"If this were a humanitarian effort, then refugees would be expected to assimilate as they have for millennia. The rule of law depends upon it. But this is a Globalist invasion and whether they know it or not, the so-called migrants are being used as an invading force. and instead of being conquered with violence, the native people are being attacked with name-calling. Stunned into silence with guilt by being called a racist."

Well, that was perfectly stated. Thank you for articulating this with the crystal clarity.

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Apparently a similair thing happened in France on Nov 18th.

"A 16--year-old boy was savagely murdered at a French village's annual winter ball earlier this month. According to witnesses, the gang of young men responsible for the boy's death and the corresponding rampage on Nov. 18 made clear they were out to "stab white people."

"Accourding to France24, the attackers ultimately murdered a 16-year-old high school student named Thomas. A witness named Hugo indicated that Thomas was stabbed in the heart and throat."

"Despite the efforts of law enforcement to capture those responsible, protesters have taken to the streets demanding "justice for Thomas."

Over the weekend, around two dozen protesters were reportedly arrested, six of whom were fast-tracked through court proceedings and sentenced to several months in jail."

"Fearing a "mobilisation within the exreme right ... would have us tip into civil war," Darmanin indicated the government is looking at clamping down on groups perceived to be far right and potentially even arresting their members, reported the Local"

So, apparently if you have a problem with people being savagly attacked by "immigrants" in your country, you are deemed "far-right" and arrested.

How long will we put up with this nonsense?

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Nov 29, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

It's also been happening in Sweden, where, for example, the city of Malmo (its 2nd or 3d largest city) has all but been taken over by Islamists trying to enforce Sharia law.

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David Icke talks about this (Irish riots) and mentions his experience of Sweden before and after the "invasion" in his latest "Dot Connector" series episode.

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Another psy-op tentacle well articulated Greg.

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Finely treaded Greg. I showed my family the laws AND yet they reject what am saying. Even the U.N. documents would not shake them out of the dream.

Democide doesn't register in their minds. The State is this benevolent construct it cannot be, just like a white coat have their best interest at heart . . .

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That’s why it’s so hard for me to be around people. I think many of us feel, and know something very important is happening in the world. All the stuff I was talking about years ago is transpiring...only it’s worse than I ever could have imagined.

God/Creator is my strength. For those of you struggling, take life one day at a time, or it’s too overwhelming.

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just showed my fam. - beginning to get it... (years too late, oc)

these people, their stupefying ignorance and credulity, will not only get themselves killed (jibbyjab) but us too.. that's what's been so galling these last years. eedjits dragging us all to hell

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Once again the globalist plan to inundate the planet with Islam to use as a tool as a command and control mechanism. All leaders/authorities pushing the insanity need to be dragged onto the town square and lynched.

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give 'em a bit of the ol' Sharia..

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wait.. can we go to prison for saying this? is our "extremist" "HATE!" aimed at the right people or the wrong people? hard to keep up.

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Makes one want to try walking on water with an umbrella.

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All I can say is that this world has gone upside down. I do not recognize this world anymore; it is getting darker and darker by the day.

This is it folks, look no further, this is the WICKED generation. Everything has an expiry date and satan knows he has but a short time and his wrath is upon all mankind. This coward loser, is using his minions (demons) to do these horrible things upon others. How to create havoc? That is how.. MKUltra is used on the vulnerable as well to do the devil's bidding; it could be some kind of "ritual sacrifice" for all we know. Why is all of this happening now?

God Almighty is patient but there are limits, He WILL DESTROY them (the wicked, ungodly and unrighteous) once and for all. God will have to destroy them again, He did that once in the flood of Noah but the disembodied spirits who are demons, the Nephilim, are still possessing lost souls. Then you have clones, hybrids.. - anything that is an empty vessel, these demons will enter them and cause chaos. Their time is nearing to an end also just like their daddy the devil who created these psychopaths.

What we are seeing now, is a pre-cursor of what is about to come. Next on the timeline will be HORRIFIC - Rev. chapters 6 through 19. You do not want to get left behind for what will be unleashed upon the whole world.

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Check out Dr. John Coleman's book: The Committee of 300

Thank them for all that is happening.

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For anyone that doesn't want to go on a potentially fruitless search - here it is (.pdf) :



It's also available on the Internet Archive (which is where I got it)

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Many thanks for THAT link !!

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my pleasure! i've still to properly read the damn thing myself! (i've only skimmed it really, so far) - sooo many things on the back burner.. "no time, no time", said the white rabbit

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👍👍 Just tell the rabbit to get some sunshine in the southern hemisphere


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I recently bought this book! I think it was out of print for awhile. I couldn’t even find it online at stores that find old books for you.

I have seen the very old lecture he did. Crazy stuff that explains A LOT!

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Why do I need to thank them??

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Based on Dr. Coleman's book and some other substacks these are the people who are in control of everything and everyone.

So, if you want to "thank" someone for the "best times of your life", then this is the best group to start with.

I saw a link posted here to the book. I recommend checking it out.

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I think you are missing a vital piece of the puzzle though. Babylon is going to be destroyed when the anitchrist and false prophet rises. I believe the Babylon that is described is the current system under the elite. At this point the great awakening will explode. And that will be the start of the 7 years. There will be a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity. The lost will think this is the establishment of the new mellenial kingdom. It's important to know this, we are still far from the terrible darkness of judgement.

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The antichrist and the false prophet are about to rise, that is around the corner. However, we have been deceived by satan. The Great Tribulation is about to begin - Rev. chapters 6 through 19. The Church (BELIEVERS in The Body of Christ), is not mentioned after Rev. 4.

We are in the pre-cursor of what is about to be unleashed upon the whole world.

I was deceived in believing that there is a 7 year tribulation period. Apostle Paul, never mentioned anything about a 7 year tribulation period, now did he? If he did, please show me the verses from his epistles Romans through Philemon, that is for the Church Age of Grace. The first 4 chapters in the book of Rev., talks about the Church and then, you will not find the Church after chapter 4, it’s because the Church is in Heaven.

All these pastors and preaches have DECEIVED their congregation by diverting us into “prophecy”. Why?

Apostle Paul never quoted from prophecy for the Church, if he did, please share from his epistles the scriptures.

If you are not aware that the k j bible is being corrupted daily and that it is becoming into a satanic scripture for the one world religion, then you are truly under a “strong delusion” where you are believing “the lie”. It has already begun a while back when scripture started altering.

The Church will get “caught up” first, then the Great Tribulation will begin and that is found in Rev. chapters 6 through 19.

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I saw some people who were already raptured just the other day. Actually all I saw though, was their headstones. They were Christians who died and are now present with the Lord, awaiting their resurrection BEFORE the rest of us living will be caught up in the air with them. Paul talks about this: 1st. Corinthians 15. (the whole chapter) The dead will rise first. Then we, which remain will be caught up.

I know people who had a out of body experience and died, and came back and said the next time they were "going in the rapture."

They died and are buried there.

They were right. Their "rapture" already happened.

Meanwhile our lives on earth go on.

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Actually, knowing how the llluminati work, I suspect that the first Christ figure to appear will be the real Christ, which the masses have been programmed to expect as the Antichrist, so they will turn away from him, probably kill him, and then embrace the next Christ figure, who will be the REAL Antichrist, the christ of the llluminati.

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There is a worth mention note that is not in the story that is in at least one of the reports when this story was first mentioned ( https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/02/27/muhammad-becomes-most-popular-baby-name-in-irish-city/ ):

"What’s more, this statistic only appears to be counting one spelling of the name, with variations such as “Mohammad” being registered as separate names by the CSO in the data they have made available to the general public.

British statistics bodies admit to pulling a similar trick to minimise the true rise in the name’s popularity."


"Variations included Muhammad, Mohammed, Mohammad, Muhammed, Mohamed, Mohamad, Muhamad, Muhamed, Mohamud, Mohummad, Mohummed, Mouhamed, Mohammod and Mouhamad."

All of that only to say that if the variations were all lumped together the name ranking would still of course be #1, but the percentage difference would be more.

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More WOKE crap!

Never again!

Many of us have boldly, perhaps stupidly, suggested that Covid & the supposed vaccine, were all smoke & mirrors! It seems that the Flu coincidently (conveniently) all but disappeared in 2020 in order to bump up the Covid figures and justify the 'Pretend Scamdemic'. We might have been very close to the truth!

We the people VOTE NO to the existence of the now corrupt and obsolete World Health Organisation!

Nothing surprises us anymore about Fauci's modified Covid or the DEADLY injection they pretend is a vaccine!

We were right and you all got Genetically Modified, which has shortened your Life Expectancy.

Today; the US Army unofficially reveals a 973% increase in Heart Failure since Vax MANDATED in 2022. Do you really need more proof?

Myocarditis is RIFE after accepting the useless ‘Experimental’ Covid injection – they call a vaccine!

Was MYOCARDITIS deliberately included as yet another dangerous health issue when mercenary and CORRUPT Big Pharma pretended to have invented a “Safe and Effective” injection for Fauci’s man-enhanced viral illness = Covid?

Big Pharma’s motto = “There’s no money in HEALTHY PEOPLE”! “Let’s make ‘em sicker and for longer!”

You can’t expect to Pfuck with the human heart with dangerous injections and expect it to “get better”.

It’s insane!

Did your Doctor forget to warn you about this small ('Vax) complication? I didn't think so!

I hereby reject the World Health Organisation as an entity that now has no relevance to humanity – since being corrupted by its biggest benefactor – Bill Gates. Gates now owns and controls the WHO.

We, the people, declare the WHO obsolete and redundant – so stick your Treaty where it hurts!

The now CORRUPT, World Health Organisation is DEAD! We, the people have spoken!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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That was music to my ears!

Did you know there is legally documented PROOF that there NEVER WAS A VIRUS!!!

The queen of England before she died, LOST a court case in Canada because this young man was charged with attending a gathering of more than ten people during lockdown. He won his case because THE CROWN COULD NOT PROVIDE EVIDENCE THAT THERE EVER WAS A VIRUS.


Yep Mick, all smoke and mirrors.

It was a terrifying scenario designed to frighten the masses into allowing themselves to be injected with the nanotechnology that mass-connects all humans to Artificial Intelligence. 5G the AI motherboard.

And now even the UNvaxxed are infected!

The UN-vaxxed are exhibiting the same symptoms of deadly clots, corrupted blood, and self-assembling nanotechnology that the vaxxed have, and the rates of vaxxine-shedding caused DEATHS and VAXXINE DAMAGE are now rising among the UN-vaxxed.

These doctors actually show the nanotechnology clots self-assembling in the blood: https://zeeemedia.com/interview/dr-ana-mihalcea-new-evidence-uninjected-unable-to-be-mind-controlled/ https://zeeemedia.com/interview/dr-ana-mihalcea-new-evidence-uninjected-unable-to-be-mind-controlled/

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PS Mick:

"Big Pharma’s motto = "'There’s no money in HEALTHY PEOPLE'"

Or as my Grandma said "They like us livin' sick and dyin' slow".

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You're probably too young to remember Greg, but at the end of the Viet Nam war, Wassau Wisconsin (home of Wassau Insurance) sponsored a southeast Asian Hmong family to immigrate to Wassau. The family were made legal residents and immediately began sponsoring their family members back home. And the Hmong began flooding into Wassau. 300,000 Hmong now live in Wassau, the largest Asian population in the state of Wisconsin.

The town had to build more schools, hospitals and especially police force because suddenly sleepy little Wassau was erupting with Laotian gang violence.

Housing prices plummeted and residents couldn't sell their homes to leave.

Just like the Cuban refugees that took over south Florida.

Or the Asian nationals and Persians that now populate Beverly Hills.

In California the Iranians have moved in and been buying up the local liquor stores, gas stations, 7Elevens, and the towing companies. Which makes sense because under what other conditions would a woman alone get into a truck with a man who looks like a terrorist?

"They're here."

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You should see San Francisco! I’m a third generation native (no longer in SF), and I was born and raised in SF. It is now “China”. I saw this infiltration in my twenties (I’m 60). I had to drive through last week...I was shocked! It’s a feeling that’s difficult to put into words. I thank God my parents and grandparents cannot see this.

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its not just foreigners. its also minorities who have been here for centuries. the black American feels entitled and to whites its quite offensive. they have the RIGHT to hurt and denigrate us, but we have to just sit and take it on the chin. the Jesus myth of turn the other cheek didnt work for him either.

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The "anti-semitic" problem would be more accurately referred to as the Radical Islamic problem. That's the problem right there.

Inhuman behavior does not deserve any sympathy.

The choice is simply between good & evil.

Make the right choice.

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heard some good - and simple - life advice the other day (obvious, but couched in a phrase i'd not heard before): "Pray - and do the next right thing".

nice. works forever :)

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Nicely done again Greg. A hero of our times!

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In the Bible, the second chapter of the Book of Daniel tells how Daniel related and interpreted a dream of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon. In his night dream, the king saw a gigantic statue made of four metals. The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron; but the statutes feet was made partly of iron and partly of baked clay.

In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was a stone "not cut by human hands" that destroyed the statue and became a mountain filling the whole world. Daniel explained to the king that the statue represented four successive earthly kingdoms beginning with Babylon, while the stone and mountain signified the Kingdom of Heaven. Nebuchadnezzar then acknowledges the supremacy of Daniel's God and raises him to high office in Babylon. Students of Revelation Eschatology believe the stone is the Millennial Kingdom to be established by YHVH upon the Return of Jesus Christ. This 1,000 year Kingdom of Jesus Christ will never be destroyed nor given to another people.

Accordingly, today there are a few students of “revelation eschatology” who ascribe the feet of iron and partly of baked clay, as the immigration of Islam into the (former) Christian nations we are now seeing in Europe. Obviously the iron and clay will not mingle into one culture.

“For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last He will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God …”

Job 19:25–26

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That interpretation is wrong for a very simple reason. When mentioning the clay and iron mixed together, it states that these are seeds. A seed of man and a seed of something else that is not man.

(43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.)

This could be describing hybrids. Nephilim or humans who have become hybrids. Or ET. But it is not describing other humans, there is a clear distinction.

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perhaps it refers to the current nanotech fever-dream of the transhumanist-technocrat-globalists. the Intra-Body-Network, the Internet-of-Bodies (all these atheist material-science hubristic pursuits)? we know they won't mix.. (their 'metamaterials' and God-designed human biology) it won't work.. (but try telling them that!) it's only gonna be exponential trouble, fast-tracking the world to Hell.. oh yeah! End times :D

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Yes, the "end of the times of the Gentiles" is nigh. In a very short time the only thing that will matter is that your name is written in the "Lamb's Book of Life".

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jon perry: Thank you for your wisdom and insight into "they shall mingle with the seed of men" from Daniel 2: 43. Certainly you are correct and I am enriched by your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you.

Time is short. I'll see you and yours on the "sea of fire and glass".

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Soon and in our days on the earth.

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That’s already happened in America referred to as January 6th.

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Yes, January 6th.

A George Soros Production.

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This just makes me SICK!

But, the Irish (and anyone else who wants to 'go off'), are doing it ALL WRONG!!

Burning down your town is NOT going to solve anything. You MUST burn down the houses of those in power!! One MUST go to the ROOT of the problem! In the near future, PUBLIC HANGINGS, of PUBLIC SERVANTS, are going to start happening. They NEED to start SOONER, rather than later! This is where I see this all going!

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Chief WolfWrites Chief’s Substack

Nov 26


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