The worlds governments have been hijacked by the world economic forum and apparently Satan himself

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If This is Kerry?

He already looks and sounds like he's speaking from the Grave?

He missed his payment for his Adrenachrome supply this month.

Whoever is writing his Script? is a complete Soros sorority Moron.

Liars WILL Lie!

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😱"Decrepit, old gatekeepers" indeed. Call me strange, but I feel no fear. These cryptkeepers have no sway over me. Come what may, I know whose really in charge, praise God.

We appreciate the heads-up, Mr. Reese. I keep reminding myself, "To be forewarned is to be forearmed". And, having studied Demonology I see how the Light always outshines the darkness. Let us not rely on a Presidential election to help us, nor any thing related to Politics---- only our disciplined alignment with Spirit will keep us, and that includes our sanity. 🙏

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Only a single one of the American Presidential Candidates are against this nonsense.

Donald Trump

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John Kerry's real name is Cohen. Yes, every single time. Another Talmudist with genocidal propensity. Here in Panama we hear nothing about global climate change nonsense. Why import millions of third world people into a first world country if over consumption is a concern? None of this makes any sense at all. It just comes down to a power grab.

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I am an effing scientist. With high degrees of environmental control. 35 year experience in this bullshit called global warming.

My communist professor in 1974 at Columbia University was teaching us the ice age is coming because the "the bad human, and specifically Americans" are using fossil fuel.

After graduating, the crazies started to say forget cooling science, it is warming science?

How the eff the same data can be interpreted to disaster cooling, and five years later is interpreted to disaster warming? Where are the honest scientisted who question such stupidity? They are all over, and some of them like me talk, but, without the big microphone our voice don't reach.

So when idiots like "Herman monster" say 0.5 degree rise and, we must stop food production or eat zee bugs because ALL SCIENTISTS AGREE! They are full of sh't, because all retarded scientists agree, but honest scientists don't agree.

Unfortunately, the media and governments are supporting the retarded alarmist "scientists"!!!

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Say no to eating ze bugs.

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Thank you Greg!!!

How can POS like Kerry, the Bush, Clintons, Bidens, Obongo and husband can still decide for the lives or 400 million Americans and impact on the lives of billions worldwide!??!!?

where are our Military? Are they just stupid employees of the system used to go killed and destroy what all these talmudic wackos needs to be destroy for their agendas....or are they the ones who "protect Americans and Americans freedom"??? Is all bullshit! All propaganda...I love and praise Patriots and heroes, but I m tired of the hypocrisy of "Thank you for your service"...What service?????

Do your "service" to the Nation...Imprison all these wakos in Gitmo and judge them for treason and hang them.

At least, we the people, would need to realize that big part of the XX century "american pride" is just brainwashing in order to send our kids to dirty immoral wars...

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Will his wife Teresa still get to make her ketchup?

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we live in a cow farming area in Florida...Dont know if its coincidence, but we have a lot of chemtrails. I tend to believe there is not coincidence, but don't have the data. I know they are adding the chemicals in the fuel, that;s why passenger airliners spread the chemicals....Do you know of any Patriot in congress or press or in any position of power, doing anything about this???

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A Godless servant of the serpents....

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The Color Purple (nice tie Frankenkerry): The first purple dye used in the world was created in ancient Phoenicia (who were the Phoneticians?). It was made from sea snails as that was the only source for that natural dye back then, and being very scarce only "royals" could afford it. It is also the favorite color of Luciferians b/c blue ='s Lucifer and red ='s blood (Republicans ='s Red, Democrats ='s Blue - cross the two and you got a politician in a purple tie b/c red and blue make purple). Royals (blue blooded reptiles) just love their purple too. ("Signs & symbols rule the world, not words and laws." - Confucius) And we also have the Soros/Clinton 'Purple Revolution:' - so, look for them in the now and future for their virtual / revelation of the method signaling.

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This is worse than the organized crime that it is....

Endless BS...

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Kerry is the Jew who "forgot to remember" he was Jewish yrs ago.

His fellows started him out as a faked Viet Nam war hero then a this and a that until he was re claimed a climate hero.

He looks like he's been towing a huge pack of lies around his whole life...that's because he has.

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You are on The Democratic Plantation !

Feinstein , Kerry , Pelosi , Schummer , Clinton , Bush , Sanders , Newsome , Romney , Waters , Trudeau

They Lived , while you toiled away on the Plantation !

They spend & write checks YOU Will have to Honor with Blood & Treasure.

How much more will you take Americas?

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May 31·edited May 31

their scientist have said....blah blah blah (we will say what you pay for). The real scientist agree that we are fine and the earth is going through its normal cycle of change. If we reduce the co2 level anymore the plant life (trees need co2 to live), will die! Wake up! they want billions of us to die to decrease the "useless eaters"(quote by Klaus Schwab ) so they the parasitic elites can control us. This has nothing to do with climate change!!!!

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