Regarding freemsonry, Elon Musk, and his everything X app:

One app to rule them all

One app to find them

One app to bring them all

And in the matrix bind them

Musk is aiming for his everything app to be your digital ID, your CBDC wallet, your vaccine passport, your social credit score calculator. Ultimately, It will track, record, and be the gatekeeper for anything and everything you want to do in your life and with your life. It is the technological eye of Sauron. The all seeing Palantíri. When Musk says it's the everything app, he means everything.

It will morph into your panopticon slave bracelet. Don't put this particular ring of power on your finger..

The term 'app' is _very_ powerful to the parasite globalists:

● App = 33 in standard Gematria (33 is Freemasonry’s most sacred number)

● App = 1 16 16 or if flipped vertical and horizontal: 91 91 1 (9/11) (also related to 1/6/2021)

● The pillars of freemasonry with the square and compass in the middle translate to IX XI or 9 11

https://tritorch.com/degradation/FreemasonryAnd911-2.png [image]

Like 33, 911 is an extraordinarily important number to the occult. President HW Bush gave a speech before a joint-session of congress drooling over the prospect of a New World Order on SEPTEMBER 11, 1990—ELEVEN years before that fateful Tuesday, 9/11/2001.

The term ‘App’ sits at the nexus of the two most important numbers in all of Freemasonry: 911 and 33. As a result:

● They want "apps" in everyone's pocket.

● They want the word coming out of everyone's mouth.

● They want the thought in everyone's mind.

This equals POWER to them.

Excerpt from: https://tritorch.substack.com/p/elon-musks-x-app-is-the-one-ring

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I have an old book published in 1844. It is "A Ritual and Illustrations of Free Masonry and the Orange and Odd Fellows Societies, and a Key to the Phi Beta Kappa". It has illustrations of the Free masons bowing to a Pope,a man wearing a gown and a Mitre. According to Jordan Maxwell, Walter Veith and Eric Jon Phelps all Free masons,and Intelligence Agencies ultimately serve the Papacy.

And the Vatican is the Office of Satan

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Rudolf Steiner warned the world about Rockefeller medicine.

He felt each vaccine. in 1915-30’s would chemically detach the pineal gland and on a cellular level prevent the connection of the human to spirit or the natural connection to other living things.

funny. people who work with body energy say since the jabs, many have lost connection or a strong energetic pulse.

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You all need to go to Gregs YT channel, he did a live stream that was awesome. I hope he keeps doing those, it truly was enjoyable. Check it out! Blessings to all of you!

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So much came to my mind during this interview that I have to share.

On the subject of the Underworld;

In Genesis 4:9-16

God places a curse on Cain and he is driven from the face of the earth and face of God to be a Vagabond IN the Earth.

And then in the Book of Job 1:7; the LORD said to Satan, "whence comes thou?" Then Satan answered the LORD, and said. From going to and fro IN the Earth, and walking up and down IN it.

Also there is Terrestrial and Celestial bodies. Terrestrial is earthly and Celestial is heavenly. Extra Terrestrial would most likely be from IN the earth, or they would be properly called Celestial beings. Or at least that's what makes sense to me.

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Good information from your guest concerning the structure of Free Masonry. Looks like the FM deceived him in a couple of areas. Q was an exposure operation. For FM to claim they were behind it is absurd. If you read all the Q posts you will see Free Masonry is being exposed as corrupt and participating in false flag operations. Greg you brought up good points on geocentric vs helio-centric earth. Your guest should study this topic. Heliocentrism is necessary to implement the fake alien invasion/ project blue beam. There are no aliens: they are demons. Keep up the good work.

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Awww Shit. If Trump were an enemy of the Zionist, they would just kill him.

I was with you until that.

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Just bought The Greening

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Jesus said anything not in the Bible is false, and whoever spreads unbiblical stories are false prophets. Made up stories from other beliefs and books is not what anyone should be relying on to any degree. It was really odd to listen to how things were twisted, and ‘interpreted’ to mean something else, but I never heard that fact from this guest. No, he eventually came around to the opposite conclusion; it seemed he was talking about buying into everything but biblical truth. Of course, Christ gave us a choice, knowing which children are His, but He wants all to come to Him. This wasn’t even hinted at by this man, who said he’s on the right side. He talked about Masons entities and names that in his belief coincides with biblical names, events, etc. So what God named angels and demons, that have specific purposes and reasons, we’re told they’re apparently something else. If he thinks demons are actually aliens that’s hardly biblical. Why does he prefer to believe that? If that’s true where’s the evidence? There’s tons of evidence for the people, and history of the Bible, including angels and demons, but we have to understand these other books, and stories he said, what for? I listened to two hours of this person and wondered why I needed to hear it. It enlightened me in the way that I saw people are lost and quite possibly deliberately guiding people away from the truth…the way, and the life. When God said He is speaking through the prophets and disciples, he didn’t say and these other beliefs. False religions will use Jesus’ name to mislead. The guest didn’t use the opportunity to explain why Christianity is authentic, or share the gospel, or why it’s critical at the end of days to see the Bible has described exactly what’s been happening. Most prophesies have come to pass, and there are only a few remaining to be experienced. If he’s read the Bible he should be saying, look no further, but he said little about the Bible. The book of Revelations alone (but better coupled with the prophets) explains the New World Order, the temple, the Antichrist system, the mark of the beast, tribulation culminating in the 2nd coming, and Armageddon. There was nothing about Tribulation, the Antichrist, what the time frame is. Greg looks and looks, through all these mazes, but doesn’t ‘believe the Bible is all truth’: Has he read it? Has he been taught by Bible scholars? Sounds like it’s the one place he hasn’t looked, but avoided. Some people are smart enough to learn, but reject Christianity out of rebellion. They prefer to invent their own religion. Good luck with that. What if Hell as Jesus describes it were true? What if you knew for a fact, but not faith, that it was a place of endless pain, torture and loneliness. Would you want to know Christ then? You could wonder your whole life away and never be close to God, never in reality enlightened.

It’s all very depressing to me when another false prophet confuses and misdirects more people. But Jesus said in the last days we will be inundated with false prophets. Nothing wrong with reading out of curiosity, I have some knowledge of the books he read to became a Freemason, but the three books are dangerous for a reason.

In People of the Lie, Scott Peck describes not getting too close to very dark forces, or with evil people, even if only to understand them, why they do what they do, and understand how they damage people. Getting in too deep for example could be getting angry to the point of wanting vengeance on those who may have hurt you deeply, then you’ve become like them. Their influence will affect one negatively, like acting as if everyone needs to know about occultism. No they don’t. They need to steer clear and pray for God’s direction and protection.

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What a great interview, great guest. I found it all so fascinating. He basically answered all my curiosities, especially about the antichrist. I did figure out the UFOs, due to recent popularity in mainstream media and online, that it’s an obvious psy op and it did cross my mind that this would play a role with the antichrist. I’m sure many others figured that much out.

The Atlantis story was new to me, and by listening to the different takes on Atlantis it doesn’t sound like myth at all, more like historical fact. Yeah, Plato mentioned it, but didn’t know about the Hindu version of it.

Great job, Greg.

Keep it up, buddy.

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Very good interview! I love hearing men speak the Truth. It blesses my heart. And yes Greg there is nothing new under the Sun.Ecclesiastes 1:9-11; The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: there is no new thing under the sun. Is there anything whereof it may be said, See this is new? Its has been already of old time, which was before us. There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after".

Why is this? Because God never changes,he is the rock of the ages, the Ancient of Days. And the same is true for Satan, our adversary, he doesn't have anything new to use, it's all the same deceptions.


Did you see where Donald Trump was given a Silver Crown called the Crown of Jerusalem ( that's Blasphemous) and they have minted several Silver Coins with his likeness, saying "The Great Maga King and the Return of the Great Maga King. 🤔

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Hi Greg, the book cover of "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" is my Substack logo. I take this book seriously as my intro to how the world really works.

Can you inform your readers of speeches by the co-author of the book, Gary Allen, are posted on Rumble and YouTube? Gary Allen speeches: None Dare Call It Conspiracy. https://rumble.com/vlegki-none-dare-call-it-conspiracy-frederic-gary-allen.html -- Fabian Socialists and You. https://rumble.com/vleik5-fabian-socialists-and-you-gary-allen.html -- The Rockefeller File. https://rumble.com/v25i74b-the-rockefeller-file-gary-allen.html

Many thanks.

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This podcast episode is what dreams are made of. Occult, Masonry, Biblical/Religious, Geopolitics, and Metaphysics all in one.

Guest was well spoken and to the point. His story sounds wild, but the info is for you and I to discern.

10/10, so much to break down and digest. I think Greg enjoyed this as well. Solid stuff...need more of this

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Interview Jessie on Aquarius Rising Listen to the two videos she does on Knights of Malta Parts 1 and Part 2 her knowledge is great she was born into one of these families and is an SRA survivor also.

The temple is us if you are saved GOD lives inside you ,they want this transhumanism so Satan can be like God and live in you too. Also The antichrist is coming first,to fool the elect if he can. Who's logo has the rising sun on it ,I believe he is the antichrist.

They want reverse Torah the Pharisees do {Talmud} they want to go back to the law. Jesus fulfilled the law and Israel fell in 70 A.D. All of them call themselves the brotherhood.

The Star of David is the star of RA.There is no such thing as the star of David.

They call it their Holy Jehod! that they want to come.

The antichrist comes first and GOD's Judgment doesn't come until at the end of the tribulation! People think they are going to be raptured out of the tribulation but no we will live through it.We are not subject to GOD's wrat, if we are saved, but the tribulation is not GOD's wrath, that comes after the end of the tribulation.

They already have someone in Israel they say are doing so called miracles we are close to the end if seems!

I choose ALMIGHTY GOD's side and that is the only side I choose.

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Does it surprise you that Jesus' name is so powerful? Will He not send his holy angels to protect & preserve those who are His own, who call on His name? Those who reject Him, they quake in fear at the thought of His return. They devise plans to hide or escape His coming, but at the sound of his name they will bow before the King. Seek first the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of the underworld. There is no Life there.

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