Greg you nailed it 100% accurate. Great job 🙏👏👏👏

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Good one Greese.

Let's keep in mind though Wigington's report that all nations are involved in weather weapons to provide plausible deniability as to who is really behind these episodes as according to Dane in order for these weapons to be utilized across the planet it's imperative all nations agree to carry the ball otherwise it would be obvious if one nation only waged these weapons against their own. The fact that the local Lahaina gov't played a part with FEMA placing barricade locations a day before the fire points to more than the CCP if the satellite angle has merit. And then Winfrey and Johnson had their segment so it's obvious this catastrophe was orchestrated at many levels. What timing to be able to get busy schedules such as theirs to home in on what happened at Maui in tandem. Looks scripted to say the least.

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A fixed belief is whatever you consider to be absolute truth. And even though we are living through a time of lies within lies, several people seem to be clinging desperately to their own fixed beliefs. I find this to be a mystery. Personally, I make it a rule to keep an open mind and 99.9% of my beliefs are very flexible. The reason for this is because I am aware that I have been deceived and so I know that it can happen again. And I know that fixed beliefs blind us from contradictory information even if that information is accurate. What value do you find in holding rigid fixed beliefs?

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Piss off the NWO enough and you might suffer a property fire that ignites spontaneously and incinerates every single thing instantly. I'm sure I'm on their list. Guess I will start looking for blue shingles.

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Notice how the island is shaped like the upper torso and head of a human - Also, take note of where the fires are located in the silhouette: In the area of the heart and the pineal gland (third eye). Just an observation.

Creator, bless us all!

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Greg Reese: You are at the top of your game!

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The blue thing is asinine. Does anyone believe that there were only 20 blue objects in all of Lahaiana??? Not one of the scorched cars was blue???

CCP did this? Why would the CCP save oprah's house?

Every report now contradicts the previous. While everyone here is chasing their tails on pseudoscience videos, the cabal is exercising more power. The how and the what are so irrelevant. The false government is against you and plans to kill you. That's all you need to know. Put your energy to solving that rather than the next drama theory and the next...

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My guess is some of the same entities responsible for: blowing up the Russian pipelines, Turkish earthquake, dustification events of 9/11/01, creating instability throughout the world for decades, destruction of food supplies, funding the war in the Ukraine so that prime ag land can be taken over by Blackrock, the coordinated response to COVID, mysterious fires burning out of control all over the world, recent flooding in Libya were involved in the "wild fires" in Maui. Ask your self if the CCP was responsible - then how could so many accidents/incompetent acts have happen before and after the event and continue to this day? If the CCP was the sole instigator and there was no other collaborations - don't you think our highly paid military "intelligence" folks would have informed us of it and our government would have responded, and not have had to rely on independent folks doing investigations? These same entities have been feeding mankind the accidental theory of history for centuries. Stay Free

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Couldn’t the CCP be doing this as an administration favor? After all Biden refuses to call these little terrorists enemies. They do it leaving us plausible deny ability. Next month we do one for them? My research while shallow shows there’s no way to turn those aluminum rims to puddles without a much hotter source than a brush fire no? I’m a truck driver so be patient I’m just looking for answers like you fine folks. Glass melts at close to 2000 degrees and the solid aluminum alloy rims at 1500 give or take. I mean a fireplace loaded with piles of cured oak is 350-500 degrees right? I think the melted solid aluminum is our smoking gun is it not Greg? I hear the engine blocks are melted too and all gas cap doors are gone on nearly every car.

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Sep 14, 2023·edited Sep 14, 2023

So........blame it on the Chinese - the preferred enemy? This must be the reason that long lines of cars were being blocked from escaping? And a reason that the black fences were constructed and that rules were employed to keep investigators at bay? C'mon now, Greg, the enemy is our own governments, soldiers of the entity that's marching toward the [not] Great Reset. The way I see it, the thumbs-up are those not wanting to admit our governments have been captured ever since the great coup of the JFK assassination.

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It’s looking more & more that way.

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Before you accuse China (the CPC--Communist Party of China, not the CCP) of having burned up Lahaina, you have explain why Maui authorities all seemed to be in on the conspiracy.

The suspicious chief of police

The suspicous "smart city" governor

The suspicious water manager

The suspicious director of emergency preparedness, who was clearly working with FEMA, which is a criminal racket

The suspicious Hawaii National Guard, accused by Real Raw News of murdering surivors, along with FEMA

You also have to include billionaires like Oprah Winfrey: how is she connected to the CPC? Is she even alive (I doubt it)

Focusing on what we know of military tech is the wrong angle, since all militaries have tech that's maybe 1,000 years more advanced than what the civilians get. Look up the words WingMakers and Corteum, also Cristaldi Research Group.

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Please see www.vaticancatholic.com also mostholyfamilymonastery.com

Prayers and many blessing with heartfelt appreciation and warmest love to you Greg!

You’re a gift from God.


Mary Wrenne,

Ireland. Xx

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So the criminal US government that probably gave China this technology is being used as a scapegoat for plausible deniability.

If the US government did not stop the Chinese and are covering up for them -- then the US government is just as culpable as the Chinese.

We all know that they are in bed together.

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I don't understand the technology but I've seen elsewhere someone explain how the satelites aren't necessarily weapons in their own right but 'directional' - mirror like (no, not an actual mirror- the emf equivalent of a light mirror) that targets the ground based laser to specific targets. It may not matter at all which nation's satelites are co-opted into this usage- except that politically/propaganda wise, it can be used to hide who is really behind the attack.

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Now state one reason the CCP would burn Maui? What is the objevtive?

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