Two things about the London Tower fire and 911 fire tragedy stand out...

1. The horror of all those victims trapped in that inferno.

2. London's poorly constructed building made from steel is still standing. Maybe Dr. Judy Wood is on to something about 911? Can anyone name any steel structures that have come down because of fire other than the towers in New York in the last 100 years?

How did the 911 Towers turn into dust? 

Dr. Judy Wood, a former assistant professor at Clemson University, has developed compelling evidence that a directed energy weapon turned the physical matter of the World Trade Center towers into nano-particles through the process of molecular dissociation. 

Dr. Judy Wood – 9/11 Directed Energy Weapon


Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) - a category used to differentiate from Kinetic Energy weapons such as explosives and nukes which do not explain the evidence. Government, media and most truth groups will not correctly discuss DEW-related evidence.


1400 Toasted Cars  “Located blocks from the WTC buildings, with door handles missing, engine blocks missing, blistering on some parts of the car finish, strange rust patterns on the bodies of the cars.”

Pile of Cars Spontaneously Combusted – “In a news video, the entire pile of cars started burning spontaneously at the same time with no visible cause, it was not a fire that started in one car and spread to others.” 

Rust Occurred Immediately – “On cars and trucks, and in FEMA photos there was heavy rust on steel beams – steel does not rust, and it is a slow oxidation process that results in rusting of iron.  This rusting happened immediately.”  

Paper Around Cars Not Burned – “Whatever ‘vaporized’ the engine blocks and the door handles on 1400 cars did not ignite fragile and flammable paper lying all over the ground around the cars. If engine blocks and door handles are selectively vaporized, why didn't the body of the car vaporize?”  



Seismic Record:

“The energy budget recorded in the seismic record on the day of 9/11 and the collapse of the WTC buildings did not reflect the mass of building materials involved in the collapse, nor the nearly freefall of the collapsing buildings. The seismic record demonstrates an event on the scale of a quarry blast. Where was the thud [that would have accompanied a WTC building collapse]?”

 Kinetic Energy:“Two robust WTC buildings with very robust steel beam reinforcement would release a sizeable amount of kinetic energy from the buildings falling – that would be all of the energy that went into the construction of the WTC buildings. The release of that amount of kinetic energy is not reflected in the physical evidence on the seismic record. Into what physical process did that kinetic energy go?”

 Molecular Dissociation:

“The collapse of the WTC buildings produced the highest mass per volume of very fine particles (nanoparticles) ever measured in an air sample in the United States. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to dissociate or break the molecular bonds of steel, concrete and other building materials that were “powdered” into very fine particles during the collapse of the buildings. The largest mass per volume of metals ever measured in an air sample in the US were reported by Dr. Thomas Cahill who did air monitoring for 5 months. Metal is used in buildings because it is very strong – and would require large amounts of energy to reduce it to nanoparticles.

Chemical explosives do not release enough energy to produce that volume of very fine particles. A much more energetic process was involved such as laser or beam energy which releases focused and concentrated energy as complex waveforms necessary to cause molecular dissociation.”

 Physical Evidence of Buildings Collapsing:

“In videos of the collapses on 9/11 the WTC buildings erupted into emulsion like a drinking fountain, and the rubble did not hit the ground. Even on tape huge pieces of aluminum building siding vaporized as they were freefalling, and never hit the ground.”


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There used to be 3 videos that YT deletes, that if you can find are also powerful.

1- video showing the actual detonators firing off on the side of the WTC. They look like firecrackers going off in a line. (Clearly a controlled demolition).

2-Research showing that the court docs and evidence for the Enron case had been stored in Bldg 7.

3- Video of the Pentagon showing the MISSILE STRIKING, and the HOLE it left.

And a sunset photo of the WTC just days before, showing that the 3 floors occupied by the FBI had been vacated, BEFORE 9/11!

If anyone here has any of these, or can find them, please link them here!

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Controlled Demolition Okayed Instantly By Larry Silverstein Whom Is Obviously A Dark Magick Cabal Wizard To Make That Happen Without Months Of Preparation & Planning! 😉

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Such an eerie day, I was a junior in high school at the time. I woke up early in the mornings to the CNBC stock market for my economics class, watched it until I had to head for school. Felt like a nightmare, everyone was dazed and scattered halfway into the day. It seemed like the end of the world, or at least a WW3 was happening. The patriotism and coming together of the country was so beautiful, but being I'm a little older and wiser now, watching footage from that day angers me, because our government lied to us and passed the patriot act, set the middle east ablaze and took the steps towards a totalitarian police state. And for what?

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Remember that Pentagon lawn was pristine as a golf course after that 757 screamed over it at 400mph and plowed into the Missing Money wing into an impossibly small hole.

Then two adorable fire trucks were able to put out the jet fuel fires.

They should have transferred those magical DC fire trucks to NYC to put out the WTC fires!

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I worked ar 7. It took me a few years and a lot of research...but i am convinced it was a demolition

Political ponerology.

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Thanks for this timely Video Greg, Lest we Forget, These Monsters need to peddle a 'Pretext' to commit further control in certain regions, 'The Greater Israel Plan' and profit themselves from the utter ruin of Societal Collapse which they curated, it will not end well for them, as Justice appears to have eluded their Barbaric act's, rest assured they will NOT take an instant Vacation from the 'Ultimate Authority' on that Big Day of Judgement, The Hell Fire Awaits them ALL. And i say good riddance to these cancerous tumor upon Humanity for Good.

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Sep 8·edited Sep 8

WTC7 left a bigger pile than either WTC1 or WTC2. Note how small the people are relative to the "pile."

Clearly WTC7 was not taken down by conventional CD. We are noting that the destruction of WTC7 was different than WTC1 and WTC2. But, what happened to WTC7 is beyond the scope of this article.

WTC7 was not completely pulverized.

Note the wall-board that remained on the surface.


Was the top deliberately tipped over? Note the diagonal shearing of the building, ending at the upper right edge (upper blue arrow) where it detonates as the building tips. In the video, there is a large chunk of "wheatchex" that is left standing, momentarily. The appearance is rather odd and warrants further study. Another tipping video.

No one had ever attempted to demolish a building nearly the size of a twin tower, and smoke from WTC 1 helped to distract and cover up problems in destroying WTC 2.

WTC7. An excellent job, for sure! No parts spattered on adjacent buildings.

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Another GREAT report from Greg Reese! The Reese Reports are must-sees for everyone. Please copy and share with all your friends and family.

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Thank you, Mr. Reese. 👏

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DEW’s as well Greg.

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Great video! It never ceases to amaze me that despite the Kennedy assassinations, the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, the USS Liberty, 9/11, Paradise, CA, and the Maui Holocaust--there are still lots of people who believe that their government ISN'T trying to kill them. There's a meme that began circulating in 2020--when it became obvious that the covid hoax was merely a delivery system for a new economic order--that shows a woman wearing a mask across which is written: "I'm not ready to believe that everything I've been told is a lie." I recently updated the meme so the words at top read: "What will it take to convince you?" Because I *am* convinced that my government is trying to kill me.

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And don't forget the Pentagon...

No commercial plan parts, seats, luggage or passenger bodies.

No fires from the plane's wing tanks full of thousands of gallons of fuel

Impact hole and exit hole wasn't large enough to drive a tractor truck through.

There is no way a hollow alumina sheeted fuselage with a plastic nose cone could have penetrated through all those Pentagon rings.

Only a missal could have done that .

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Excellent Report! I’ll share this! Good job!👍

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"Pulling it" and blowing it up were cover stories in case the controlled demolition was too obvious and they needed a back up story. Turns out they controlled the media so well and the rest of us just ate it up--I know I did, --so they didn't need that backstory.

The question is, how do you get through to the other 349,999,000 people who still believe this murderous grift? Because until the its in the mainstream, it isn't real.

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Larry Silverstone was in on it...he knew

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