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Great interview and appreciate Rick's candor speaking of his traumas.

It's all a connected series of psy-ops going back at least to 1963.

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I wish we all would have heard Rick's testimony years ago. It solidifies things we have only heard and adds things we have not. Amazing how this has been erased with no serious investigation. Thanks. Greg


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I don't think America will EVER wake up until America is lost and conquered. The Feds are very very close to doing this now with a new scheme....Crash the dollar - Starve everyone - nuke us all either from within or poke the Russian Bear and have them do it. All biblical if you ask me. Thanks Greg and Rick.

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Drones hit the buildings.

Explosives blow the rest.

Media is already compromised to lie.

The stampede starts.

20+ years later we are still running.

One event after another keeps you running.


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Thank you Mr. Disantis for your interview today; I can feel how parts of that were not easy for you to share; but with you doing so, you have helped me to visualize what it must have been like for you and all the others during that horrifying morning.

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There were no planes, as a KC-135A Pilot, no way the planes can pierce double plated tank steel and jet fuel doesn't melt steel (otherwise my four engines would melt the engine turbine);

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Such a powerful interview. Gave me chills!

Thank you Rick and Greg!

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So Gov. DeSantis has heard this, that's worth remembering.

Dark gray planes with pods under them.

So they took at least 2 plane loDs of people, landed at military base, taxied into hangars and ...

Now it's Armageddon, disease etc.

WAKEUP. Find and destroy this demonic entity whether it's human or alien.

I'm starting to see both as a real possibility.

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Just WOW!


Ever so memorable.

Thank you so much, Mr. DeSantis and Mr. Reese!

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This is reminiscent of the testimony given by head janitor in the WTC complex at the time, Willie Rodriguez, who swore under oath that the very first explosions - before the planes hit! - came from the basement levels of the buildings.

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I was betrayed by mainstream media back then and still betrayed to this day. I believe the Feds sent China digital information on that drone as a payment to access the Trillion+ Dollars for our debts....

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Multiple tactics were used in the takedown of the Twin Towers and other buildings. Sofia Smallstorm made an excellent video that conclusively proved that explosives were set in the Towers prior to the takedown. She did an awesome job, but she did not have this additional information about the bombers and more.

This story was fascinating and informative. I love how Rick’s mind works as well as his courage to do the right thing. When he rescued his assistant and later scooped up the woman in shock who couldn’t move, I cried. I am saddened to know he has health issues as a result. Bravo, to Rick’s bravery as well as his intuition. Wow.

Mr. DeSantis’s testimony must be preserved indefinitely to give future generations accurate testimony for historians and others.


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This is a good reminder about 9.11 but it's a bit late though isn't it? Well we can all be sure the DeSantis' are great patriots right? See this:

While this exists in 2018 Florida Statute 281.00315 (https://www.flsenate.gov/laws/statutes/2018/381.00315), in a declared public health crisis you can be forcibly vaccinated in the State of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis has added his stamp of approval to this policy.

What are all the DeSantis' really trying to say here?

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It was a small nuclear device planted underground so the explosion would go up. Remember the photos of the molten bedrock still simmering weeks later? Who knows if those photos can still be found anymore. At any rate, only a nuclear explosion could generate those types of temps and bring down the buildings almost instantaneously. There is no doubt in my mind, none.

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This is wild, wow. Too bad he didn't do this interview years ago. I'm confused tho, we've seen phone vids people took from other high rises SHOWING NO PLANES ✈️ and then there's all the evidence of detonations set up in the building to cause the explosions.

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WHOAAAAA, PART 2 and 3 soon i hope? I wasn't expecting to revisit 9/11 today holy fuck.

That AWAK ....... holy fuck.

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