Thank goodness Dr Shiva does not stand a raindrop's chance in hell of getting in the White House. He lies far too easily and does it so rapidly that the audience is mesmerised and unable to notice what he omits. His 'swarm' are the servants, not the controllers!!


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Oct 7, 2023Liked by Greg Reese

Whole new crop of commenters on The Reese Report substack, and they're all piling on Shiva. Weird.

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No matter how Dr. Shiva wants to twist our Constitution to attempt to prove he is eligible to run for President he is sadly very wrong. The Constitution is NOT A LIVING DOCUMENT as he has stated and there are no laws every passed that change the requirement of being a natural born citizen in order to be President or VP. He was BORN in INDIA to both parents who were citizens of India. He is a naturalized citizen but he is NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and therefore is not eligible to run or be elected. Same goes for Vivek Ramaswamy, Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley. The latter 3 were born here but there parents were foreigners and not US citizens at the time of their birth. In the days of our founders when this requirement was entered into the Constitution it was well known that NBC was transferred from FATHER to children. The citizenship of the FATHER is the NBC of the child. End of argument. Do some dang research and stop bastardizing our Constitution to fit the agenda that started with Barack Obama. Remember when they raked John McCain over the coals because he was born on an American military base in Panama to TWO American parents......they said he was not a NBC. Funny how they try to apply NBC when it is a Republican but totally ignore the requirement when the candidate is a Democrat. Believe me if they thought for one second that Shiva or Ramaswamy (I believe he is one of them not a real Republican) had a chance of winning they would be all over them too. Because Obama got away with it does not change the Constitution.

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LOVE Dr Shiva's concise explanation of HOW the Controllers control!

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Dr. Shiva is very intelligent and accomplished BUT he has a deep-seated pathological vendetta against RFK Jr.--mentioned at 5:45 minutes into this video. He called the Kennedy's a 'completely bogus family'. He is unbalanced and would make a terrible leader. This link was written by RFK Jr a few years ago because the defamation by Dr. Shiva was so egregious. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/critical-questions-for-dr-shiva-about-his-attempts-to-splinter-the-health-freedom-movement/

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This is a well laid schematic of how the ruling class operates in less than 15 minutes.

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I hope someone can see what is going on here. Dr Shiva and nearly everyone blames "evil" people who take their money for giving out vaccines etc. But that is not the problem. Never does he nor anyone else, "blame" the actual people who decide to take the vaccines. Why do they take them? Because they "believe" they prevent disease. But have they researched what's in them? Not even do they research before forcing them onto their children. So little due diligence on the part of the individual. And yet nobody blames them. Why is this? Why is the person themselves not blamed but the people giving the orders are blamed? Could it be because people still have a mindset of being babysat by government? That they consent to being governed and thus subject to anything the government says? Isn't that a bit like cattle?

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I'll repost what I wrote on another Substack about this guy. You can make up your own mind.

I followed this guy for a while after the plandemic began. He was saying things most did not dare talk about about--the plandemic orchestration by the global cabal and not a legit health emergency (only an emergency because the elites were trying to fleece the public as fast as possible.) But this got all mixed up in his insistence he'd invented the internet but had been cheated out of credit for it (and was extremely sore about it even though there wasn't overwhelming evidence his claim was 100% valid). I read about his lawsuit against Gawker in 2017 for slander that spelled collapse for the website. It bled into his campaign for senator where he painted himself as the only candidate a sane person would elect--everyone else were shills and idiots--and it suddenly occurred to me that he was opportunist with a martyr complex who blew his own horn as often as possible and called everyone who was not him a scumbag or shill or asshole. (When he lost the race he ranted that he'd been cheated, that the election had been stolen.) He's very smart, but he spends an inordinate amount of time whining about how he's been maligned and cheated and screwed by those with better connections or whiter skin. I'm not saying there isn't merit to his complaints, but spending 95% of your energy tearing others down while shamelessly building yourself up is a big turn off, imho. Here's some reader comment from the first attached piece:

"Oh WTF you guys at Ars [Tecnica] actually granted this guy an interview and listened to him rant for hours? I presume you only did this as part of a settlement against a lawsuit and to prevent further legal action. Ultimately this story is a tragedy, but not the one that may be obvious. Here is the nut graf: “I''m the low-caste, dark-skinned, Indian, who DID invent #email,'” wrote Ayyadurai. “'Not Raytheon, who profits for war & death. Their mascot Tomlinson dies a liar.'”

This is a tragic story of the devastating impact of the Indian caste system, and how it distorts peoples' self-perceptions. Ayyadurai destroyed his own modest legacy of minor achievements, and became a fraud, liar, and charlatan in an attempt to prove that even a "low-caste, dark-skinned Indian" could become a brahmin. Ayyadurai conflates his fight for public recognition with his internal fight over his identity. This obviously has driven him over the edge into madness."

..."his actual work was pretty impressive, especially given his age; but the refusal to accept that history sometimes gets made by people who start earlier is deep into nutcase territory. Especially when combined with the tortured logic-chopping, appeals to irrelevant legal authority, and a fun conspiracy theory it really goes into back-away-slowly territory. (Plus, selling stuff with Deepak Chopra? SRSLY?)... Ultimately...someone who apparently has talent; but would rather devote himself to the chip on his shoulder, axe grinding; and self-serving hagiography. A waste, and self-inflicted."

"Suffering under an unjust system doesn't make you a martyr. The more likely outcome is that you become an asshole."



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As pointed out in the interview, it's about a bottoms-up movement, not Dr. Shiva.

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Please people grow up. It’s a big club and we aren’t in it.

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I disagree with respect to Dr. Shiva's discrediting of RFK Jr.

He disparagingly refers to him as Booby several times.

He says that his entire family is involved in big Pharma.

He declines to mention that his entire family is against him because of his outspoken position on vaccines.

This is a lie of omission, and Shiva consciously embraces this lie to discredit Kennedy.

He declines to mention that Kennedy founded Children's Health Defense which is all about educating people as to the toxicity and danger of vaccines. Kennedy knows that vaccines aren't safe and also knows that big Pharma has enough money to destroy anyone by tying them up in court for years. So he says he is for "safe vaccines" knowing that in order to prove them safe they will have to be tested against all other vaccines, with placebos (that are not other toxic vaccines line the meningitis jab that has been used as a placebo) to prove that one is not adding to the toxicity of the other. This is a smart move on Kennedy's part as he is fully vaxxed, apart from the covid toxin, as are his kids.

Kennedy is also pro nuclear only if nuclear can be proven safe. He knows that won't ever happen as no insurance company will insure any nuclear reactor. The liability is all on the state. So rather than say he's "anti nuclear" and incur the wrath of the nuclear industry, an industry which has silenced all of the evidence proving that the Fukushima meltdowns have destroyed the marine life along the west coast (starfish, abalone, urchins etc), he says he for "safe nuclear."

This is the same tightrope he walks with vaccines, knowing that the media receives 70-80% of its ad revenue from big Pharma and will crucify him if he takes an antivax position.

Kennedy has also stated that he wants to return liability to the vaccine makers, thereby nullifying the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that removed liability from vaccine makers.

Shiva is a lying quack and I'm hoping that as smart and informed as Greg is, the doesn't fall for this bulls___ artist. Shiva is one fast talker who lies like a fascist running dog. Avoid supporting this con artist like the plague.

Thank you Frances Leader, Karen Bracken and others who can see through this con!

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Did he begin by comparing the House of Rothschild with aliens? If aliens position themselves by passing their ill gotten gains around, then yes, they're comparable. What keeps the swarm together? "Follow the money" aren't just pretty words. They try to confuse the issue; it's all about the money. We will never control our own government until we control our own financial system. How do you shut down any terrorist organization? You cut off the money supply. It's not that difficult. Money.

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Judging by some of the comments, Dr. Shiva struck a nerve!! He DOES speak the truth......MOST do NOT like TRUTH.....CONTRARY to what the fuck they SAY! These individuals are STILL NOT AWAKE! (aka Zombies) If Dr. Shiva said something negative about 'your guy', and you had A REACTION to it......ya just might be brain-washed (aka Zombie)! lol

If 'your guy' supports 'Israel', that's a RED FLAG, right there!! Israel is NOT a 'Jewish State'; it IS KHAZARIAN. Ask yourself THIS question: WHY is Israel SUPPORTING the UKRAINIAN NAZIS (aka KHAZARIANS)?? The ANSWER is RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.....and YOU CHOOSE NOT to SEE it. ANSWER: Because Israel is ALSO KHAZARIAN (aka NAZIS; Khazarians are NOT JEWISH!). Khazarians were dubbed, 'NAME STEALERS', by REAL Jews, several 1,000's of years ago.

One more thing (about 'Division'/Keeping us divided)......Communism/NAZISM (aka Socialism)/Marxism/Fascism......are ALL just TOOLS. TOOLS to get us to TECHNOCRACY (formally known as EUGENICS). Your Masters are TECHNOCRATS (EUGENICISTS). PERIOD!

(Special shout out to the EVIL Elon Musk Cult members......your Master, EVIL Elon, IS a EUGENICIST! *wakie* *wakie*)

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You obviously have never looked at Children's Health Defense Proberta. Spend a few hours watching the videos on that website, the organization which RFK Jr started after spending years cleaning up toxic waterways with his Waterkeeper's Alliance.

Everything on the CHD website is an arrow through the heart of big Pharma. You are sadly misinformed. So because you're uneducated as to what CHD has done to disclose the toxins promoted by big pharma you'll slander him because it doesn't fit your uninformed opinion.

Show me a single example of RFK Jr protecting big Pharma. One will do. You can't, because you're only repeating something you read or heard somewhere, by someone as uninformed as you are.

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BRAVO!! Outstanding nice, big chunk of useful intel from a very deep mind. Powerful. Get him back on alot Greg. As is my stance as a warrior I try to be certain what I am about to say is not better left unsaid and it contributes. Share this video with everyone !!, a true gem of intel that is a map of the operational states of our foes. Brilliant guys, just brilliant work Greg. Thank you, K

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