You are one hell of a puzzle solver Greg Reese...I have no doubt you're one of God's Chosen ones...Thanks for all you do for the Republic and the People of America...I do not for one minute...take your courage for granted...

Alicia Lutz

Heir to the Creator of all things...

My Life...My Fortune...My Sacred Honor...

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Thank You, Greg!


Your Work is Greatly Appreciated, Sir.

Knowledge is Power and Awareness is Crucial if We The People are to bring the individuals that make up this Insidious Global Cult to Justice.

I've heard that if one were to add up the entirety of the Deep State/Dark Cabal then you'd get no more than a million people.

Compare this to the current population of Earth which is just under 8.1 Billion.

Folks, we are dealing not just with the one percent but with the .0001 percent!

The only way that the Dark Cabal could remain in power was by lurking unseen in the shadows.

Now, they have been Exposed, and it is Time for We The People of Earth to Awaken and arrest these criminals and hold them accountable for their heinous acts.

We The People Must Do This. We can not rely on any Messiah Figure to save us. We can not rely on only the White Hats in the Military and Intelligence Community to ride to the rescue.

No, my Friends, We The People Must Awaken and not just Resist but actively Reclaim what was stolen from us.

This is our Sacred Task and Our Moment at the Crossroads of Time.

Take Care Everyone!



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Canadians unite further over concern for our future especially the kids. As Muslims join Christians and Hindus and everyone else and march on Sept 20, there will be change against the wokeass occupiers of our halls of power. Mark my words, Trudeau and his band of Weffer minions will be banned forever.

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Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley, well, all this time I thought Babs was related to the Quaker Oats guy... :)

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Aug 2, 2023Liked by Greg Reese

Makes one wonder about the significance of blood types. What’s really going on with that?

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I read that Klaus Schwab's father sold weapons to the Third Reich using slave labor. Hitler's mother became pregnant by a Rothchild and Hitlers father was given large sum of money to change his name from Schickelgruber to Hitler. Klaus Schwab received lots of influence from creep Henry Kissinger who is still alive unfortunately and I believe he still has lot's of control or influence on international issues. Kissinger bullied countries into complying and promoting homosexuality and so forth and used population control in countries where he felt the U.S. might benefit from their natural resources especially Africa. Kissinger made Klaus what he is today and while factcheckers deny he stated this. it's out there: “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” Just about everyone in the entertainment industry is Illuminati/Freemason's. Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, Corey Feldman, Ricky Schroeder and others have been leaking information about just how evil Hollywood is and it's controlled. If climate change is really real it was the billionaires that strip mined the earth for personal gain and they now want the peasants to pay the price. We hear of all these random mass shootings and this is all an attempt to disarm the population so we cannot fight back. However I feel it's really all too late at this point. Most got the clot shots and lets hope the Deagel charts that say the U.S. population will be reduced to 90 Million people by 2025 is not really true. They sure are pushing forward with UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF & WHO are all under the same umbrella.

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Aug 2, 2023Liked by Greg Reese

Unite and prosper!

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That Schwab daughter looks like the product of Harari breeding with himself...

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What are we truly able to do personally about destroying the divide and waking soooo many sleepers to the realities occurring around us? I work for a company involved in the sustainability bs and building these smart cities (Honeywell) and is 100% in alignment with the UN and WEF. Because our jobs are directly tied to these evil entities that adds a piece to the puzzle as to why no one will do anything - job/income loss. Just my thoughts.

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their god is not as our God.

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Powerful video

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Aleister Crowley, Barbara Bush, George Bush and the 9/11 Connection

Watch: https://odysee.com/@911revisited:7/Crowley-Bush-911:6

A bit out there for some, but then also watch:

9/11 Alchemy: A Big Idea | 20 Years Later -


A 20-year memorial documentary produced by Chris Hampton of Wolf Clan Media, dedicated to exposing the real truth about what happened on 9/11 by referencing interesting numerological symbology..

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what about Trump?

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Here is a book link for my fellow Truth seekers:

Bloodlines of the Illuminati - By Fritz Springmeier.pdf


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I was talking to a long lost family connection about how they have always been using Divide to Control us, Breaking families apart, Medical Drugs & Mental evaluations.

My first client/patient after Nursing school was for Home Health care of a dying doctor named Dr. JEROME W. CONN, he said that he felt he would go to Hell because of the experiments he did for MODERN MEDICINE on our Military Men for 20 yrs of his career.

He asked me to take and keep 2 Books, one from 1957 and one from 1964.

He told me he wanted me to have them and keep them out of the a Medical Museum he knew his daughter would gift his other Journals too.

I put these books on a shelf until Trump ran for office and said "W.H.O. is the Invisable ENEMY". I heard him loud and clear, I've been against the Medical Drugs that people become addicted too since I was a young teen. I watched as my mother went from Psychiatric care, Palm readers, Tarot card readers, doctors, Alchohol and always that something was wrong.

These books are filled with the Psycho drugs given out to women mostly and all of the side effects.

I did look at them before the Q, but now certain info really pops out at me!

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