“The rich ruleth over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender!!!”

{‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22‬:‭7‬ ‭KJV‬‬}

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All quite fixable with the right leader

Vote Www.DanBoronico2024.com

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Who...the Anti-Christ?

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

"We're not slaves yet." ... 4 months away ... LOL

Most people wouldn't not wear masks, we're now counting on them to undertake even more inconvenient and confrontational behavior? ... Right! LMAO

As long as the Central Banks exist. there will be no liberty for anyone. Pervasive debt forgiveness will have to be part of the mix, since those debts are owed to Central Bank interests, typically commercial banks under their control.

Merely switching to gold given how much of the world, namely just about all of it, that the Central Banks and their invasive corporate structure starting with BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard own, all it means is that they'd own almost all of the gold.

There's going to be a reset, the question is which one. But given that almost no one understands the above, 99.9% chance that it'll be The Great Reset that the satanic Bolshevik Babylonian Talmudists want.

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It is true that the central banks worldwide are buying MASSIVE amounts of gold now, and own a lot of it. But this is leveraged against their debt, which is much larger. As long as gold is used in this function, ANY gold out there (be it small) will retain value. The problem is that gold is hard to exchange, ship and convert to readily available cash.

Gold is hard to produce but there is more out there, along with silver, platinum, palladium, and even copper, all increasing in prices.

A gold standard alone will never work, but a metals standard with silver and other commodities will. (This could include lumber, steel, corn, wheat, pure water, and even manufactured goods like electronics, automobiles etc.)

A commodities index standard is the only real way to establish currency values based on solid assets and real values.

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You seem to have missed the point completely. If whatever the "basis" is, and feel free to choose what you want, if it's a one-to-one (or anything even remotely close) swap from what we have into the new standard, we lose, the OWNERS of the Central Bank would STILL own the westernized world and some of the rest, or all of the legal assets in it.

Since that few families of owners of the Central Banks would own it, that means that their organizational structure would own it.

Most people have absolutely no idea what I'm even referring to because they do not understand that the Central Banks, the entire lot of 'em, ANYTHING that sits under the BIS, and then some, is OWNED and CONTROLLED by them.

That's why they control the governments, because who cares about votes when you can literally buy the system.

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No, I get your point. Whether it is the Fed, the BIS or IRS/FBI etc., controlling commerce it is all about enforcement. We are approaching a Titanic collapse, and the adjustment to allowing these "OWNERS of the Central Bank" to continue the scam are bankrupt now on credibility, but still attempting to maintain control. They have to coerce us into a "new deal."

Not everyone understands this, but like COVID and the "jab," people are waking up and refusing to comply. These "OWNERS" only own things if we allow them to. These banksters are not God, and they have failed and are in default. They are going to have to use force to maintain control, just like we have seen with the lockdowns and Plandemic. So it is going to come down to how many people they can convince to comply vs. how many will refuse and how long they can hold out.

I should add, that this won't be the first time, those who planned a coerced control of the masses failed, and ended up losing their heads.

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Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023

Start using GOLDBACKS if you live in Utah, NH, Nevada, SD. They are made from 24 kt gold. They are in lower denominations . Read up on them. I think we should ditch private federal bankrupt system and switch to something of real value instead of an empty promise.

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A SWOT analysis of the Central Banks/WEF alliance indicates limitless opportunities and zero threats, short of its infrastructure somehow being destroyed. Cryptocurrency was never a threat. Nothing digital is. And the idea people this Machiavellian and smart wouldn't position themselves to control the planet's gold reserves is equally risible.

If enough sheer human mass could be mobilized against them, it would matter; and if everyone simply refused to take new "vaccines" and pediatric weight-loss drugs and surgeries and follow masking mandates. Hence the impending linking of CBDC to jab status and comprehensive surveillance of citizen movements and chatter.

It could happen practically overnight. And since they're not hiding anything--a de facto state media can only dull 90% or so of minds, not quite enough for a seamless reset--it's not going to be long.

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Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023

Look at how the French respond to something THE PEOPLE don’t want. 10 days and they are still protesting.

We must not ever just walk compliantly into the death showers.

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Thank you!!!

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Sabatean Frankists, Khazarians, Fabian Socialists, Hollywood Satanists, Godless Communists, S&M Nazis, Archons, Borg A.I. Zionists, Monarchists Those are your enemies.

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in you list of enemies, there is one that doesn't match the pattern. In fact, is the only one who fought against all the other ones in the list. ;)

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They are always infighting across time for our viewing pleasure and to throw us off the scent. Even those Humans that rise to the top do not know who their masters are. I certainly do not either. I can only know by their actions and outcomes. You shall know them by their fruits. S&M NAzis???

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I agree. For the fruit you shall know them....but sometimes is not easy to identify the fruit.

Did you ever read the Leutcher Report? Did you ever heard about Eisenhower death camps? Did you ever read the talmud?

the ones who had been running this country for over 100 years are responsible for the rise and survival of marxism. Before Pearl Harbor, those "non rusians" running Moscu already killed 14 million people and even that, the kahal of the US sent young Americans to die in Eureope to save marxism/globalism.

Who fought the globalists that today runs the world? Roosevelt? Churchill? Eisenhower? or the Spanish, Italian, Austrian, Romanian, German Nationalists?

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It's the ultimate scam ever conceived. The trick is a trick within another trick so that even if we finally "see" who the bad guys are that is a part of the trick because the bad guys and the good guys are the same patsies used for millennia. The pyramid only has room for one at the top.

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Excellent description!!!!...Love it. ...the weed grow among the wheat, but the weed is always weed.

Jesus also summarized pretty well when He said to the jews...."You belong to your father the devil and you willingly carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks in character, because he is a liar and the father of lies"....."Whoever belongs to God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not listen, because you do not belong to God.” Jn 8.44-47

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Things are getting very biblical now... but then they have always been that way. Most folks don't know that the goD they have been worshipping is Moloch. I didn't know that until I got sober. The creator of all that is, cares not for humankind except for when we love one another.

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Jesus was a Jew, so was Peter… the difference was the ELITE Pharisee class didn’t really follow The Father. They also had no spiritual discernment that The Messiah was in front of them. They were enveloped in darkness and fleshly prideful spirits. Jesus came to save the Jews - but sadly most wanted no part of Him, but the apostles that responded out of them are the reason WE are saved as they through the help of the Holy Spirit spread the Word and the GOOD NEWS.

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Yes, we have been taught nothing but lies about the world wars. In America we get lies and propaganda--we don't know our true history.

And on WW1, people should watch Benjamin Freedman's1961 Speech at the

Willard Hotel (see earthnewspaper on bitchute)--he was in insider, assistant to Bernard Baruch (yesterday's Soros), and witnessed the behind the scenes intrigues to get America into WW1, which led to the deaths of 116,000 American men. Freedman says that Britain was losing the war, so the ZIonists went to them and said you don't have to make peace with Germany, you can still win the war if America joins your side, and we will get America into the war if you give us Palestine. The deal was made, the Zionists got the Balfour Declaration, and Americans got killed in the war.

For more on the bankers and all of the wars, watch Mike Rivero's All Wars are Bankers Wars.

More on WW2 here: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/NBu3vOs8kXFY/

A good quick book is The Nameless War by Captain Archibauld Maule Ramsey--he goes back in history and looks at who was behind all of the various revolutions and who is in a quest for world power (nameless because it's hidden and you can't say who is behind it).

I think the author of this book was poisoned (that's what happens to truth tellers)

A History Of Central Banking And The Enslavement Of Mankind - Stephen Mitford Goodson https://archive.org/details/a-history-of-central-banking-and-the-enslavement-of-mankind-pdfdrive/page/n9/mode/2up

The also poisoned Congressman Louis McFadden for speaking out against the Federal Reserve:


And it looks like they are on schedule with their plot against humanity:

John Coleman The Rothschild Dynasty https://archive.org/details/coleman-john-the-rothschild-dynasty/page/199/mode/2up (on last page, he predicts the world will be plunged into a brutal one world government dictatorship by 2025)

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So relieving realizing that so many people are awakening.

You could add to those amazing sources, the Barnes Review

and you nailed it.. on all points above.

I do believe that a main issue to solve is to overcome the sinful PRIDE and understand that a real American Patriot is not the one who try to justified all the evil done till now. Patriotism, in my opinion, is to clean up the evil tribe that had been ruling this country for over 100 years and sent thousands of young Americans to die for nothing. Lets judge the real perpetrators of 9/11, USS Liberty, JFK...and stop sending them billions of tax payers dollars

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Oh, I've been awake for years--once I woke up to 9/11 in 2005/2006, I started questioning everything and turns out, everything was a LIE!! And I used to listen to Deanna Spingola's radio show on Republic Broadcasting and she did lots of shows of revisionist (true) history.

But not to burst your optimism, there are actually tons of people still asleep--I work at this constantly. I try posting over at conservativetreehouse and those people are still brainwashed and you are not allowed to talk about the tribe. I mainly post on the central bankers and at first I was called an anti-semite, but the tide has turned on that issue and the Rothschilds are more openly discussed. On other substacks, people are still clueless (I guess from a lifetime of brainwashing about the perps being the victims)--the don't seem to understand who is behind this or how the world has been taken over by bankers (they just think it is the vague "globalists").

Over at Celia Farber's (good on the HIV/AIDS hoax, Covid scam) substack, she lets you post on the bankers (even highlighted my info once), but seems to run cover for the tribe, as in she's post on the crimes of the Bolsheviks, but instead of stating the obvious, she refers to them as "atheists," (oh, another good book to mention is Donald Day's Onward Christian Soldier) Same for Mark Crispin Miller, who has a good following with his substack--he's a member of the tribe and constantly pushes their hoax and tries to connect it to the ongoing genocide ("this is the 2nd holocaust"), which absolutely sickens me. At this point, I think it is willful ignorance--when you as a professor of media studies and propaganda know they lied about Iraq WMDs, 9/11, JKF assassination, and countless other staged events, but refuse to question anything having to do with WW2, then it is deliberate cover IMO. Nevertheless, I still try as much as I can to drop hints to steer people toward the perps.

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Fabulous reading list. Thank you.

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More hidden history books here:


Descent Into Slavery By Des Griffin


F William Engdahl's The Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century


Money Creators- Who Creates Money? Who Should Create it? By Gertrude Coogan (1935) (John Titus, who works with Catherine Austin Fitts, Best Evidence youtube recommended):


Alfred Owen Crozier - US Money vs Corporate Currency book (John Titus recommendation):

https://archive.org/details/usmoneyvscorpor00crozgoog/page/n5/mode/2up (the author of this book is behind the cartoon/drawing of "the coming money trust"- go an image search)

Seven Financial Conspiracies which Have Enslaved the American People (written in late 1800s and dedicated to "the enslaved people of a dying republic")


(worth reading because it also demonstrates how the ruling elite would manipulate gold/silver)

And if you are interested in hidden history--listen to the start of this one--Col Fletcher Prouty was a WW2 cargo pilot who saw them setting up for the Korean and Vietnam Wars before WW2 was even over!! So he started questioning who gave that order and realized there is a behind-the-scenes power

The Real "Mr. X": Colonel Fletcher Prouty Interview by EIR


At this site, there are lots of quick articles on our hidden history of the criminal cabal:





On these wars being orchestrated, check out the license plate number on Archduke Franz Ferdinand's car: https://news.sky.com/story/a-ii-ii-18-franz-ferdinands-prophetic-number-plate-11551176 That shows you how much control they had back then--they only have more power and control now.

Tons of info on the NWO posted at https://www.plutocracycartel.net/ Scroll down for key excerpts from lots of books on the global takeover/plot against humanity.

Good luck spreading the truth!!

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Remember what they did to us before 1791

1781 General Washington, Congress or Senate never wrote a doctrine of Conquest or an American Treaty as the victor claiming all the spoils of war the American Patriots fought for.

1783 They surrendered to King George 3rd for how the war would end. King George created his Definitive Treaty of Peace aka Treaty of Paris claiming his spoils of war as capacities over the United States of America and telling the American people what's up with their boarders, where they could go fish and giving congress orders for what they shall do.

At this point the Americans/common man wasn't allowed to vote during the founding years, lost the right to choose their Rule of Law form that all 13 Colonies agreed to, lost the right to own their lands with free and clear title i.e., Allodial Title, and because the King was the Arch-treasurer of the United States of America they lost their choice of Banking, currency forms, and commerce practices.

1787 Article IV Section 4 of the USA Constitution was also breached... Not one State ever implemented a Republican form of government into their state constitutions. Never was the Republic defined in any document or it's Republican form for the State's government.

1789 All in congress and Senate knew what had just been done and what wasn't done as custom. the very First Act of congress/Senate was to change the title wording of the constitution just before General Washington was sworn into office as POTUS. The Constitution's preamble clearly states and in context what the title is, "this Constitution for the United States of America.".

The First Act - Oath has all repeating the words. "the constitution of the United States" and there is no document with that title to be found anywhere in law or at law. in basic contract law this is fraud when you change words and delete other from the original contract wording. Remember words have meaning and can describe intent. Was this a CYA Act for plausible deniability - I was doing as instructed??

And naturally this Reese Report knows what happened in 1791.

The first use of the Emergency and War Power Act was by George Washington in 1791. Washington used the Emergency Power portion of the Act. This was to enable Washington, at Hamilton’s insistence, to use an existing private bank, controlled by the Crown through its British Board of Trade, to become the first bank of the United States. Jefferson and two other men wrote constantly to Washington telling him that there was no such authority in the Constitution to create a bank. Neither Jefferson nor the other two men could sway Washington. Washington, using the Emergency Powers Act, went ahead and created the First Bank of the United States. Also, at this time he overlaid the states into "districts of the United States." He did this so that those state banks, who after the creation of the first Bank, were forced to contract with the First Bank in New York so they could continue to operate with United States money. Washington did this because the United States deposited all the money it collected into all the private banks in each of the states from before the Revolutionary war to the institution of the first Bank of the United States. The United States wanted to centralize all its accounts in this First Bank while allowing the hundreds of other banks scattered throughout all the states to continue to hold its money.

This is much like the corporate takeovers of today, where a large bank absorbs small banks that continue to operate as satellite banks with all the accounts having to clear through the parent bank. This then allowed the foreign British controlled bank to more easily collect and pay back the debt owed the Crown by the State and United States as was directed in Article VI of the United States Constitution.

The First Bank

The First Bank of the United States was not at all owned by the Congress but was privately controlled by the British Board of Trade stockholders. The Bank, if begun in France, would be called the First Bank of France. Do not let the terminology fool you into thinking that it was a Bank created by Congress. The ownership was foreign. The "foreigners," noted as Stockholders, were many Americans and therefore, foreigners to the international banking industry. Most of these foreign bankers came from England. Chief Justice John Marshal held the second highest shares in this bank. The documents I have, show that Marshall was considered a "foreign stockholder." He was foreign because the bank was a foreign concern operating within America. Marshall, being a United States citizen, was a foreign Stockholder.

The Tories were helpful in setting the stage for the inception of the Bank. The Tories were people controlled and working for the King. The King did not want the Rothschilds or the Lombards to take control of the first bank in the United States. The King wanted his bank of England to control the first bank. This setup went back to the Treaty of 1783 and emanated from that treaty and those created after that.

When will we tell the people as a collective the truth, whole truth and nothing but it and especially to our children.

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Thank you!

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Whoa!!! Thank you so much for posting. I'm coping and saving this. It's all starting to fit--I've been listening to a doctor who goes by the handle "KL" on crrow777 radio episode 256 and he says that the early US govt never paid down the debt to the international bankers for the Revolutionary War, and kept pushing things off to the future. He says that there have been other "resets" in the past, where reset simply means restructuring of the debt, at key historical times. Each time, the US govt could not pay off the debt, so they pushed it off into the future and had to put up more of the nation as collateral. I also recall seeing Dr Ron Pauls' brother (video clip on youtube) saying that the US went bankrupt in 1933 and we were put up as collateral.

This KL guy seems to say were are not operating under common law, where Constitutional Rights apply, but are under emergency war powers (hence the gold fringe on the flag). This is all new to me and I'm still researching.

Again, thank you for taking the time to post such an informative comment.

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Forgot to add, there's another substack, Shire Herald, that is posting on early history and how we got into this mess.

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We got into this mess because of General George Washington. He did not create and Doctrine of Conquest in 1781. At min the introduction to this document should have read that a Victorious nation (America) in war acquired Sovereignty over the conquered nation (British Crown) and could exert its own Legal and Political jurisdiction chosen by its Sovereign Residents. Instead, we got the King's dictate.

During that so called surrender of General Cornwallis is where he told us what would now happen to America and its people.


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Thank you so much for this information. I think when I was first waking up (2005) I heard about this book and tried to find it. And I recall hearing what Cornwallis said. I'll copy and save your info and share it, though sadly, most Americans are completely brainwashed and have no intellectual curiosity.

I recently stumbled upon the info below about America being set up so they could bring about their NWO--do you think this is true? Years ago, I used to listen to a radio show with Charlie Guiliani (Truth Hertz) and he seemed to think the American Revolution was a Masonic operation just like the French Revolution:


We were told by Alan Watt, a frequent guest on the Sweet Liberty broadcast (frequent because of his astute historical knowledge which took us far back into the past) that America was established to bring about the New World Order, and that when the 'work' is finished, America is slated for destruction.

Too much evidence has been discovered and is present today to allow us to reject that statement out of hand. However, as we know, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray".

(IMO, now that it is 2023, it looks like Alan Watt was right about America being set up for destruction)

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Yes, indeed the Sweet Liberty article is on point.

I believe to connect the dots of the powers that shouldn't be you also should look at the 1213 Secret Treaty of Verona. the Britts lost to the Pope. Then read the 1302 Unam Sanctam,

a document written by Pope Boniface VIII. The Pope claims to own everything including you. The words towards the end of this document you need to pay attention to are “every human creature” and “subject to the Roman Pontiff“.

Remember to note all the Satanic imagery at the Vatican it's in our face.

Also, the British knew the Jews religion was a false religion. They knew their religion was mostly borrowed/plagiarized from the Sumerian Tablets documented thousands of years before the Jews were a brain fart. Yes, this includes the Creation accounts, Eden, Adam, the Great Flood and Noah, plus much more. The human history and the documented accounts of Anu, Enki and Enlil plus, Gilgamesh

The 1783 King George 3rd Treaty was the creation of the Tri-powers. Note, the introduction stating In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity. and that would be the British Crown, Holy Roman Empire and the United States of America. Words mean everything, as the King claimed to be arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America. not bad for a guy we were told lost the war. https://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/paris.asp

We cannot debrief people of - George chopped down a cherry tree and could not tell a lie - Ben Franklin flew a kite in an electrical storm and said we have a Republic. People must research to debrief themselves.

Washington, Cornwallis, Franklin were Master Masons all taking the Blood Oath. Yes, there were other Masons and Illuminati folks as well. Note how they left their artwork, architect signatures all over Washington DC and on our dollar bill.

Yes, in our face if we choose to look at it for what it is. The language off Masons is in their symbols. They even rewarded Washington as POTUS and in his death they honored him as a god like figure on the ceiling of the Rotunda as the Apotheose.

The other old history that our school systems will not allow is to read is for one of the greatest losses we had other than our preferred banking system. Note; For the Rule of Law choice lost, I reference and old history book on The Common law for America as entitled 'Colonial Law, by Reinsch', he sums up what the Thirteen Colonies considered to be the final bases for all law in America or ever to be in America... "the colonies were so impressed with the idea of an overruling law of nature that the laws of God and so-called natural laws were regarded as the true laws, and all temporal legislation was considered to be binding only in so far as it was an expression of this natural law" Yes, back then there were some moral white hats. James Wilson, the foremost lawyer at the Constitutional Convention, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and a man who was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1789 and was well familiar with this legal principal stated above called Natural Law and stated, "Parliament may, unquestionably, be controlled by natural or revealed law, proceeding from divine authority". It seems the King and the King's men (Scottish Wright governors) overruled this with their man-made English Common Laws, law of the Sea, Maritime, and Admiralty Law.


When you share with others give them the receipts, so they don't say Sandra said this or that. you will also discover what their reading comprehension skills are. Should need any documentation for proofs just ask me.

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As always, Thank you Greg for reiterating what all America should already know...May our Heavenly Creator keep you under His Wing....We Need You!

In Solidarity & Freedom...

Alicia Lutz-Rolow

Heir to the Creator of All Things....

My Life...My Fortune & My Sacred Honor....

So Help Me God

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The people in the back thank you for yelling.

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I believe that Jesus is God for at least the following eleven reasons:

1. The Old Testament predicted that the Messiah would be God (Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 1:23).

2. Jesus claimed a heavenly preexistence (John 6:62; 8:23; 16:28; 17:50).

3. Jesus assumed divine authority:

* Over the Sabbath (Matthew 12:8; Mark 2:28; Luke 6:5).

* Over the forgiveness of sins (Mark 2:5–11).

* Over people’s eternal destinies (John 8:24; cf. Luke 12:8–9; John 5:22, 27–29).

4. Jesus exercised divine authority:

* Over demons (Mark 1:2–27; 3:11; 5:1–20).

* Over disease and death (Mark 1:29–31; 40–45; 5:25–43; 8:22-26; etc.).

* Over the natural world (Luke 5:1–11; 8:22–25; 9:10–17; etc.).

5. Jesus claimed ownership over that which belongs only to God:

* The kingdom of God (Matthew 13:41; 16:28; cf. Luke 1:33).

* The elect of God (Matthew 24:30–31).

* The angels of God (Matthew 13:41; 24:30–31).

6. Jesus claimed the right to receive worship and the ability to answer prayer (John 14:13–14; cf. Acts 7:59; 9:10–17; Revelation 1:17).

7. Jesus called Himself the Son of Man, a title with divine implications from the Old Testament (cf. Daniel 7:13–14).

8. Jesus also called Himself the Son of God, a title His opponents understood as a claim to deity (Matthew 27:43; John 5:18; 10:46; 19:7).

9. Jesus called Himself “I Am,” thereby applying the Old Testament name Yahweh to Himself (John 8:58; cf. cf. 6:51; 10:9, 11; 11:25; 14:6; 15:1).

10. Jesus claimed absolute unity with the Father, such that He could tell His disciples, “If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father” (John 14:9–10; cf. 10:30; 12:45).

11. The rest of the New Testament affirms that Jesus is God (John 1:1; Acts 20:28; Romans 9:5; 1 Corinthians 1:24; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Philippians 2:6; Colossians 1:15–16; 2:9; Titus 2:13; Hebrews 1:3, 8; 2 Peter 1:10; 1 John 5:20).

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Mar 24, 2023·edited Mar 24, 2023

Catherine Austin Fitts just nailed it on the HIGHWIRE, The Jaxen report went over every Bills dropped to impede The FED Surveillance Coin. A MUST WATCH:


BOOK: Eliminating the IMF: An Analysis of the Debate to Keep, Reform or Abolish the Fund


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The globalist Zionists-Illuminati who control the West have been working on their plan for 250-300 years, so they are forced to go through with it. In these two-three centuries they have created the United States of America, provoked and financed the French Revolution with which they decapitated the Catholic Monarchy, they financed the Napoleonic wars especially the one against Russia, they created and financed the Bolsheviks in the Revolution of 1917, they created and funded the German Nazism, they provoked the WWI and WWII, they created with the election of the Rosicrucian Roncalli/John XXIII in 1958, a counter-church at their total service, they created 9/11 false flag, etc.

They can never go back. They are literally forced, beyond any logic and common sense, to go to their own, probably ultimate, self-destruction.

The only thing they want to realize is make believe to the world that the responsible of the WWIII will eternally be Russia and its allies. But, at this point, also this hope is very difficult, almost impossible, because the most advanced means of communications the globalists themselves have created to control the people, paradoxically allow this same people to inform themselves more or less correctly. However, most of this people have not yet understood the huge stake and the Damocles sword that hangs over their heads.

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It is so simple. Say tomorrow, the congress pulled out the license to print dollars from the Rothschilds cabal and gave it to me. Immediately, I will be printing 24x7 mountains of cash? Immediately, I will be the richest man on earth. Immediately, I will buy the media, and the politicians. That simple.

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Great synopsis here.

I like the "gold backs" concept here. Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. has suggested that a gold backed crypto account could be used to allow you to deposit a small amount of gold into an account to draw from for exchange into any transaction that will accept fiat payments. (You don't want to put ALL your physical gold there, just enough to use as transfers) You can buy into gold held by the bank and or sell your gold there as well.


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Greg, JUST AWESOME! This is so beneficial and USEFUL to help us help others to.... WAKE UP!

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Private central banks are the enemy of liberty. America's National Banks were government banks which provided for liberty, peace, and prosperity for "the people" until Andrew Jackson destroyed the government bank for private banks. Andrew Jackson destroyed the best free government ever devised in the history of the world.

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Excellent report!!! 👍🏼🔥📢

It’s all about ‘The Jewish Central Banking Cartel ...’


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Thumbs up Greg. Your reporting is always spot-on.

Prepare for a step "outside" the system or be forever trapped in the dystopian "you will own nothing and eat ze bugs" future the globalist cabal has planned for the masses.

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