If this holographic Psyop doesn't happen after thirty years of telegraphing they'll need to change it to project blue balls.


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"blue balls" ...on my god...LOL...stop me now....

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There are no alien races. Those that are mentioned are demonic deceptions. Early in Christianity there was a heresy that was promoting this notion of a race pre-existing Adam or co-existing with Adam. One of the first to promote this was Julian the Apostate who did so because of his rejection of his Christian baptism and his efforts to return to Pagan Rome. As all of these pre-Adamite heresies, one of the most recent being L. Ron Hubbard is the rejection of the teaching of Original Sin and that all of the human race originates from one man and one woman whom we know by Divine Revelation to be Adam and Eve. Interestingly enough modern genetics has proven that all of us have a common strands of DNA that proves that we all originate from one man and one woman. The demons would very much like us to think that there are other races superior to the human race because they hate the fact that one of our members was the God-Man Jesus Christ and the other was His Immaculate Mother who was a creature but created from the first moment her existence free or the stain of Original Sin and Full of Grace. The truth about what God really did is much more astounding than the falsehoods and lies promoted by the demons and their followers in the secret societies, such as the Illuminati and Freemasonic lodges. To be an intelligent being means you have a soul with a memory, intellect and will. The soul is also for the form of the body. If you have rational soul you are therefore a member of the human race and not some alien creature. The aliens story of Roswell New Mexico was concocted by the intelligent agency and Federal Government post war because they were using handicapped people to do high atmospheric experiments on which would have been very embarrassing at the time as the Nuremberg trials were being conducted at the same time in which men were being tried for doing the same evil things that they were doing. The news of an alien invasion or visitation is just a masonic and demonic plot to enslave humanity and ultimately to destroy the Church that Christ founded.

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Great not to have an obnoxious in your face loud bloated Alex Jones commercial

spewing Snake Oil Sewage in front of this report to fund his 20 vacations a year..

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Good Report as always!!

So...there is one more reason why the Kazhars made the war to Germany...Why they wanted to wipe them off the face of the earth (not without stealing their smart people, of course). The Germans developed the V2 and the ME262, the Horten stealth plane and working on the Bell, while Kazhars like Kissinger and Rumsfeld were still trying to fake the moon landing in '69 with S Kubrick. By the way, the Arian race is original from northern Egypt

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This image is worth a thousand words : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FpBdF2UWIAMmQPm?format=jpg&name=medium

The media black out has been total. So am gona say it. Those folks are dead and everyone down stream will suffer . Like the food plants its hard to dismiss this event has anything other than plan sabotage to build back better on your dimes . So far this great reset has cost too many lives.

In any case this is disaster capitalism. Economic growth fuel by death and destruction.

Keep those folks in your prayers

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There's no rapture in the bible - it's a false teaching. Matthew 13.30 - "First the Tares are taken". We leave here when Jesus comes back for us or when we die. All true Christians will be persecuted for their faith.

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"I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily." 1 Corinthians 15:31 KJV

Paul is teaching us how to die and be persecuted daily

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The interpretation of Matthew 13:30 is often misunderstood, and what appears or be contrary to the sequence throughout the rest of these end-time scriptures can be easily explained properly.

It is true that the "tares" or wicked are bound FIRST, to be burned. That is already going on.

Essentially since Cain slew Able, the wicked have died and been gathered and bound in the lower parts of hell. (Tatarus as it is known, where there is tremendous fire and heat.) The righteous died and remained in Sheol, or the grave and in a comforting rest until the Messiah Jesus descended into the earth or Sheol for three days and then released them, to be taken to the barn or the heavenly holding place, awaiting their physical resurrection. Jesus explains this in Luke 16: 19-31. This is NOT a parable. and explains what was going on before the three days when Jesus resurrected and shook up hell and began gathering the wheat. These are the "first fruits" of the harvest.

This process is still going on now, as the wicked are currently being taken and bound, and since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the righteous are being taken to the barn for God's safekeeping.

At the end of the Tribulation, the physical resurrection of the dead will take place, and then those saints who are still alive will be instantly transformed into their new eternal resurrected bodies.

1st. Corinthians 15: 12- 58 provides a good amount of this process.

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Feb 21, 2023·edited Feb 21, 2023

No, that's not possible since Jesus said- "and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.”

The Harvest hasn't happened. So the Tares will be removed later. Trust God's word.

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I like where you are going. But you missed a major point. Your focus is entirely on the FINAL harvest.

There are two (2) harvests in the Jewish calendar. The early spring harvest, and the larger FINAL harvest. Notice what Paul says in 1st. Corinthians 15:22-23:

22. For in Adam all die. even so in Christ shall all be made alive. 23. But every man in his own order.: Christ the firstfruits: AFTERWARD they that are Christ's at his coming. (final Harvest)

Do you see where the firstfruits are now? Here is where they appear in Revelation.

Rev. 14:4 These were redeemed from among men being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

Remember that there many who came up out of their graves after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and went into the holy city and appeared unto many. (This actually may be physically) Matt 27: 50-54.

But there is another part of the entire Gospel that we need to heed: Those that die in Christ are no longer held in the grave, or Sheol. Currently those that die in Christ are spiritually now in heaven and present with the Lord, awaiting their physical resurrection. II Cor. 5: 1-8. Saints who have passed away are now "present with the Lord."

So you can see that the misinterpretation of the parable sequence in Math. 13: 24-30 is not in line with many other parts of the Gospel---UNLESS we see it is not entirely based on the final harvest alone.

No worries, the wicked tares are indeed being bound up now and burning in hell, even as the harvests of the righteous commence. Once we see it in its proper context with all scripture it fits perfectly.

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What Happened to Enoch,Elijah,Jesus?? No Rapture? Guess they tied on some Balloons like Whinny the Poo to get to Heaven. Hope this helps you to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

II Tim 2:15.


When the "Aliens" show up, they will be Fallen Angles from Genesis 6:2( The sons of God )

The Old Testament Rapture started in Chapter 5:24 when Enoch was not: for God took him.

He was the 7th man from Adam.

The Church and the Holy Spirit, our comforter have to be removed before the tribulation, the bride is not going to be bruised and battered for her wedding, we return with Jesus at Armageddon on white horses clothed in white raiment, after the judgement seat of Christ and the wedding feast.

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"Blue Fires" by one investigative journalist, Mr. Gary Hyland, outlines the entire Nazi Gestapo effort during the enitre 1920s; '30s; and early-1940s, whereby "Ze Germans" and their schools and teams, etc. of eager young "Albert Einstein" types, and highly-experienced and mature "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" types, were able to, over the relatively brief course of those few decades, pay WW-1 reparations to all the victors of "the war to end all wars" and for" ze 'Damages' ze Germans had caused".

The Turks paid through the British Empire's effective dismantling of their Ottoman Empire into the several republics of Israel/Philestine, which the king of England didn't actually hand back to the Israeli people 'til post-WW-2 (so he could have another dig at German ingenuity? Methinks yea?); Turkey; Persia; Iraq; Syria; Jordan; United Arab Emirates; Oman; and Saudi Arabia, etc. by one British Army Capt. T.E. Lawrence (AKA "Lawrence of Arabia"). I urge you go watch the epic 3+hr long film of same name for insight as it's historically accurate (not that I was there. I've just read other accounts and they tie in with the flick).

"Blue Fires" (Gary Hyland) tells of Nazi Gestapo's ingenious flying discs, scientifically engineered and modeled with advanced physics off the simple efficiencies found in the good old Frisbee disc.

Apparently, with advancements in their electromagnetic "motors" that timed electric magnets on circular rails which slid and guided upon one another, and in sequence, pull in series as they polarise on and off ( + / - ), effectively having the outer shell rotate while the cabin crew in the centre of the disc were focused stationary in whatever direction they chose (i.e., not rotating as the outer shell did), and the disc could fly under simple yaw tilt... Similiar to a helicopter tilting as it yaws in flight.

Other information Hyland discovers was the Nazi Gestapo medical/surgical tech... Woah! Knock ya socks off kind of... HIGH... TECH.!

Apparently, once the Gestapo and Luftwaffe (Nazi Air Force) had these flying discs (which created their own unique gravitational field through the electromagnetic rail motors (probably an accidental invention, but they claim it, and it works), i.e. possessed good old anti-gravity capabilities, they ventured all round the globe at just shy of speed of light ("E = [[MC] x [MC]]"), they'd gone and abducted some Amazonian Pigmy humans, and then trained these Pigmies to fly the discs 'coz they were short (to fit the flat disc cabins) and had massive powerful brains relative to bodyweight + height (better to pilot the discs with the telepathic communication headband apparatus' used in piloting the discs instead of using mechanical/electrical joysticks, allowing them to just sit still and think where they want the craft to fly to, instead needing to think, then move their arm and hand back and forth... Hence light speed capable). . . It gets far worse! Also, (apparently, according to Hyland's discoveries) the Nazis had been altering the anatomical structures and physiological functions of the Pigmy's digestive system to reduce excess bodyweight for the flying craft's efficiency. Gone was their whole inferior mandible (lower jawbone), both oral lips removed; mouth stitched shut with just a small stoma (hole, similiar to a nostril) fitted with a straw and fed a liquid diet of milk fortified with protein and other essential nutrients to keep the Pigmy human at its optimal health potential. This is where the Food Tech. of the powdered milk protein drinks with fortified micronutrient contents comes from!

It's interesting how Watson (USA) & Crick (UK) were awarded the discovery of DNA in @1951 ...


... for the history books, hey.

But, methinks this is a legacy/remnant of the high-speed Nazi Gestapo efforts of the late-1917 to late-1945... That's28yrs to do it, and they did it. Alot can be achieved in 25+yrs with the Gestapo breathing down ya neck and the whole nation attempting to regain its wholesome reputation and restore its noble honour after losing such a crushing defeat and a generation of its best men (and some women) during WW-1. Mustard Gas... High powered machine guns... Aircraft Blitzkrieg both ways...Trench warfare... Dysentery (and the rest)...

Anyway, a hell of alot can be achieved in 28yrs, and it was!


Just look at "The German Miracle" that saw the nation not only pay reparations in the billions to the winners of WW-1 (back then in the '30s while "The Great Depression" was in full swing too, which is another story I can tell you all about... another time). Apparently, Hitler's bankers and insurance company chiefs conspired (with OSS? Doubtlessly at the helm!) to effectively draw the world economy's material wealth in through its own banks with a programme called "Strength through Kraft" (or something like this), and their population's workforce paid the reparations and then some, and quietly prepared for round 2... with WW-2 commencing @1939! ... "Germany, et al. Vs. The Globe"!!! Legendary effort , Nazi Gestapo

"Blue Fires" (Gary Hyland). It tells how the Flying Discs are man made tech. and this whole thing Greg Reece is on about, is practically all there in the history books. Readup!

One last thing... "Ze Reptilians"? I've been studying this since childhood from a spiritual aspect. I was led to Icke's video interview with the Psychic lady ("Ms. Arizona Wilder") who conducted Satanic rituals for awhile for these illuminati elites who actually bred her (so the story goes) from a long line of Irish clairvoyants with extremely potent ESP powers, and supernaturally powerful psychic capabilities, in order to spiritually induce demonic spirits to manifest up here on earth from lower material planes and effectively help guide them up into our earthly plane, where they manifest as Reptilian forms in appearance (the lowest animal of us all, which is the highest form these evil creatures can materially manifest into). They're demons. Seriously, they're nothing to be scared of at all but they feed on our fear of them. If we're fearful of them, they often trick us into submitting to them. When we tell them literally to "GO TO HELL in Jesus Christ's name (the magic 2 words they fear like the plague), We Win!

God, however, often allows them conditional passage to earth from time to time, to keep us on our toes and spiritually decisive (as far as choosing between Good vs. Evil. Don't believe God Almighty does such things? Read the Old Testament book of Job, where Lucifer is allowed by God to harm Job's handsomely prosperous life, but not allowed to kill him, in order to seduce Job into turning on God and cursing Him out, and to no avail as Job is faithful and God Almighty restores everything to him 10-fold).

I'm confident in this as fact, when I proclaim these Reptilians only emerged into the public consciousness in the late-1990s after David Icke's groundbreaking (underground) video interview with Arizona Wilder in 1997 shortly after Princess Dian was ritually assassinated (even though they've been around underground since the beginning when Lucifer tricked Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden).

Arizona talks of this and explains it in detail too. The video and paperback book transcript is called "The Biggest Secret" and is a really heavy story (Not for u/18s... And not for the fainthearted either). IT'S RIVETING to anyone with understanding of these things.

It's Spirit world stuff and these reptilians are only seen by the spiritually gifted who can perceive such creatures in their lower dimensional form/s.

Imagine a human animal in a blood-lusting rage with no grace whatsoever in their eyes, only rage and bloodthirsty appetite for destruction.

They're coldblooded and disgraceful creatures who ritually devour the bodies of our young (unspeakable) in a ceremonious fashion and live to hurt God's feelings, i.e., Frustrate, Anger, and Sadden Him to no end (yet). It rarely happens though, thank Christ!

Their end is near to us in 2023. Each day we live in the righteousness of Jesus Christ's teachings, the closer we come to their end and our new earth with 1,000yrs of heaven on earth while these reptilians are incarcerated and 1-by-1 ceremoniously incinerated in the lake of fire.

This might sound difficult to believe, but it's all true. Discern for ourselves, obviously.

Just, don't believe the hype when these mesmerising Frisbees manifest and idiotic people, even our loved ones might be drawn into following/worshiping these evil craft with their Reptilian pilots as "higher powers" with "higher intelligence"... They're clever, but they're not more intelligent than the Nazi German scientists from 100yrs ago who engineered their Frisbee "Millenium Falcons" for them.

The Frisbee UFOs are entirely manmade.

Read Gary Hyland's work, "Blue Fires".

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I like your comment. Have you read any of Stan Deyo's work about his research and development with "anti-gravity" propulsion that he did with Dr. Edward Teller? (who was named the "father of the H-bomb). He talked about the spinning magnetic coils as well as part of the formula.

Now this might be hard to believe. (I find it hard to believe myself) but I had scheduled Stan for a radio interview a couple days in advance, when about 2 nights before, I was outside late and noticed a strange moving light slowly drifting in my direction, but still far away. It seemed to stop, then the light diffused to what looked like fuzzy white cloud of light.

Then, it SUDDENLY FLASHED really bright and SHOT across the sky, in what I would say was essentially meteoric-like speed!

I explained this to Stan Deyo and he said that was probably and anti-gravity craft, which had to CHARGE UP to then expel the energy for the speed you saw. Just like what they had created.! Anyway. Stan Deyo has done a lot of studies in this area. But because he is a Christian, he is no longer invited to many of the "Disclosure Project" conventions by people like Steven Greer.


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Thanks for this... I'll check it out.

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Yeah there seems to be a divide among those talking about craft and inhabitants. Stan said he was contracted to work on antigravitic devices in Australia and then had to leave to save his life. Greer says we've been reverse engineering them for 70 years. A meeting of the minds would be nice.

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Yes. A lot of this goes back to post WW II and the scientists they brought over from Germany. Greer talks about "ARVs" or Alien Replicate Vehicles" I know someone who worked with Space Command, and never talks about this stuff, and I don't ask him. But one day when he overheard us talking about UFOs and aliens he got REALLY PISSED OFF, and interrupted us and said "I have seen them, they are DEAD, they are DEAD I tell you!" He didn't want to say anymore, but I think he was stationed at Area 51 and places like that for a while. He was lucky to get out of the service, because they didn't want to release him as a security risk. That is why we never talk about this.

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Heck ya man! They invented disinformation and have been manipulating humans with it forEVER.

I explain this in great detail in the book "The Fake Fall of Rome":


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it's Project Bluebeam, in the making for quite some time

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Hi Steve, Please note there are two Raptures in the End Times,

I Thes 4 " The coming of the Lord" which is the " Church being called up with the dead in Christ first"

in Chapter 5 " Its is the Day of the Lord, which is when he Returns with his army in white vestures.

If you Look at revelation Chapter 4 John is called up to watch the end times and there is no more mention of the Church until the wedding of the Bride in chapter 19.

A wedding has a Bride, Bridegroom,guests and servants.

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Feb 16, 2023·edited Feb 17, 2023

When you speak about God's holy word there is no need to add jokes or non sensical sayings. Jesus 's word is all you need. There is nothing in his word telling his people they will be "raptured" away. Rather he warns us to prepare for imprisonment and much persecution. When Jesus returns with his army if we have made it that far on earth, then and only then will we be taken up with him. The rapture story has always been a lie. Robert, using Genesis to somehow justify the rapture is twisting the word of God. There are no verses saying Christians will be raptured but it's a way for people to deny the suffering we will face for walking with Jesus. He said few would walk that narrow road. Dying daily means "being raptured"??? come on. Paul spoke of dying to his old sinful spirit, nothing to do with persecution during the mark of the beast. Ask the holy spirit for answers.

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Explain Genesis 5:24 ! God took him. He did not die, Like Adam and the subsequent 5. Enoch was the 7th.

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2 Kings 2:11 And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

oops another Rapture!

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Ave Maria! That is not a rapture, The Church Fathers teach that Enoch and Elias were taken to a place of waiting, possibly the Garden of Paradise, which has been hidden from our sight, where they will be summoned by Our Lord to come as the two witnesses or lampstands that will preach to the Jews one last time to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. According to the Book of Apocalypse they will be killed by the enemies of God and they will rejoice for three days over their dead bodies when on the third day a voice from heaven will say, "Come up now!" and they will rise from the dead and then be taken to heaven proper. Then the horn of the Angel Gabriel will sound and the Battle of Armageddon will take place. No rapture but the Second Coming and the end of this age and everyone will undergo the General judgement on the last day and taken to heaven or to hell. The General Judgement is just a public manifestation for all to see what each soul's particular judgement, which was given at the moment of their individual deaths.

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Luke 24:51 And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven. Jesus ascending ! Another Rapture

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Love you're videos Greg Reece

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I think this presentation is excellent.

But I think we have to consider a vast array of different possibilities that fall under the category of "aliens" which you also mentioned and included here. Obviously, there is no one-size of species that fits all. We have everything from purely extraterrestrial entities, to Nephilim cross-bred "giants" that were mortal flesh, and left their remains in the sands of time, and may still be around today---to Shape-shifting entities that transverse the physical dimension, and vehicles that elude our "laws of physics" which appear to be very real as well. Even the Bible talks about these beings and "chariots of fire" (II Kings 2: 8-15)

As much as I like the clip of Carol Rosin's warnings from Von Braun, not everything is "fake" that may pertain to this phenomena. We are now officially in what so many of us have noticed as a "Fifth Generational War" which essentially pits the elite and satanic autocrats against all mankind and civilization itself. The invasion of Satan and his angels is now implementing its first commando wave attack. This will intensify as their goal is to destroy DNA genetics and the souls of men, which they want to drag down into eternal destruction which was designed long ago for the devil and his angels.

The system of tracking and marking of everyone is being set up via the AI surveillance control grid. (eventually 666).

If Rome is "Mystery Babylon" it is likely that it will be soon overrun by a massive number of fallen angelic "foul spirits and hateful birds" which are probably wicked entities. (Rev. 12: 7-9; Rev. 18:1-2).

So we will probably see "blue beam" fakes, and even asteroids as part of the confusion tactics as this commences. We will have to stay on top of this to discern what is really going on---as usual.

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Spot on, brother! SPOT... ON! Keep the faith.

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Behold a Pale Horse — Milton William (Bill) Cooper, 1991

500 page PDF


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Back to the original point of discussion.....No such thing as "rapture". The Harvest in Matthew 13.30 speaks in metaphors of the end times when the faithful believers in Jesus will be separated from the Tares. The Tares are the unbelievers and they are taken First. Not the other way around as commonly misquoted. It's ok if you follow a different belief - I am sharing my truth from God's word. The holy spirit is the best source for truth, not man

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1 Thes. 4:17 Clearly refers to the Rapture. There are those who claim that the word "rapture" isn't in their Bible. That's because they aren't using the Latin translation:

...deinde nos qui vivimus qui relinquimur simul rapiemur cum illis in nubibus obviam Domino in aera et sic semper cum Domino erimus.. -1 Thessalonians 4:17 (Latin Vulgate)

The Latin equivalent of the Greek Harpazo is the Latin verb rapio, "to take away by force." In the Latin Vulgate, one of the oldest Bibles in existence, the appropriate tense of rapio appears in verse 17. (Raptus is the past participle of rapio, and our English words "rapt" and "rapture" stem from this past participle.)

At the Rapture, living believers will be "caught up" in the air, translated into the clouds, in a moment in time, to join the Lord in the air.

If you study the works of Dr. Ken Johnson, he has completed extensive work on this topic including an excellent review of what the 1st century church taught. His conclusions are unarguably Pre-tribulation rapture. Do not be deceived by new theologies or philosophies, Augustine is a heretic!

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I don't study anything from ken Johnson and I don't find importance in Latin (Greek and Hebrew, yes). Our bible speaks of only one time when God will rapture us up and that's the return of his Son Jesus. True disciples will be persecuted and there is no escape from having to finish this race as we watch God's wrath poured over the masses who reject Jesus. Interesting that when demons speak it's in..... Latin.

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Good one Reese. You did your homework.

The notorious MAJIC-12.

"Anyone want one of these? Yeah? Anyone?"


Glenn Steckling has a take on the "alien" posture.

His dad knew George Adamski.


Meanwhile the immediate concern is mother-ship Earth and what will become of her billions of passengers.

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