Don't worry folks - the sheep will take the chip & CBDC. How do I know? All they have to do is release another "sheep dog" like Cohoax1984, and just like sheep, the sheeple will run to the chip & CBDC pen. (How many fucking idiots do you see out and about town still wearing a fucking mask? That's your majority right there, and the vacuum of their action will release the hounds, a.k.a. the Masonic Police, to beat the hold outs into compliance "for the greater good" of course, and cull the stubborn - like me. Thanks sheep. I HATE sheeple - I fuckin hate em. And there's my spot of peace joy love and light for the day.)

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Only country with a second amendment and not one shot has been fired to save this nation. That's because all the sheep have devastated life for the rest of us. We are at war but the critical thinkers are in the minority. This country is gone.

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So, what’s going to happen to the states that have outlawed CBDC’s?

Florida and Indiana have both passed bills completely banning CBDC’s altogether.

North Carolina has passed a bill making incoming CBDC payments illegal.

And at least four other states ~ Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and North Dakota ~ have all proposed similar legislation which would ban the use of CBDC’s.

Are these states planning to secede, should the “Federal Government” force the use of CBDC’s on the American people?

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You will own nothing.

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Jul 19·edited Jul 19

Anyone know how to set up a local bank? How long will that last since it will be illegal to use cash? What does it take to do electronic transactions without involving CBDC infrastructure? Sounds impossible to me.

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I am so done with this rhetoric...anyone want to throw in and we can buy an island with an olive orchard and natural spring water in Greece and start our own country status...the Greek government cannot impose their laws, military conscription, or taxation on island owners. Or so they've stated in the past on those international real estate websites. Yabba dabba let's do it. What the frick. Ace.

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1) Refuse CBDC.

2) Reject "Internet of Bodies" technologies, the installation of devices in your body, the Metaverse, & transhumanism.

3) Refuse digital identity.

4) Practice the free market.

5) Divest from ESG stocks.

6) Remove money from ESG-reporting banks & avoid buying insurance from ESG-reporting insurance companies.

7) Pressure our legislators to curb ESG legislations & to divest public fundings from ESG markets.

8) Encourage the defection of elites from the globalist agenda.

9) Network with like-minded individuals & spread this plan digitally & analogically.

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I ditched the U.S. for life in Panama. How is this plan going to be executed in counties where the population doesn't even use banking services? I think something else is coming. Why expose their plans? This gives people time to prepare. I don't think they are anywhere near ready to implement this "great reset". Only my opinion.....your mileage may vary.

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pretty sure no one is going to start their own bank. great idea but i wouldn’t trust someone who wanted to do that. and i’m certainly not getting chipped so i guess i better stock up on tp and survival food, get some solar panels, grow my own food and air up my bike tires.

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As many times as we've seen Sci Fi movies with implanted phones, chips, or whatever, the really cool people will be happy to do it. The rest, not a chance. Will that mean living "outside" of society, or just among the masses at basic survival levels, like most of us.

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Jul 19·edited Jul 20

IF this report freaks you out , i recommend you reading : The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power by Shoshana Zuboff

>>> https://tinyurl.com/mry9uabs

AND Watch at INFOwars ; Aaron Russo : America: Freedom to Fascism & Alex interview with Aaron.



This is not a drill , Knowledge is power.

A plastic card can do the same job , it's about your data (behaviours) to Control you .

Criminal will mutilate you and steal your chip . . . this has nothing to do with safety.

W.H.O Tedros and Pfizer Bourla are vets , they see you has cattle. What makes you think the bankers are any different ?

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Arron Russo per Nick Rockefeller did an interview in 2009 and the plan was implanting everyone with an RFID chip for total control of your money. They will take out what they want in taxes and if you complain they just turn off your chip.

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"Confiscation of all property" you mean theft? By "local", is he referring to e.g. in USA "State" banks? These aren't possible in the UK. Credit Unions are possible but I don't see any of those standing outside the BIS controlled bank sector.

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No way am I getting chipped, nor getting a QR code. I am not going to be branded like cattle.

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