It's a great series to share with you family and schools/libraries. It's so worth the $100 or so to buy the whole set. It's not conspiracy but TRUTH!

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Oct 9, 2023Liked by Greg Reese

New subscriber here, Greg. Thanks for doing this podcast and all the rest. I'm looking forward to your work in the future as well!

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Greg, will you be touching on COLD DEW technology anytime soon?

You've covered the HOT DEW's, voice of God technologies, so why not discuss the work of the most censored 9/11 scientist, Dr Judy Wood?

This is a great book, that demolished the controlled demo, thermite and stupid nuke theories.

It's a 500 page textbook discussing irrefutable evidence: https://www.wheredidthetowersgo.com/

9/11 - It's Irrefutable - The intro video YouTube does not want you to see: https://911revision.substack.com/p/irrefutable-episode-0

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Let the kids have fun. I always buy from kid's lemonade stand. I enjoy talking to kids. Screw Byedan's "fake" police. Go arrest the Anti-fa mily black masked store rioters.

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Distrusting authorities and all widely accepted narratives is a way to have independent thinking.

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Excellent interview... Have been introducing them to my grandson last 5 years.

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Greg you have NO idea how perfect your timing is telling us about these books!! Thank you!! The book Lemonade Stand was just ordered!! My (smart little cookie of a granddaughter at almost 3) ..the other day looked up in the sky as a plane was leaving a chemtrail and she frowned and said I “what is that plane doing…I don’t like that very much!!” She’s definitely ready for this book!!

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I often give advice to any of the younger generations who will listen. In my many years on earth, this philosophy has served me well….


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Mr. Greg and Mr. Conner are both great American heroes. Many bows and hats off to the both of you. What a great program and ingenious idea of how to reach the masses! This has given me hope for the preservation of the US and the Constitution. Hopefully, the Libertas books will create many more heroes.

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Great interview, Greg!

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The Tuttle Twin books are more historic than conspiratorial.

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This is JJ

\He's Ok K

Back to you soon

Date: On Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 at 1:23 AM

Subject: Re: Dr Dalgleish on DR. John Campbell today

To: Jay j Couey <j.j.couey@gigaohmconsulting.com>

Here's a short with Dr. John Campbell that mirrors our concern for the narritive shaping - https://youtube.com/shorts/FE4c1laSYLk?si=AgoftFh9Afri-t5p

noteworthy is the retrospective factors the gent was at odds with.

The players have no means of an off ramp even if they wanted one.

To quote Tropic THunder, well.. no need.

The edging towards something less dire in the 1st principle implications is natural.

It is expected and indeed, long assumed.

I don't know how old you were when you first saw THX 1138. but I was pretty late to the party. January 2015 @ 48 yrs of age.

That was signifigant for me to realize his first film was something far beyond other scifi rivals at the time... Logan's Run and the idea of Carosel being beliveable at the time, within context, at 12 or so, that struck me as untenable. Absurd even.

George Lucas knew his target audience. Star Wars. Meh.

In many ways, I view the jabbed as largely vouched for. Their belief systems unlikely to change anytime soon, the market share they represent, clearly already spoken for.

Like Monsanto tomatoes, if their DNA has undergone changes for which causality is determined to be mRNA injections, from X or Y , the supreme court long ago, already having ruled about the only exception for which a patent can be isssued on the subject of life, like the chnge in the tomato, irrespective of wheter it is indeed resisitant to Round Up, that seed might blow onto an adjacent field. Those, precedents, long established also.

Own nothing, be happy, and btw, inelligible from ever assuming the power of attorney for a loved one, or legally able to register property.

Discovered this earlier today on Telegram


This is bigger than biology brother.

Is IT ready for the data deluge?

The 2008 Google talk that I would see in Feb 2020 left me inspired. The nuanced approach this scientist waltzed with at the time, but left largely unspoken?

Nothing for the reductionist or the box.

Too large for any of that,


Junk DNA .. like one sock less a pair, and the match, out there somewhere..the stranger sharing the open fire, new freinds meet with a shared desire.. maybe build a bridge.. your tribe and his.. nomads we all, meet at these falls...and the water is moving to fast.

When we discover in the other, the skill sets that are needed, cooperatively they set out to get the job deeded, ahh,, invisibly, quietly, autonomically, across frequencies, matching socks inately fuse, inform, an aquired immunity? Battles I've won, and wars you've fought in some far flung community.. we've got a bridge that needs building.

No time to waste, across this river. we both know, whatever we find, tis a shared opportunity.

Just a thoughts.. base pairs - the strand when seen from above straight down, tis a fractal antennae They were'nt invented until 1989. What else happened in that peculiar time?

Ever had dreams, and/or wide awake visions?

Can you imagine being robbed of all intuition?

Free will, if it doesn't exist, I geuss we'd just give it up freely.

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I’ve been trying to send this awesome interview to telegram all day and it won’t send!???? Any ideas?

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Greg & Connor Boyack,

Interesting Histories Discussed.

& Hopeful Looking Forward(s).

(Perhaps you should contact Home Schooling Organizations to introduce your text, for their Family's Education).

(You are correct, if the parents Teach, they will learn too. If not already informed).

Best Wishes Both !!

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