

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In the past years Fire Captain John Lord speaks out about the recent California wildfires(2017/2018) and explains how the fires could not have been created naturally.

Highly Decorated Fire Captain John Lord speaks out about the possible directed energy weapons used to start over 16 major fires that began in the middle of the night in Napa/Sonoma/Mendocino Counties.

Fire Captain Lord says that based on his 30 years of experience, Directed Energy Weapons seem like the only plausible explanation for the rapidity of the fires’ spread and the extremely high temperatures, adding, “The holes that were burned through the hoods of cars all the way through the engine blocks are a little bit suspicious.”

The fires spread to over 16 locations at the same time, and even crossed an eight-lane highway before burning down an entire Kmart store in just hours. Cars were found melted. Houses were found “dustified.

Drone footage of fire damage in Santa Rosa | Los Angeles Times | Buildings and Cars Destroyed – Trees and Plastic Items Untouched.

Even the head of Cal Fire for the state said on CNN he had no idea what started the over 60 strikes that came out of nowhere in the middle of the night without warning. Sudden, unexplainable winds kicked up to 60-70 mph, blue flashes and sparks were seen above by many, including me. Cars were torched, yet trees untouched. Homes were reduced to unrecognizable rubble….





The real issue has been Government made geoengineering.

Drone footage of fire damage in Santa Rosa | Los Angeles Times | Buildings and Cars Destroyed – Trees and Plastic Items Untouched. Proof


Explained: Unburned trees next to burned down structures as ...

Why do houses burn but trees remain? I believe we were told these were wildfires?


Excerpt from the document Technology Horizons discussing Directed Energy Weapons: “The document “Air Force Directed-Energy Systems Laser-based and high-power, microwave-based DE systems being developed by several nations will play an important role in the strategic context of 2010–30. The success of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) in tracking, targeting, and destroying a representative missile in February 2010 with an integrated, airborne, megawatt-class chemical laser demonstrated the potential of strategic-scale systems. Ground-based lasers are likely to appear for air defense and other roles, as will airborne microwave-based systems that can disable or defeat electronic systems.

More recent solid-state laser technologies are enabling tactical-scale systems for potentially revolutionary airborne self-defense and low-collateral-damage strike capabilities. Emerging fiber laser technologies as well as diode-pumped alkali lasers may allow later versions of such systems to be made even smaller for integration in a much wider set of platforms, including fighters. DE systems will be among the key “game changing” technology-enabled capabilities that enter service during this time frame.” read more…PDF of the book “Full Spectrum Dominance”: 


See more technology the US has in their possession here: 



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You are 1000 % right and if no one takes that in consideration is lying to themselves. This is premeditated act of war. Wake the fuck up, you are in the middle of the 3 and final war.

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The Military Martial Law and Police State they want to impose is being pushed disguised as "fire prevention" "disaster prevention".

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My family is in Long Island NY.....they could not go out at all and of course the pictures are horrendous....this is of course all planned....as all have said in the comments....God bless and free Canada....

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Jun 10, 2023·edited Jun 11, 2023

Emergency Plan to Use UFO Threats to Seize Control of the Government Exposed


Source: Dark Journalist

https://darkjournalist.com/ j

"Dark Journalist takes an in-depth look into the rise of covert forces and exposes hidden information on how they exert influence on our world. In-depth Special Reports and compelling interviews with amazing guests like Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe, best-selling authors Graham Hancock, Jim Marrs, Joseph Farrell, and Financial Experts Catherine Austin Fitts & Nomi Prins. Enjoy topics such as deep politics, UFOs, hidden technology, secret finance, media manipulation, mind control and more! If you were looking for the innovative edge of journalism, you've found it!"


In this special X Series episode Dark Journalist will unravel the covert programs that use a secret system of finance for the Black Budget and have diverted them into a massive Space Infrastructure project over several decades. He'll dive deep into the role of 3 different Presidents, JFK, Reagan and Trump that have tried to control this Continuity of Government group that constitute an extra-constitutional, unelected Deep State Government.


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But the author of this post is a liar covering all those evidences that you presented here! They are lying, it's far-right (military scum) that are causing the wild fires using chemical, nanotech and DEW weaponry.

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Trevor, you are a communist retarded lemming, get some more poisonous covid jabs and get the hell to a mental hospital.

You and idiots like you are the reason the world is in insane turmoil.

Get the facts before you spew the idiot statements and propaganda that has obviously brainwashed you.

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You made me laugh.....thank you....i needed to.....actually i am still laughing as I reread your brilliant comment......and I agree with all that you said....

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Fuck you!

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Oh, you really told her. Commie futnuck.

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This was a highly sophisticated covert operation probably using AI, satellites and drones to start the fires. The secret to any successful covert operation is to utilize as few people as possible; so why would the Deep State use a group like Antifa when they can use machines instead?

Drones don't post on Facebook and Twitter to brag about their exploits, unless their programmers do so as their proxies.

Then again perhaps George Soros (a fascist oligarch) has supplied Antifa with a fleet of sophisticated drones and smart dust and access to the appropriate geographic coordinates.

Perhaps Antifa has been "promoted to the status of "deep state operatives" instead of just being a group of "brownshirt thugs" that inhabit both the far right and far left of the political spectr

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Is Extinction Rebellion really a faux activist group funded by George Soros to fuel climate lockdowns? Problem-reaction- solution. The wildfire thing is not coincidence.

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Yup its faux alright they are backed by oil "Barons" they want oil to hit 500$ a barrel the Russians wont have it. 500$ a barrel = death of modern civilization make no mistake.

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It never ends... evil to the core. 👿

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That fertilizer isn't missing, obviously. All highly regulated chemicals to toilet paper is tracked via 'smart dust' composed of nano tech traced via the IoT or IoP in real time using geotracking , early expansion of the manufacturing of smart dust 👇


Today there is a little contest with the different companies who use smart dust for shipping everything from highly regulated chemicals & specialized vaccine transportation to food to growing coffee beans by cross pollinating nano tech w/fungus spores to track each coffee bean, individually. Cuz these guys want every penny or 1/2 penny's worth of profit. The expansion is wild greed. Vax transport: https://www.thaddeusmed.com/

Whomever took the time to stop that train, on federally regulated tracks utilizing communication to the infrastructure to off load the cargo, transfer it to alternate transport and on and on, yeah. They, those who control geospatial tracking, track n trace every indiv pellet of ammonium nitrate know exactly who took it & when & where it went. https://www.technocracy.news/smart-dust-real-time-tracking-of-everything-everywhere/

That's how deliberate the proliferation of open evil has become, boldly strutting right up to our faces and sayin 'stop me' 'go ahead, try.' As Canada burns...

Thank you, Greg. Amazing reporting as always.

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Great information about smart dust....Thanks

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The link between chemtrails and smart dust

Not to mention that incendiary "smart dust" (nanoparticles) released through chemtrails can be ignited simultaneously to cause multiple fores fires. They just need to be "activated". Directed energy weapons (lasers, microwaves) are not the only way to activate them. I think sonic weapons may be used as well.

I don't believe that multiple arsonists activated these fires; that's just the cover, once again, to blame "human activity". These multiple forest fires were coordinated act through geoengineering and the energy weapons that use this medium..


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My guess is that these so-called arsonists are paid agents possibly to be the original "fire-starters", but they were few and far between.. The spread is through the smart dust and geoengineering.

Do we ever hear about what happens to these arsonists after they are arrested? Or do they just disappear into the background.

Whenever federal agencies prevent outside organizations from offering help, then you can be sure that it's a covert operation.

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The entire purpose of the Deep State operatives is to create climate chaos so that the W.H.O can declare a "climate emergency of international concern" (per the pandemic treaty) and implement global lock downs mass surveillance and mandated vaccinations.

Countries who have signed on to the W.H.O. treaty have relinquished their national sovereignty and must comply with the W.H.O.'s policies.

Under the new treaty, the W.H.O. can declare whatever it wants as "an emergency of international concern", that includes not just man-made pandemics but also man-made engineered climate disasters. Under the new treaty, the W.H.O. no longer acts in an advisory role, but in a command and control capacity. Signatory countries must comply with whatever the W.H.O. commands.

In the meantime federal agencies are trying to implement climate crises as a pretext to drive people off their land and into their 15-minute "smart cities" so they can implement their social credit system where people will be issued vaccine passports to be tracked and traced through the "new money system" - CBDC's (central bank digital currencies).

Their ultimate goal is to implement this digital prison just like what they have in China.

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Its been written in the globalist writings for over 70 years , Klaus told us :


They want you to break , So don't break ! ! ! <3

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Jun 10, 2023·edited Jun 10, 2023

Yup , only people in the know could have pulled the fertilizer heist. IF they blow up something its cruel , heartless but mostly ANTI-HUMAN. DEATH SQUAD LEVEL

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Arsonists are an anagram of Sionists

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Castro Jr. fiddles while Canada burns......

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Such unnecessary and cruel destruction. Karma bites... and Senor Trudeau is cruising for a bruising...

I read somewhere I was going too fast to capture that Accuweather's data stream for predicting the weather comes from Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Spitballing here. I wonder how many planes sprayed volatile aluminum on those forests in the weeks before the fire and how much rain they were allowed to have...

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A lot to hear about accelarating and accelarants these days, it means kill fast, a word they start4d to use before build back better.

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Hoi! I thought your country has no dry spells.... weather is being rewritten.. ha ha

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Very evident to me again another attack by govt against the people. I saw a comment from a person in NY saying Canada should pay the people for contaminants that spread to their state. If that could be, will that compensate for the sickness, deaths ahead from infants and up? No it won't, when will people understand they are the law, they are responsible for holding their said represenatives accountable when they do not uphold their sworn oaths to serve and protect the people. People's silence equals consent. If people are not going to adhere to God's teachings, adhere and live by the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, then we reap what we sow. It's that simple! It is our God given duty, responsibility to hold all to the laws of this land which are Gods laws, which are the laws in our Declarationo. These powers, rights and laws are given to the people but we must enforce them. My goodness what does it take to wake people up? Go to Rumble, type in , davecaresforyou, there you will be educated on these very things. You will know how to uphold the law, use these declarations to protect you, your family , you will understand clearly Gods laws. You will understand all these laws created by local and fed government are done without the voice of the people, are null and void and can be held accountable. We are instituted by God and our Founding to be a self governed people, learn the truth and stop being silent and complacent. Admit we have put God on the back burner, taken our freedoms liberties for granted, repent and let's do as we are called to do or suffer the judgements of God. Please go to davecaresforyou on Rumble! Please! And darn it read your Bible thats collecting dust, pray, pray and pray for wisdom, guidance and discernment. We have much repenting to do people and if we don't Gods judgements are going to be worse and worse. We are like a unto sodom and Gomorrah and what did God do with that city? He destroyed it and everybody in it. As long as we are living we cannot escape Gods judgement, waiting for the lies of rapture? If you are, you are sadly deceived!

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I would like to thank you very much for your deep comment and I will go to Rumble and look up davecaresforyou.I totally agree with all you say here. There was an Hassid activist who passed last year calling at the beginning the mRNA a bio weapon and he said we are already in Sodom and Gomorrah because we kill babies after they are born at the whim of the mother and call it abortion....if we don’t change something omg!.....and yes our Constitution, Bill of Rights are from God and are sacred...God bless us all....

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Jun 10, 2023·edited Jun 10, 2023

Makes one wonder what the Global Elites are spraying in that haze under the cover of smoke.

More "respiratory ailment inducing" chemicals perhaps. Who knows what else.

I'd say that it's a pretty safe assumption to suggest that some of the arsonists were government sponsored.

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Wanna make a bet all those "arsonists" left passports or ID's in the ashes and cinders?

I saw an amazing "act of god" fire here last year. Supposedly "lightning strikes", here in the NW where fires galore have been the order of the day since Option NIne allowed that forests can't just be decimated willy-=nilly....except if they burn. And so it began, and even before that, there were fires set by the mill workers/loggers themselves in order to "keep the mill open" Personal testimony to me from the "RAinbow Fire" , NO Cal, Modoc County? ..anyway, east of McCloud where the mill is. Lots of elite properties in McCloud.

Anyway, these "lightning strikes" /acts of god, were something else. I got to see a video of them burning, just after passing the smoke scene of them. Three colums of white fire, all the same rate of burn, all the same size, all at the very same altitude of a heavily wooded green mountain side...so. Oregon...And get this....all three equidistant from one another. Three little soldiers all in a row. Had to be an "act of god". Cool.

Year before I got to see how Talent and Phoenix burnt to the ground in one night, with clear blue skies the next morning, and nary a mess anywhere on the clean streets and waterways. "Wild" fires, but the trees mostly escaped. "Act of god" , again. The folks and their homes didn't tho, and now those towns are booming with build back better fever, thanks to disaster capitalism applied to "opportunty zones". Rich man's game.

But not before Billy Gates' sister's company, Avista fromn Wash state, came in and buried high voltage cables all under the streets, NOt to mention the massive 5G towers one after another along the road there. They had to take down one of those and move it, as the evidence of devastation around it was just too....visible.

Lotsa guys making lotsa money. What could go wrong?

Past few years, John Hancock ..cock in the hand, bird in the bush, and all that..."life/death insurance company" is busy clear cutting hillsides and leaving a real mess. Lotsa guys are making lotsa money.

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Dude...YES!!! Those bloodliner vampire families LOVE the beauty of the headlands of the Sacramento River, the McCloud River & the Pit River areas surrounding Mt. Shasta. Some of those old money blue bloods have estates way off the road are spectacular. The locals are quiet and don't gossip much so you getting a personal testimony is rare indeed.

Watching those fires utilizing DEW after massive saturation of aerosol chemicals must be similar to fire from hell.

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My daughter has friends who's homes were incinerated or DEW'ed. the land was condemned by the state since whatever they spray & the extra fire tech poisons the dirt down to the well water. Paradise is next county down, I watched that one live on video surveillance cameras till it went down. They must have murdered up to 2k in their beds. Unbelievable.

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Jun 11, 2023·edited Jun 11, 2023

There's another way besides the ammonia nitrate too.

The firefighters who volunteered and rejected, WHY because they didn't want them to see in the areas they have specialized training for, maybe because of what they might find?



I saw this last night on John B. Wells, and about 31 minutes he gets ready to show a video he says was taken by a Canadian journalist, and shows flames from underneath the helicopter.


It certainly wasn't water erupting from underneath the helicopter to drop on the fire. I'm not saying it was or wasn't, but check out the capabilities for drones, and think of the possibilities now.

I posted this video to a friend in Holland back when I was still on facebook after he'd gotten a basic drone, telling him to get one of these. When I came across it, it was being touted for pest control type purposes like the enormous papier mache type Hornets nests, of which I had to deal with in a past life.

A flamethrower drone attachment that can shoot a seven-metre long stream of fire for 100 seconds is being sold online by US company Throwflame. It states it's being sold as a drone attachment.


Here's the actual advertisement, and this was several years ago, and this attachment certainly could have many modifications and upgrades by now.


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