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Deep subject for Christmas Day! I don't think it's any coincidence that strands of thought circulating among people who do not consent (PWDNC) are making connections to the physical world and higher consciousness. Divorced from any physical evidence, higher thought planes can easily be dismissed by the unfaithful, but when you tie it into the actual structure and function of the universe it takes on a whole new dimension. Vortex is probably a word we'll see a lot of in the future. Thanks for this, Greg, I like being taken on a magic carpet ride.

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Vortex IS the new paradigm.

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I was first exposed to the votex in 2011. If you haven't seen this, you should... https://www.freetothrive.com/movie/thrive/

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Hi Kim - I'll post here as I can't get an independent comment box, apologies.


Greg, thank you for this. It's really fascinating work. I keep coming across it.

Maybe I'm finally open to digging in a little deeper.

(I can't access your videos so I appreciate you wrote to this as well.)

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Hi, Kim! Nice jolt of recognition seeing your post, AND right at the top where your wisdom belongs! Indeed fascinating and exciting that so many great sources are being connected in the matrix of the HEART of all that matters. Love to you in the new year.....

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Absolutely! Thank YOU to pioneers in consciousness, like Greg! The Great Awakening is not just about revelations (revealings) of corruption.

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Absolutely brilliant video Greg. 12 years ago when I stopped watching television I came across Victor Schauberger, Gerald Pollock, David Hudson, Marisimo Emoto and René Joseph Quinton, inventor of Quinton water.

More recently Dr. Thomas Cowen, I recommend all his books. Human heart Cosmic heart resonated with something within me.

Other people doing interesting work with water is Aǹalemma Water. Extremely fascinating what they've done to bring the coherence back to water. This didn't happen overnight. They worked for over a decade and have remarkably sound scientific studies supporting their claims. Also the work Veda Austin is doing with water.

The documentary Magnetic Water was my introduction to structured water and Emoto. I know there are claims Emoto's work has been "debunked." If so that's okay. That's what science is about. But if the group debunking has an agenda and their agenda has colored their data or assessment of his, that isn't ok. And all too often that seems to be the case with big brothers fact checkers.

I have personally done the rice experiment as have a dozen people I personally know. In every case it appears our intention caused the rice to behave differently.

I honestly don't give a shit what is true. Would I like some things to be true and others to be false? Sure but I feel that sacrificing what I feel is my integrity is a price too big to pay.

Sure it's painful sometimes finding out what I believe is wrong. In fact, there's topics I suspect I don't have correct and will avoid going down that rabbit hole because for whatever reason I'm just not ready to become disillusioned on that topic. But the pain of realizing I got something wrong is less painful then remaining ignorant and harming others through my willful ignorance.

But when Humanity cumulatively clings to false narratives because of globalist controlled media has lathered them into a tribal hive mind , essentially ingraining these false narratives into their personalities , then we've got what we're witnessing today . The most unbelievably effective divide and conquer weaponization ever deployed on Humanity . It's consequences will be mortal for the sovereignty of not just those captured by the hivemind but collaterally for for the percentage of critical thinkers as well.

I recently heard the way I try approaching the world as 'epistemic humility.' That made sense. The one thing I know is true is our neighbors are not our enemies. Yes, many of them are going to cling to narratives that not only don't serve them but harm them, and all of humanity. That doesn't mean there are enemies. They're scared and fear combined with public schooling has destroyed much of their ability to critically think. It doesn't mean they're unreachable. Again, they're not our enemies even though We may disagree on policy points.

Our enemies are those propagandizing the masses into a state of division and lies. They're experts at divide and conquer because they know it's essential at neutralizing the greatest threat to their objectives, We the People.

United we stand divided we fall. Never has that statement been more applicable than today and without question in the coming year.

I got way off topic from the video. But I hope some of it made sense in resonates with you, my fellow human. Anyone who read this thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you do, I love you and hope life Smiles upon you and your family today and every day hereafter.

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Very well said. We are not children anymore, it is time to grow up and walk out of the containers that the powers that shouldn't be have placed around us.

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"But the pain of realizing I got something wrong is less painful than remaining ignorant and harming others through my willful ignorance." Which is unfortunately the opposite of how most people function. Thanks for introducing me to the idea of epistemic humility. I had to look it up. Basically it says that because our opinions are biased and fragile we always have to be on the lookout for believing or propagating something for the wrong reason. Epistemic humility is the precursor to critical thinking.

I agree with you 100%. This is fifth generation warfare and we are the target of those who would oppress us. We are the majority, however, and we have an increasing number of allies willing to speak out against tyranny.

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Thank you for reading my post and your response. I genuinely appreciate it! I feel like we must come together as people or we Face a new Dark Age. Bless you and have a beautiful 2024

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I can vouch for Kim, she's the real deal. I would love it if she published here on Substack.

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Isn't that interesting, I stopped watching TV 12 years ago as well. Something about 2012... when it finally clicked that MSNBC was a propaganda-spouting entity gone mad that stirred up liberal hate. I have only gotten smarter and less indoctrinated since then.

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We live in a reflective, holographic universe. Whatever you believe to be true, will reflect/manifest itself in the 3D world around you.

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Thank you for writing. Both your information gathering tidbits are so useful AND even more how you see things. I see them like you do and it is so helpful for you to articulate it so perfectly. And the 'epistemic humility' was a new phrase for me. A very good reminder to all.

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GREAT video.

I suspect that what we THINK we know about the human body, and how this incredibly sophisticated, complex creation actually works, are as different as night and day.

We're only at the dawn of time, in terms of truly understanding it.

In addition to not being a pump, the heart (not the brain) is the orchestral Conductor of every bodily action and reaction.

We also have a biofield of electricity and photons, which exchanges pure information with those around us, which is the real cause of what we perceive as "contagion".

The true nature of who we are, what we are, and where we are, has been suppressed and hidden from us.

The human body was not some random, inconsequential, big bang accident.

It is the divine creation of intelligence light years ahead of our own.


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Yet another excellent report by Greg who just seems to get better and better at his craft!

Thank you Greg for yet another thought provoking and interesting read and watch!

Despite the audio matching the wording in the article I soon realised that the text didn’t correspond to the video.

The article included a section at the end, not covered in the video (“There are hints of a hidden science being studied and suppressed that involves counter-rotational spin. The NAZIs most classified project, Die Glocke, involved the counter-rotational spin of a mysterious fuel mix that included liquid mercury.

This vortex system creates an energetic field around the heart. It creates the heat within our body. And it raises a whole new set of questions about spin.”).

It made me wonder how many other reports followed this pattern? And if I’ve been missing out?

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What is counter-rotational spin? Was the fuel mix rotating counter/opposite to something else?

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This is by design my friend. ALL Planned. Enjoy the movie.

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I meant "Matrix", not "movie";-)

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I think it's both - I'll take movie as well. :)

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The true nature of who we are, what we are, and where we are, has been suppressed and hidden from us.

Its not hidden from us. It’s all in God’s Word, the Holy Bible. Reading that can let you know who we are, what we choose to be (God’s adopted or Satan’s seed), earth is where we are and the playing field for becoming His or not. When one comes to know God and who they are then nothing shall be hidden from them. Until they read for themselves they won’t know the hidden truths contained in His Word so they stay ignorant of the truth about themselves.

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The Bible has been hijacked along with everything else:

The Christian Mysteries - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0TwMQLZYVw

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But but but "the science is settled" - lol. I can barely type that without seismic laughter interrupting it. Can you imagine the absolute HUBRIS of the WEF crew & their minions, including WHO and the WHO-villes, all spouting the same idiotic phrase? As if those of us with a functioning brain would just accept it? "Settled science." Hahahahahahahaa! Thank you for counteracting that with mind-expanding reality, which is, we still don't know what we don't know, and every discovery is still amazing and exciting.

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WHO and WHO-villes, hahaha! Klaus Schwab looks like The Grinch!


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This is an amazing explanation of a deeply mysterious and esoteric subject. How anyone can read this- take it in- and still say there is ‘no God or Master Creator’ is beyond my understanding. Dr. John Upledger the MD/ Osteopath who ‘fathered’ CranioSacral Therapy wrote ‘Cell Talk’ which is an incredible and accessible book about the intelligence behind the operation of one human cell. We really understand very little about the thing we call life.

Merry Christmas.

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It's also okay to say, I can't know about pieces.

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The vortex concept is also known as “helical heart”, with plenty of links for short and long YT clips.

In Oriental traditions, the heart is the energy center associated with the sense of touch, physical and figurative, direct and remote. “Touched my heart”, “it’s touching” or “touchy” gain new meanings. As does “heart to heart communication”.

We may need to update a lot of our knowledge.

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A lot of our knowledge got destroyed in the past 100 years with the attack on homeopathy and naturopathy, to make way for BIG medicine and BIG pharma. Look where we are now, with people more diseased than ever. And all by design. Until we say 'no more' I suppose.

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By calling them “big”, you make them BIG. It’s one of the most subtle subversions.

Knowledge is always changing. Some parts of it got outdated, some are coming into existence, and the rest needs updating courtesy of these two. No reason to lament. In the bigger picture, things are always as they should be (that is according to the lullaby which we like to repeat to ourselves). And if not, so what? Our time here is limited, anyway.

Still, everybody has the right to say “no more”. And almost everybody does. Silently, so that nobody could hear it.

The end is near. The end of the year, of course. May we all make the next year a better and more fulfilling, in the best interests of those concerned.

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A very good read that covers much of what Greg's talk discusses:

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

by Dr. Thomas Cowan,


Thanks for throwing that transmutation of elements in Greg. I forgot that Cowan touched on it.

Sayer Ji goes into a little more detail on biological transmutation of elements in his new book:

Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body's Radical Resilience through the New Biology


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Orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements. Have you read Laurence Gardner’s “Lost Secrets of the Ancient Ark?”

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Laurence Gardner

https://t.me/basedness/1844 ➡️🎄➡️

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Great post. Thinking of the physiologist Galen and his observations on the heart is a vortex. Amazing developmental biology on the formation of the fetal heart from the rhythmic pulse of the mother’s heart beat - as a tiny but perfect vortex.

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Very nice work. Always learning , understanding.

Psalm 16:8,9. 'I have set the Lord always before me : because HE is at my right hand I shall not be moved. ⁹Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoiceth ; my flesh also shall rest in hope".

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This is the Psalm that came to mind as I watched Greg's video: "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." KJV Psalm 139: 14

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"But as for me, I will always have hope." ~ Psalm 71:14

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Oh i just wake up my eye are still sticky(8:00am)

Such a peaceful report while watching , with a smile , i was expecting a cut to Alexa gravity fed water filter ! Hahahahaha The spark of life , the perfect place to end the report ! 😎 A+++

Merry Christmas everyone , don't let the negative ninnies pollute your precious bodily Fluids.

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This video sums up the podcast you made about the subject so well! Fantastic job as usual 🙌 You are very skilled at condensing information and it makes videos like these so enjoyable to watch.

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No wonder the Powers That Shouldn’t Be want to keep us from each other; want to shield us from the sun; keep polluting our water and soils. No more! Stand up people; take back your true power, the Power of the Heart! The Frequency of Love! ❤️

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the six feet apart was to create individual microwaveable targets

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Also, it's the distance at which we can't detect the power of the others' heartbeats. All by design.

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Thank you for sharing your gifts to us all, Greg. You are a blessing!

Merry Christmas🎄

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I am afraid to say that you are fundamentally wrong.

Yes Water is alive and yes it is structured and yes victor Schauberger was right...

But so was Wilhelm Reich!

And so am I.

First of all Wilhelm Reich found Scientific Proof of Qi (Orgone).

Which means that your fundamental worldview is wrong.

Fundamentally the Universe is alive as one entity... we are a product of a living Universe.

Life is infinite and has infinite forms as well as no form at all... just like water.

Our Heart is the Heart of an Animal and it is also a thinking Organ.

The Heart Communicates with the Organs by the Language of feelings... up equal down... happy ok sad... full ok empty... and so on...

The Body itself is both Generator and motor... We walk using Kinetic Energy converted into Bioelectric Energy which is also at the same time communication with the heart about the status of the Organ.

Because if there is something wrong... you body lets you feel it... and you feel it in your heart.

Feeling good is the most important thing... feeling good not by outside forces but by the fact that you carry no burden no negativity with you.

That feeling is ZEN.

It is the best Feeling and once you realize that most of what you do is standing in your own way... the path is clear.

Fat people only carry their own shit around.

Who are we?

We are Genetically Modified Therapoda we are Dinosaurs by Nature and you can grab your tail because the Phantom Memory still has it through all Generations... a fact that proves Genetic Memory.

Theropoda are basically two legged Dinosaurs... with T-Rex being the most popular.

There are two main reasons for that... one being the tail we lost but still have phantom memories of... and the second is the sense of balance which we have because of that.

Apes, as the mainstream science tells us, are dominantly tree animals and even Gorillas walk mostly on four legs... hand s and legs...

They do not have a sense of balance as their point of balance is the lowest point of gravity.

Which reveals the Question who are we and who created us.


The race that created us gave us some of their Mind and the blueprint of a physical therapoda made some Genetic changes smaller head and the rest is evolution.

Evolution never stops.

Our heart is all that you spoke of... but it is more.

It is the center of feelings in our Body... it acts like a Brain for Feelings.. and what is more... heart and Brain are in constant communication.

Just learn to listen to what your heart has to say... It tells you exactly what to do.


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Interesting and thought-provoking comment, but I wonder why you say the author is fundamentally wrong? It sounds like you are at least in large part in accord. And that you are both discussion separate things in part, as well.

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In your article Greg, there is zero mention of God, the Creator of all things. Instead, you mention Plato and other goof balls that you are putting on a pedestal.

What you said, quoting you: “And in order to keep the flow strong and healthy, our best medicine is to connect to the earth, get sunlight, love ourselves, and love one another with physical touch.”

Where is God? Why did you not mention Him FIRST before everything you said?

Clearly, you must be the child of the devil and a “new ager” where you teach doctrines of demons and the sheeple follow.

I do not put up with this kind of utter garbage.

I am not here to please man, I am here to please God Almighty, He comes First in my life, without Him, I am nothing.

Just remember, pride comes before a fall.

God Almighty created us mankind and He gets ALL the glory, honor and power in everything FIRST.

You are giving power to pathetic “philosophers” that don’t merit credit, they are losers!

This article is messed up and so are you!

If anyone takes offense in what I have shared, it’s because you also are a child of the devil, now you know why.

I will not put up with this, I will rebuke where needed.

Jesus Christ was NOT born on December 25th.

Christmas is a pagan, demonic, satanic worship holiday.


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What We Celebrate at Christmas

“And [Joseph] knew her [Mary] not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS.” (Matthew 1:25)

The actual birthday of Jesus was sometime in the fall (September or October) rather than in December. The date is of lesser consequence, however, than the reason for the celebration (Isaiah 1:18). Heaven itself celebrated the birth (Luke 2:8-14). And after the shepherds got over their fear, they couldn’t stop telling the news.

Then there were the wise men from the east who came to worship the one “born king of the Jews” (Matthew 2:1-2). They got there well after the birth, having put their lives on hold, and willingly gave of their time and treasures to honor this great King while they rejoiced with “exceeding great joy” (Matthew 2:10). Surely all Christians should worship and rejoice as well as open our treasuries when we celebrate Christ’s birth.

But if we just focus on the birth, we may miss the greatest reason for the commemoration. After all, there was nothing uncommon about the physical process. But the conception, now that was miraculous (Luke 1:35)! The eternal “Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). The great Creator and Son of God, “foreordained before the foundation of the world” (1 Peter 1:20), submitted to the will of the Father and “made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men” (Philippians 2:7). That was why heaven celebrated.

Counting back nine months from around September puts us pretty close to the end of the previous December. Perhaps our sovereign God has orchestrated events so that we would celebrate the real miracle of the conception: “God with us” (Matthew 1:23). HMM III

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Reading this makes me think of Dana Carvey's Church Lady skits on SNL. I could possibly be a child of the devil, I'm not gonna deny...

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PRIDE definitely precedes the fall.

Anyone? What is the biggest celebration, now stretching into a months-long extravaganza in our present times?

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