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The problem with live streaming on CensorTube (YouTube) is not the danger that you will just be censored or canceled, you are also putting your viewers, those who comment, at risk of being censored or canceled. I highly recommend sticking to just live streaming on free speech platforms like Rumble, Odysee and the like, even Twitch.

Just to let you know that I do what I say, personally I have 33k followers on CensorTube but refuse to live stream there - don't even want to give them the views - I live stream on Twitch and Rumble and will be adding others soon. Just my 2 cents.

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Greg, I was "triggered" at the park Saturday when I was walking by children and parents getting ready for 8 a.m. Little League practice. Parents staring at their 'devices" in a trance, ignoring the children. Walking farther down the path, I passed a Man on his "device" sitting on a bench. A little boy yards away screaming Dad look, look, Dad, look I can climb all the way up. I stood there and watched. NOTHING out of this father, Zero, Nothing. I said to the little boy, I'll watch you, bet you can do it. He did, all the way to the top. I praised him and he thanked me. It is a sad world when parents ignore this precious time. I wanted to slap each one of them and say, Wake the Hell up, but what would that accomplish?

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For all of you out there in Greg Reese Land - Protect yourself and get the knowledge and truth coming this week. Greg, hopefully, this Health Conference goes viral and the Truth about the "Death Shots" finally gets LIGHT.

“Ask your Doctor if Venom is right for you” - Dr. Bryan Ardis

I am praying for protection over these Doctors:

Healing For The A.G.E.S.

Dr. Ardis

Dr. Group

Dr. Ealy

Dr. Schmidt

If you are seeking true (natural) solutions for your health, watch these brilliant Truth Telling Doctors.

Striving to help victims of the “clot shot” – Water – Air – Food – 5G / Bio-Weapons

Get info at:


Free Virtual presentation this coming Thursday - September 7th.

After over 2 years of intense research and proof, will Dr. Ardis finally be vindicated?

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since I'm looking for the flattering, one like, how abut this: we come to this world with a BREATH, and we leave it with the last one. It is not from me, but from Thomas Lodi, MD(H), FICT, DAARFM, CNS, who knows what else.. And I'd add to it, each one of us came from the spark of LOVE, unless one was cloned, in the bottle...

these 4 great guys at :


explain quite a bit about our health, just in case...

Oh, the great cover up of the 'flat earth theory' is not only to confuse, BUT to prevent that people take seriously what's written in the first 4 page of the Old Testament, the genesis from the Bible... It is written right there, all about the waters, the earth, the stars, the time, the plants, the birds, the serpents...! If you'd believe that, you would never believe in 'evolution', humans stemming from apes, etc., etc. With the flat earth would be no landing on the moon, no NASA, no 'modern science', literally everything. That's why the Flat earth conspiracy is the greatest of all. Rob Skiba, the hero on that topic gave once interesting talk about scriptures: https://theserapeum.com/yeshua-jesus-and-the-mt-hermon-roswell-connection/

and so many more, and one needs to wonder why he died last year, after landing in hospital in 'covid times'..

Bless you Sir, and thank you for the music (not enough of it...)!

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ha, only those with Iphones can chat, via ggggoooggglllee... That's literally LIFE learning session for AI's, who now will be capable of IMITATING a crowds reacting to one presenter... Just my opinion.

Happy Labor Day! What?? I'm not pregnant... The english language...

Belching from the coffee??? That is a sign, something is not right here with the digestive system, lack of digestive enzymes, H.Pylori infection (that's a carcinogen..) in case the symptoms include heartburn and more. It can also be eating and drinking TOO fast while swallowing air... A good rule is to drink VERY SLOW and chew your food at least 60x each bite. I'm not an MD though..

GREAT summary about Trump, feel exactly the same, no excuse for mass murder, PRE-PLANNED, look at his executive order from Sep 2019, right around the very same time where he gave his medal of honor to Edwin Meese III, the Heritage foundation, who lead the 'covid operation'.. Since my amino acid sequence hobby I see this guy even in the universal toxic Spike sequence: ..KNNKSWMESEFRVY..

NO trust in Todd Callender, any more, not a SINGLE lawyer, OR MD., for that matter.

Btw. I wrote about Marburg in 2020.. But was not on this SStack until March '22, so here is what I send out to CDC/FDA, without ANY RESPONSE:


I tried SO MANY TIMES to put it out, including LAWYERS, MD's, POLITICIANS, NEVER ever any response. Just wonder why???

And sorry for my gross comments and thank you for not deleting them or banning me for 100 years...

A LONG way to go to be a better human;)

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Wow, great video, you think like me and that is impossible to find! Relief!

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Greg A Good Time That Is Less Used On Youtube Would Be 4 To 5 PM Eastern & I Could Join You Greg At That Time As I Am Live From 5:45 To 7 PM Eastern!

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Great Video Greg, Good to see you today!

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You play lefty guitar!??

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Hi Greg, you can find the declaration of marburgvirus emergency (EFFECTIVE AS OF NOVEMBER 2020!) here:

Notice of Declaration Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for Countermeasures Against Marburgvirus and/or Marburg Disease


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John 14:6 JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE! No-one comes to the Father, except by Him❤️🙏🏼✝️

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This was great . And so was the banjo 👍🏼🙏🏽

Did you ever do a report on jesuits ?

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Canada has on government websites something called BIO DIGITAL CONVERGENCE. Talk about side effects.😶 My go-to is Dr. Ana (anamihalceamdphd. Substack. Com).

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Great stuff mate. I found a recent collaborative presentation this morning as I watched your YT podcast. Love ya work Greg, Power On. https://rumble.com/v3ez7aw-prophecies-is-humankind-fulfilling-the-prophecies-found-within.html

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*I missed the livestream but glad I could jump on a day later. I would like to download this BUT...

**On the far right end of the line of LIKES, and COMMENTS there are three ellipses, and this opens to a 'download mp3' option. However, this is not allowing me to download this. Would you be so kind to request the webhost fix this because I actually had the same problem with an earlier video (in Substack). It is hit or miss at times.

***Did you see the Warren Beatty film, The Parallax View? He plays a journalist trying to reveal the truth of many journalist assassinations, infiltrates the organization, then ultimately tries to get away. The machine churns out films like this because they want us to know their "...inner most self..." smut agenda sans marquee. Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970). Ace

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