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Arson Driven Wildfires Being Used As Catalyst For Canadian FEMA

Problem Reaction Solution

During the most catastrophic forest fires in all of Canadian history, experienced local firefighters are being side-lined. Retired forestry technician Peter MacIsaac, put together an experienced team of firefighters with over two hundred years of experience. He contacted the government and offered to volunteer their support. But they were denied.

While the government lets Canada burn, they blame Climate Change. But other than all the fires, nothing significant has changed. And the massive amount of wildfires just started a few years ago. So what happened?

Over ninety percent of wildfires are caused by humans and many of them are intentional, which is known as Arson. During the surge of wildfires along the West Coast of the United States a few years ago, several people were arrested for arson. Including a forty-one-year-old man who admitted to starting eleven wildfires. Security cameras show people’s houses being set on fire. A homeowner caught an arsonist dressed in all black. And a member of Antifa was arrested for arson in Washington state.

Just months before the 2020 wildfires, Extinction Rebellion published a poster with a burning forest and the words, Declare A Climate Emergency

And in Canada, in 2021, a woman was charged with thirty-two counts of arson connected to numerous wildfires in North East Alberta. Last year in British Columbia, a 42-year-old woman was arrested and charged with four counts of arson.

And this year there is much more. In Alberta, the RCMP are searching for a suspect after a fire broke out in Grande Prairie. The suspected arsonist was reportedly wearing all black. The RCMP’s serious crimes branch, the forestry crimes unit, have been investigating multiple wildfires and arson, and a 29-year-old man has been charged with ten counts of arson. In Nova Scotia, the RCMP believe at least 3 of the fires in Pictou County were arson.

Satellite imagery shows most of South East Quebec going up in flames at the same time. Which demonstrates a highly coordinated arson attack.

Somewhere between Wyoming and California, 30 tons of ammonium nitrate reportedly disappeared from a train. Ammonium nitrate can be used as an explosive. And it can also be used as an accelerant. On its own, ammonium nitrate will not burn under a flame. But mix it with sawdust and it quickly ignites and burns everything it can.

And now the Federal government of Canada is creating a special national disaster response agency. Their very own FEMA. They create the Problem and our Reaction demands that they provide a Solution.

The Reese Report
Greg Reese