Just how diseased is this country’s 3 letter agencies, and the ruling “class” …..it’s horrific.

Feel like I’m living a nightmare knowing how demonic this all is.

More info on CIA’s operation and Marion Pettie…


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You are. We all who love God, our country and our families are living with the lost of a world gone mad.

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You don't understand. This is what the churches and the people that attend them have brought us by ignoring evil for the past 150 years or more.

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Wait Joe , where were you ?

Do you honestly believe “churches and the people that attend them “

are responsible for this evil??

Think of what the men (real men back then ) would have done to these perverts ! Quick Justice . A rope or a bullet .

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Easy for Joe to blame the church since he probably doesn’t go. We, the people, are all to blame. Silence is consent, right? And the churches being told to vote and not talk about politics isn’t there fault. It’s the preachers and the pastors who led their fold astray. Our forefathers would be so ashamed of US for letting evil take over. Even those who don’t go to church are to blame too. If they acknowledge evil then they should know that there is a God and they should of been seeking Him to deal with evil. Now is the time to get ready for The Lord Jesus Christ is returning soon. This world is falling apart because Satan knows his time is short. The Antichrist will soon be ushered in. Make sure your not here for that. The mark of the beast will be implemented and it’s gearing up because of the Federal Reserve and their FedNow system. Please seek Christ Jesus and be saved. No one knows the day nor hour but He said we would see the signs of this world falling apart and of His soon return. Get rapture ready and spread the good news that the Gospel of Christ is that God has forgiven us if we accept His Son’s sacrifice to cover our sins and be forgiven. You don’t want to be here when all evil breaks loose. Seek Him 🛐✝️💟

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Any more studiedly R in NorCal?

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Kimberly you are so delusional I don't know where to start.

You seem to believe that people are not responsible for the choices that they make.

And I can not imagine a greater delusion.

Of course I quit attending the brainwashing camps that you call Church.

These are places where people have no clue as to what a right or a wrong action are because unlike the case 200 years ago neither the pastor nor the flock have been educated in Natural Law. Yes Kimberly Natural Law was taught in seminaries 200 years ago.

I don't attend "Church" because I don't want ignorant people like you and R in NorCal to pollute my mind with your ignorant and backwards Satanic world view.

It's very sad that you don't even begin to realize the level of mind control that you are under. You support evil and call it good:

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

~Isaiah 5:20

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Woe to you son .

You’ve been hoodwinked. Some kind of personal experience with so called Christians ..something made you bitter .

Jesus Christ is the Truth .

He is waiting for you to turn around and take a real hard look at His Words .

He won’t stop calling .

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Me delusional? Ha, very far from it! You have no clue. BTW, what grade are you in?

I certainly do know people are responsible for their actions. That’s why I said even those who don’t go to church are to blame too.

Look around you. See the world falling apart? Ever wonder why? Their choices instead of seeking God and His will for their life.

Instead of quitting church why not pick up a Bible and study? It’ll do you far more good than not doing it at all. That’s what is called good.

No need to affirm natural law to me. I know it and not sure why you think I don’t. I never brought it up. Go back and reread what I did talk about.

It’s far from ignorant. Ignorant people have arrogance and pride to keep them blinded. I’m not blinded as the Holy Spirit has taught me and shown me what’s going to take place (which I talked about but you didn’t “hear” what was said). I have no interest in polluting your mind nor anyone else’s mind.

You sure don’t know me so don’t pretend to by coming on here and trying to attack me and the comment I made since you didn’t read exactly what I said about giving your life to Christ and be saved from the doom and gloom coming. And no, it’s not the Lord Jesus, not yet. Those who remain during the tribulation will have to face their consequences of staying and watching the Antichrist and his minions. If you study these things then you would know these things. God gives grace to the humble and for those who seek Him He imparts wisdom and understanding. Once you come face to face with transhumans and demons then your probably going to wish you would of given your life to Christ Jesus. You still can as you go through the tribulation. God is wanting people to repent and turn to Him for salvation so when you get the chance too then by all means do. Or you could do it now and start studying why the end of the OT ends with curses and the end of the NT ends with grace. It’s not too late to consider the consequences of your actions.

The only mind control I’m under is from the Bible and getting to know my God and all He’s done for me and all He continues to do for me and why He loves me so much. That’s a never ending love story for the God Who saved me and makes me His own.

Know what else Isaiah said? “Look unto me, and be ye saved!” Is. 45:22

Wouldn’t today be a good day to ask Him to save you? The longer you put it off the harder it will become. So please, “Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, In the day of trial in the wilderness.” That wilderness is your world and the rebellion is testing God. It’s not good to test Him so thank Him for being so patient and long us with you. He’s a loving God so love Him back for how good He’s been to you.

That concludes our conversation. I’m not much to argue but I felt you needed some correction since what you said had nothing to do with what I said. No need to argue.

I don’t do much of that. I’ve left grade school far behind me. Agree to disagree and let God sort the sheep from the goats. Have a blessed life and hope you make it. I’m praying that you will 🛐✝️💟

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That very quote from Isaiah relates to the "laws" being implemented all over the western world right now. Do you remember when abortion was illegal everywhere? Well now it is legal everywhere AND being promoted. Do you remember when sex outside marriage was considered wrong? That along with "same sex marriage" and all the other abominations being accepted as good while churches trying to preach the gospel against all this evil are being sidelined, condemned (including by you) and being limited in preaching because of so-called laws about "tolerance" (a tool fascist tyranny) preventing them from speaking the TRUTH. Look at the vile group mimicking religious life with their gross indecencies! JOE: YOU are the one who is DELUDED....

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And I really like your comment too. Author Margaret Stoat writes how the Inuit Indiand in AK dealt with psychopathic indians. They took them hunting and pushed them off the ice pack. Simple.

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You aren't kidding about that. I can look back over the 'unintentional creation and separated' part of my life, and it seems like everyone who hurt me in whatever way - was a devout churchgoer. By the time I understood the Law of Attraction, I had developed a 100% aversion to all things religious because I DO hold these churches responsible for allowing these people within their ranks.

The Reverent M. Scott Peck covers it in his book "People of the Lie." That book really helped me.

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As diseased as the people and the churches that have allowed it.

You don't know the half of it chris.

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Yes!! Please keep telling this truth. Why people want to ignore, claim it is a conspiracy theory, blame QAnon, and ignore what is in front of them and has been reported for years, is beyond me.

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we must learn to laugh off the “Conspiracy theory” accusations, because this attempt at FALSE mocking of inquiring minds, is a well known MIND war tactic DESIGNED by the CIA to discredit valid facts.

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Conspiracy Theory is in fact a term made up by the CIA in 1963 to quiet the doubters of the lone gunman theory in the murder of JFK. It was meant to paint them as whack jobs.

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Yes, you are correct Mark. And they continue to use this modis operandi because it works so well on the UNinquiring minds.

I also believe the Holy Spirit in those who believe and follow Jesus gives us discernment concerning bulldung they (satans gang) try present.

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I agree.

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Prove it . Research & prove it or don’t parrot a slanderous idea because

that’s so easy !

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The Clintons and their “charities” seem to associate with people often convicted of child trafficking (Epstein, Silsby, Joel Getz, and who knows how many more….

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Frank Guista, Canadian billionaire who owns mines and Lions Gate Films

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Just when you think you hit bottom, a shovel hits you in the head and you hear, "Keep digging, you ain't there yet." It's fuckin bottomless, like looking for the god particle - there's always something smaller needing a bigger collider.

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You guys should check out Probably Alexandra on this topic as well, very in depth research on this subject. Great work as usual Greg!

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she is AWESOmE!

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Love her. She woke me up.❤️

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CIA been trafficking children for years

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Good job, thank you. FBI agents are the 'watchers' in very big national labs doing real science, sometimes proprietary one, where nobody has access to, except for the private companies paying some fees to the by the taxpayers money runs labs, i.e. synchrotrons in particular. To my knowledge there was no CIA there, even though the name (central intelligence...) would suggest, they should be the ones to be there due to the 'intelligence' involved.. Yet it is the bureau of investigations which 'accompanies the science'.. So, despite of lot of the investigation going on every single computer there is SO MUCH FRAUD in the very science down there.... So what's the difference between FBI and CIA? One watches and the other acts? And then all these names, FB (face-book) for example, you add I to it, you get FBI... or take 911, you can call it, get some help, maybe, or you want to go back in history to learn about it, that's too 9-11, the same numbers, all coincidence??? For all these permutations of the 0-9 choices???? Changing names, overlapping names, numbers, all is there out to confuse, in my opinion. So stup... questions, sorry.

Oh, and it looks like, people who have children these days, have extremely difficult life, BUT, if they manage to raise great human beings, they are the happiest out there.

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scary to have to leave your kids in daycare because you work. also, parents who leave their kids in summer camps should probably re-think it. I’m sure lots of kids love camp and have a great time but i’m sure there are a few that don’t. if i were a pedo that’s where i would work. or disney. in Texas almost every summer camp is “Christian “ based. which i find fishy.

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“Christian" - - - "fishy" - - - hmmm? The Popes hat? How about Kenneth Copeland? Carl Lenz? Osteen? Paula White ( my fav - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzIym0eZsH0 )? No, none of them - it's Matthew 14:13-21, right? Or is it b/c there's a perv in every pew? Is that why they call it a pew? I'm just done with it - so done. Beam me up Scotty.

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Yep. Me too! I want off this rock!


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But we came here because love never gives up here. No matter how dark it is or becomes - love keeps trying.

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No, you’re right. I’m just frustrated and spouting off. Aside from our little group here, I have very few non-normie friends that I can talk to about all the craziness that’s happened and continues to happen in the world. Being wide awake can sometimes be a lonely existence. 😔

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Now you're right!!:))))))) I hear you!! The longer a person has been aware of reality, in the face of the millions who lack the intellectual courage, curiosity, and sometimes just plain old energy... the more endurance we've had to have...

And while we can't just give any normie those characteristics which we have in spades - there is always the hope that we can inspire them to find them from within. I meet folks like us a LOT more now than I did ten years ago... so that's hopeful. And you have us now too!! Big Hugs!!!

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You are starting to see the truth.

Christianity was co-opted and told to ignore evil for the past 150 years.

An evil co-opted church and people are the root cause of the evil we are witnessing.

De-Facto Satanism by Mark Passio | Convergence FUNL 2 Conference September 11th 2022


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The Masonic religion worships satan - they are Luciferians.

The lower level masons think they’re just joining a social and business club but as they climb up the ladder MORE is required of them in dark arts, and the 33rd masons are actively performing satanic rites…

Masons are the ones running most of our regulatory agencies…

God did warn us satan will be prince of this world for a season…why would we expect him NOT to go straight to the areas of extreme influence and power .

Pay attention to how the luciferians like to signal one another FREQUENTLY in their concerts, on television while representing “the people” (yeah right).

Watch for the “666 hand over right eye” signals , the triangle hands, hidden hand inside jacket over heart. Pay attention so you know NEVER to vote for that person again

This IS all about God, but as the Bible said the lost are blind…they don’t sense the spiritual darkness .

If you don’t know Jesus, know Him before He arrives.

Don’t allow satan to ROB you of your eternal life in heaven.

He is a LIAR and a THIEF and we see many imitating him here on earth.

Acts 16:30-31

“Whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”


“that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus,

and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead,

you WILL be SAVED.”🙌

This is a promise! God does not lie.

This is not about “religion” - this is about RELATIONSHIP with the CREATOR of your SOUL and of heaven and earth.

Just think - the Big Bang takes more faith to believe.

No, Your Creator Yahweh, God, The Great I AM,

HE created the UNIVERSE - His Son is the ONLY bridge to Him.

Please just talk to Him today.

This world is about to get darker, and without Him you will be beat up badly by the enemy and have no real wisdom to take action.

May God bless you and your families with all you need friends.🫶🏻💓🇺🇸

For more information - https://www.gotquestions.org/steps-to-salvation.html

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Whoa Chris! Good job!!

I’m a Believer too and you took the time to spell out The Truth . I commend you . We need to expose the darkness & encourage each other to call out Satanic B.S.

Thank you my Brother .

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We just need to Abide in Him, and love others.

God bless and protect you. (PS I’m a biological woman , and not afraid to say it!😆)

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NO Joe, Wrong thinking .

You have been deceived yourself.

The entire narrative of that vid is a miasma of lies ..

The man himself Passio is STILL a Satanist . (Yes-duh)

Why not ?

My hope is that you will be honest with yourself and look at Jesus Himself .. WHO HE IS

It’s all in The Gospel of John .

I wish you well .

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Only the illuminati can get away with these type of satanic operations … by illuminati i’m referring to the ‘Satanic Criminal Banking Global Cartel’ …

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You are right in seeing the dark occult control.

It's a lot bigger than the "Illuminati".

Here is a book for you:

The Conspirators' Hierarchy The Committee of 300 - Dr John Coleman.pdf


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Some of these trafficked individuals end up in places like Wuhan, CERN. and soon public Tesla!

They especially love using "TWIN" children as experimental research Guinea pigs inside labs all over the world!

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Found this as the perfect example of what is hidden for decades. Military NDA's

They mention Project Paperclip!

Nazi scientists!

Dr Delirium Edgewood experiments.


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Don't sit on your ass.... ACT and do it soon!

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Prayer can battle the spiritual realm. Those of us who are prayer WARRIORS know there is TREMENDOUS power in it.

But Joe, I also believe in taking actions in the physical too like trying to share with others Truth, and contacting local authorities to educate lazy lower level politicians of the effects of their vote for THEMSELVES in the near future. Because when marxists take over they usually eliminate middle managers….and they do it against the wall. Just look at the Spanish history.

They need to be informed that the world these totalitarians have in mind is the one from the book 1984 along with BRAVE NEW WORLD by Huxley.

THAT is their BLUEPRINT. Truly it is. Read those books and you will see ALL they are doing with SURVEILLANCE and CBDC’s in to control EVERYTHING you OWN and DO . Including when you will be PERMITTED to travel anywhere outside of 15 minute cities they are presently designing.

We can influence outcomes both in the spiritual and physical on earth .

End days WILL come, but I’m not wishing them on earlier than God’s timing.

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Gavin Nuisance Governor of Commiefornia is going to fine a school board $1.5 MILLION because they rejected honoring a person who was a pedophile by rejecting a book the pedo was promoted within!

This is morally where the leadership in blue states is - the compass is spinning BACKWARDS.

Along with the threat, he blasted board members as "extremist[s]" for holding the line.

Protecting children from sexual abuse and exposure to INAPPROPRIATE materials is now ILLEGAL it seems -

the message here is the risk, IF YOU DARE to do the right thing , even with a legitimate vote,

You will be PUNISHED in blue states .

I hope parents wake up and withdraw their children from public school before they are damaged beyond repair.


2013 article - who WAS HARVEY MILK. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/harvey-milk-stamp-matt-barber_n_4117311

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I am in total agreement , Chris !

Thanks for your powerful stance .


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And I’m a Californian disgusted by Newsome and Whitmer who is ruining my home state Michigan .

Ship of Fools

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I agree 100%. Kid's need to get out of these schools. They don't have another 30 years to un-do the damage and sort out the lies.

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The twins aspect is interesting makes me think of the girls from the shining. Also twin towers

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lookinto elvis pressley and his twinn! OMY the rabbit hole is an underground river!

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This is certainly a time of mass vindication for conspiracy theorists (me for sure and fucking proud of it).

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Jesus wept.

John 11:35

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That was not very useful.

Sounds like something that the world controllers have programmed into Christians.

They use emotional mind control to keep you from acting.

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Sounds like you don’t understand ,Joe, that Church you speak of , was/ is made up of people like you . Don’t be so quick to judge . Don’t just swallow what you’ve gotten from YouTube as truth .

Because Passio is selling a clever lie .

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BSD ' honk honk honk ' thank you truckers - honk honk honk ' may you ask Alex Jones to play the following @ www.infowars.com/show ' Happy sovereign day between god and yourself ' https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dJaavhdD5mc

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Between taxation and money-printing, government commands theoretically infinite resources. Its agencies can do what they want. The problem is not bad government. The problem is any government.

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You probably already know about Etienne de la Boetie (Howard Lichtman) and the Art of Liberty and the Free State Project in NH.

I am going to start or help a Free State Project in NC;))))))))

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What if you just try a rural county for starters? Or are you ready to go for the full state?

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It's got to be the whole state. I have to really study the NH Free State Project a lot more - but I did watch a documentary on it and I read what comes across from Art of Liberty.

Not everyone in NH is thrilled. There are a lot of people in NH who hate it and believe a lot of things about it that don't sound quite right... but they still oppose it.

NC is weird. The hog producers control the Republicans. They just passed the most ridiculous environmental legislation I've ever seen - all to benefit the hog producers. The Democrats are mostly in the cities. The legislators don't know much, so I work on their general understanding of what is really going on... For example, they just banned CBDC for the government only... so that pretty much sums up the level of their comprehension.

But there are plenty of taxpayers here who are ready to act constructively. They just need the right direction to go that fits their skill set and passion. I'm attending Pat Wood's LocalActivist.org training to improve my ability to create OTHER trainers - all of whom are focused on establishing local groups to address specific issues.

Cross your toes!!:)))))))))

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I love it! Keep decentralizing and building as many private parallel structures as is possible. I would love to hear updates on your progress. Please keep in touch! (Are you a subscriber of mine yet?)

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I will keep your Substack channel link!! I am over 30 inbound e-sources so I have to cool my jets on subscribing until I get through a bunch of stuff - but I will keep you informed. I've been working on an octopus plan for 10 years so there's a lot yet to do...:)))))))))))))))

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Love the dedication! You are in the arena, getting it done, which, coincidentally, pertains to a short piece I just started writing this morning.

Keep in touch!

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