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Former Israeli intel officer, now normal civilian says the Hamas thing stinks of planned op. Kind of like Operation Northwoods, or 911. Perfect excuse to expand and ethnically cleans.. https://t.me/jermwarfare/19242

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I heard a woman who lives in Tel Aviv yesterday morning on my Saturday morning podcast I listen to weekly. She said they completely opened up a section of the “secure wall” and allowed 300 Hamas soldiers right in at the Gaza Strip . . . There was no alarm sounded where a cat crossing into the zone would set it off. The previous week, the IDF moved troops from Gaza to another post.

It all smacks of an orchestrated operation by Israel to start the war.

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Prophesy Christian😁... the entire New Testament speaks about what’s to come. The Bible is a Book of Prognostications and God is still speaking and revealing. and NO ONE can refute the Bible isn’t true and that Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelations is not unfolding in real-time. I ain’t being played but I will play my part of the already written script. This is why you need the HOLY SPIRIT dwelling within can’t be DUPED instead PREPARED (always ready) and knowing that there is NO FORCE in this World greater than TRUTH and GOD’S POWER! So miss me with the TAKEOVER that won’t happen until the SPIRIT Of TRUTH which is RESTRAINER has been taken away... so that would be those who possess the Holy Spirit too. Every knee shall BOW and every TONGUE CONFESS that JESUS (YESUA) Is LORD OVER ALL. God is LOVE ❤️ that is supernatural love it’s not common or regular. And because God Loves his own WATCH HIS VINDICATION, JUDGEMENT (both righteous and wrath) and SEE HIS JUSTICE ITS HERE.

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I’m only in 5 minutes and just had to say Greg ❤️ THANK YOU for the banjo bit.. I LOVED it and am going to look into banjo lessons that was awesome I just wish you had treated us with a whole song!!! Anyway…. On to the rest of it now……….

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Eustace Mullins speaking on the “ZI” in Nazi means Zionists


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what I think about this so-called “holy war” I think it was all a purposeful manipulation by the usual global scumbags, because worldwide Muslims blacks whites Christians, Jews are ALL united protesting together (esp in Canada!) against the SOGI agenda (sexual orientation and gender identity,) LGBTQFU2 alphabet soup trans mafia. They do not want to see us united it’s their worst fears) and we were and we ARE united against the SOGI attack on our children …so better do something that’s going to divide everybody again and cause a massive distraction. The Zionists hate the real Jews so why not target them

The globalist fears against a united people were being realized and ……..BOOM this happens

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Sorry I’m still stuck on the banjo! Is yours a Bluegrass or Clawhammer banjo Greg?

PS You explained everything so beautifully, I think maybe you should start a new podcast

banjo lessons with Greg Reese ❤️

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Swearing off the comment section at the "end of the world" isn't going to work for this dying ego, so here it goes:

I'm in absolute agreement with Greg on the "it's the Jews" - b/c it's no different than seeing today's urban looting and blaming all dark skinned people. Expand your thinking and recognized everyone on both sides of color and religious identity paradigm are victims of the set up.

If you understood Dr. Shiva's explanation how 10,000 people control 8-billion - it's child's play for them. They don't care who gets consumed in wars, it's NOT going to be any of them.

It's truly sickening to see people cheering on the death and destruction taking place. Really? Is that where your spirit is? Is that what you want to take away from this life, the "Them Jews are getting theirs now!" - ? WTFU!

Just extend the conclusion of Henry Beston's infamous quote on animals to humanity and dilate the myopia of any prejudicial stance: ".....they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.”

If that doesn't work, just extend the influences of your position into the influences of theirs in the creation of opposing forces.

Imagine you're born as one of them and you have your parents put Deuteronomy 7 under your nose that you are one of God's chosen, not the heathens, but ONLY them. Then you're influenced by Talmudic doctrine which teaches that anyone not a Jew is an animal and when the "messiah" returns each Jew will own 2800 of us non-Jews. Think about the psychological impact of that and the numbers that believe it to this day. Do you not see that as being a victim of a myopic ideology? Hopefully you do, b/c it's no different from being conscripted into the military, having your head shaved, be given a uniform and a gun then instructed to get on a boat or plane to be transported to a foreign land to kill people you never met. Same exact thing.

You're trapped in a system designed to mold your mind and consume every waking moment. The "sleep" cycle is taken care of by repeating the archetypes of the day, or life, you've lived; and those 10,000 people know it. They know you better than you know yourself and now every thing you think say and do is logged and predicted b/c it's captured in data banks they own. They own you, and they double down on your cheering or railing against: Jews, Blacks, Catholics, Hindus, Protestants, Atheists, WEF members, the image on the TV screen et al etc.

All of you waiting for Jesus are FUCKED. They invented him. Who the fuck do you think wrote the bible? God? WTFU! You know nothing about the pivot of history that took place across two successive monarchies, from Elizabeth I to James I, her tutor John Dee, his associated Edward Kelly, her (alleged) bastard son Sir Francis Bacon, also tutored by Dee; and how James I, [[[Bacon was to James I as Dee was to Liz I - Bacon was James I editor of the KJV - he was also Shakespeare - Dee was a master cryptographer - as Bacon's tutor do you think he taught him a thing or two about coding and codex - get a KJV open it to the 46th Psalm, count 46 words in from the beginning and 46 words in from the end - coincidence, eh?]]] the guy who wrote the book on demonology, "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live," which literally torched off the persecution of witches, AND THEN he commissioned the KJV - the single greatest stroke of evil genius loosed upon an ignorant, necscient, gullible, low I.Q., malleable, lead to the slaughter and to slaughter eachother, group of humans that breed out of control known as us; the now 8-billion.

James I knew, they knew, exactly what they were doing to get the breeding out of control groundings into compliance with the State via it's allegiance with the Church through FEAR. "Oh but it says in 2 Peter 1:21 that the men who wrote it were guided by the holy spirit." Ugh, in logic it's called self referential, that's a hard concept - but do loops - nope - they don't work - unless you're stupid - and the 10,000 know you are and they count on it and your stupidity.

Those 10,000 people are NOT stupid like us. They are WICKED intelligent; and call me wacko, IDGAF b/c I've studied it in depth, they, the 10,000 ANSWER to, take instruction from and worship: demons, aliens, lizard people - whatever - they all hate us and use us no differently than the copper top from Neo's Matrix.

And now - the planned 3rd World War, exactly like the first two and every war that's ever been, has it's cheering sections. Great. Go ahead, hate me - Love, Tom

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There’s only one correct side God’s side!

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I read all about Albert pike and the Illuminati 30 years ago and would tell people all there plans and it all lines up with Prophecy

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The big surprise is they waited this long….

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Love is an action word for sure! With that being said, my problem is loving with expectations. It always leads to my feelings being hurt. Gotta make sure I'm putting it out there free of getting anything in return.

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1871 Albert Pike's book

The Illuminati and there plans for the world,they all worship Lucifer the Fallen Angel

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They look at us as useless eaters ,the Great Culling Builaburger Group and Trump use to go to those meetings,he is used just like every leader ,they are Chosen and Read Revelation 2:8-9

Jews that call them selfs Jews but they are not they are the syn of Satan

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Wars and Rumors of Wars, Revised Video Link Below

Morning Greg,

After high school my brother would practice his guitar all day. It is too quiet when there is no music in the home. We would go see other musician friends, and let a friend set up his drum set in our garage because he couldn't play it where he lived. We would go to concerts often. I could listen to you play and practice all day. What was that song today? Be sure to wear those picks on your fingers for those hard steel strings.

*Has anyone read the older UN original plan was to relocate the Jews over to British ruled Uganda? Rather than upset those people, someone else suggested they move back to Israel, which historically was their original homeland before they were invaded and marched out. When all other ethnicities dwelling in Israel left for that very purpose, it was understood that land belonged to all the tribes of Israel; portioned to each by the LORD. What motivated those others to stay? Was it greed or atheism? Not similar but the Turks burned out Smyrna/Izmir, (a few times), and by the 1920s Izmir was a massive industrial hub; most recent occurrence committed genocide of the Armenians and Greeks and this would never have happened if Greece got their land back after the Turks moved out. Many lost their island properties nearby, and even their homes in Izmir on the mainland when the citizens that were "allowed to leave" having chosen to get on the British ships were moved to mainland Greece. After that one of my parents was a WW2 survivor in Europe. My question is where can grand kids learn how to make a claim for property and reparations?

**The cousins or stock of Abraham were not from Ur but Greece as they were always indigenous to Greece but highly migratory. The Bible elucidates often, “…to the Jew first, then the Greek…” that those of Hebrew stock are a priority...the seed of Abraham who believed and trusted in the LORD with every fiber of his being...was prevented from sacrificing his son...GOD knew before that hour that HE would make a blood sacrifice later to save us all...through O LOGOS Christ Almighty...this is a very special relationship and others should strive to know GOD on the same level; GOD graced Israel because of HIS love for Abraham; plus some Arab nation(s) born of Sarah's maidservant have their inheritance of wealth, and they would never want for anything, no one is disputing their ancient homeland. Why does such an obstacle exist in the minds of some for the Israelis to live in their freehold land that was portioned to each tribe by GOD Almighty?

***The New Testament was written by the Apostles in Greek. They were journaling in real time. During the time of Christ in Israel they were speaking Jewish, Greek, Italian, and Arabic. Yet Greek is especially specific for terminology.

****The first Holy Bible was published in German in 1455 on the Gutenberg press. Of course, other language translations followed. The Order of the Rosicrucians began in 1313 using an amalgamation of gnostic sect writings, and some biblical passages, and pagan writings stemming back to the BC era to identify who they were and what they believed. The King James version was published in 1611 Retrieved from: https://www.bl.uk/collection-items/king-james-bible An Internet search shows that around this time many editors were involved. I have read that the English version needs to go back to the original texts to correct translation issues.

*****US Military injecting poison into the air:


******A British source for great clarity on interpreting and understanding Revelation, and who the beast is: https://www.youtube.com/@SureWordProphecy/videos

The Beast The Dragon and the Woman; Rise of the Little Horn; All Roads Lead to Rome parts 1-2-3 and all build up together and mentions the pope and the Vatican; End Time Deceptions is noteworthy as they also rounded up numerous photos of ELABORATE crop circles to explain their take on those.

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