Thanks Gregg . I had morgellons and it’s not a natural thing. Just glad my body rejected the junk as much as it could/ can. Not jabbed but had “ shedding issues “.. God bless you and the other truth tellers.

Notice how the evildoers all hate God and Jesus. Not a coincidence!

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Thank you for reporting on this, Greg. I’m going to share it far and wide. I haven’t slept well at all in the last week because of this. I’ve decided to go ahead with my original plan and hijack my dad’s phone on 10/4 and take it to work with me, even though we live less than a quarter of a mile away from a cell tower. He’s gonna be really pissed, but whatever ~ he’ll get over it.

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well GREAT because you know....I was getting BORED with all the other disasters...now I can look forward to zombie BITES well...great...and I thought my moron neighbours were bad enough before. ......GREAT.........fffffffffffff

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Sep 22·edited Sep 22

If shutting your phone down protect people (not just airplane mode) then it must be 5g that is being used as a 4 g signal would not change with a 4g phone phone being on.

Because wtth 5g you target devices with an antenna array - so that can in theory also target a 4g phone that is on with the 5g signal.

The other obvious thing to do is to rid yourself of any graphene in your blood.

If I am not mistaken MMS (chlorine dioxide) can do this.

Not a lot of info comes up in my searches.


Greg this is how we stop evil government as you put it: https://tacticalcivics.com/

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Time to sharpen the machete I guess

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Promote More Fear - Not Less

The Vaccinated Took The Shots

Because They Were Afraid Of " Some New Virus "

- You Wiil Not Make Them Less Fearful. And Have Not.

So Make Them More Fearful Of - SOMETHING ELSE

Make Them Terrified Of Suffering From The Shots

- Like Everyone Else Who Already Has.

This Isn't Hard Folks. Taunt Them Unrelentingly.


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As soon as I get my blue check back I’ll be catching up on reposting all your videos! Plus I gotta restart my subscription to your Stack which I’ll be doing today! Your work is worth paying for. Nobody out here does it quite like you except for Jon Bowne you two are neck in neck. I absolutely love your style & the iconic voice, Alex found a true gem in you & I see it too!

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Shutting off your phone has no effect of 5G. Your phone doesn't stop the microwaves that proceed from the towers. The only way to stop the microwaves is to address the towers.

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If what I write below is "mumbo jumbo" then scan your body, if vaccinated, with an Android 5 phone and if your body has a new MAC address, which you can easily discover with your phone using Bluetooth to find MAC addresses around it. If you can't find yours, get someone to scan you with your Android phone.

If your body has a new injected MAC address, then it is broadcasting I am here, I am here, I am here on 5G, to a receiver somewhere and what receives can transmit, but you won't know when your thoughts are not your own, so don't worry about things you cannot change. Be interesting to see how it works at the next election and if those who vote actually have any say over who they vote for, won't it. Better write down who you want to vote for, several weeks before voting (when you mind is not being manipulated) and try to vote for the name of the person or political party, you have written on the piece of paper you have with you - nip around to your nearest Graveyard and scan the corpses in the ground - you will find they are still emitting a MAC address, those that were vaccinated before they died - we might yet see corpses emerging from the ground as if they are alive.

Perhaps the interest should not be on what is past, but why the synthetic mRNA vaccines and their ultimate purpose, bearing in mind that these vaccines were purchased under a military incentive and not a medical one. The transport of neucelic acids is done inside graphene nanotubes and the vaccines are made up of 95% graphene in each vaccine injection.

Studies from the University Of Almeria in Spain conclude that the vaccines + Graphene + 5G = Brain Control.

NanoGrafi Company (check them out on Google) developed an intranasal Covid vaccine and PCR Tests with nanoparticles which make graphene nanotubes.

At 5G frequencies of 42.6 Hz per second, the 1.2mm nanotubes injected into the vaccines resonate and propagate a high energy signal at the average speed of human thought., the precise nanotube length of 1.2 nanometers of 1.2×10.9m

Since the writer already knew the 5G microwave frequency in the 10 to 300Hz range, she noticed the curious coincidence of how it cancelled out those precise powers of 10 in the well known wave mechanics formula – which presumably, anyone with an engineering background would understand (beyond me however)

The average neuron sends signals at about 180 km/h

When combined, these factors would increase the speed to 432 km/h

Some humans think faster than others so there is a lot of variation.

So with the average thought speed of 180 km/h that is, 180,000 meters over 3,600 seconds: 50 meters per second.

This wave speed of the human brain is achievable for ordinary nanotubes and frequencies radiated by 5G antennas – this is not speculation but science and combined techniques and fits a precise physical formula which is incontestable.

These graphene nanotubes are injected with the vaccines and act on the microwaves emitted by a 5G antenna at the same frequency that human beings think, so through these nano particles, 5G antennas can modify the thoughts of those vaccinated.

Like Robots or Zombies, controlled by 5G Transmissions

Everyone vaccinated now has their own biological computer installed with plug in's. Further vaccines create more biological assemblies in their bodies. Those whose body is not suitable for biological computer modification is exterminated. Although "nothing" has happened yet, with regards to mind control, how would anyonwe know if the thoughts they have are their own or put there by the biological implanted computer connected to their brain by 5G?

My theory is that there are 2 super computers in nuclear proof bunkers in the US which cannot be reached by humankind and they will control the vaccinated by 5G - doubtless Russia and China also have their super computers in nuclear bunkers too, as do all other countries - the computers communicate with each other and will direct humankind to its order, direction and purpose, without any modified human knowing what is happening to them. It has already been done. Nothing else needs to be done. Greed and avarice were the undoing of the human race, by all who contributed to our downfall, for money.

All that remains to be done is to control those which survive long enough, for the computers to fulfil their intentions, whatever they are - "we" are after all units and units can be exterminated to order, or made to complete activities, whose purpose is not our concern, anymore, but tasks the immobile computers can't do themselves.

If whatever I write here is the future - then the vaccinated are all part of "the machine" now.

Everyone over 50 is obsolete - which is why seniors have been exterminated in nursing homes.

The vaccinated are Genetic Cyborg's they just don't know it yet.

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Love the COD zombies theme

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This sounds too wild like they might be feeding a lot of nonsense to discredit the true stuff you uncover. Think operation Blue Book and the one that sent Hitler all the false information before D day.

If this would happen, I think God would have warned us about it in the Bible. The mark of the beast is coming. The last red heifer may be found. Rivers are turning red all over the world. The rise in earthquakes are going to be due to a weapon. They are pushing a UFO narrative as a cover story for the Rapture.

We are in the end times. Seek Jesus while you still can. I have seen him in multiple dreams. He is as real as any other person and he will return soon to wage war on Satan. Whoever unites the world under a message of peace is going to be the AntiChrist. Read your Bible. Over 2000 prophecies have been fulfilled with more being validated all the time.

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Seems like that's their plan, details:


with the title:

FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Oct. 4, 2023

and this description:

All wireless phones should receive the message only once. The following can be expected from the nationwide WEA test:

"Beginning at approximately 2:20 p.m. ET, cell towers will broadcast the test for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, WEA-compatible wireless phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA, should be capable of receiving the test message."

with WEA standing for Wireless Emergency Alerts.

Any Iphone can be put in a Faraday cage with an EMF meter set for recording the signal parameters. Send the recordings to a court for criminal charges.. The only thing is, the lawyers..

An example:


with this conclusion:

"This means that the total cost to properly file a case like I would envision against those responsible for the jab would be (conservatively) $5 million + $800K + $500K + $500K = $6.8 million."

Lawyers create the inhumane laws, they deal with them and they live from them, no matter how many people die, actually the more people die, the more of their clients, paying ~500$/hour.

If there is one thing to completely avoid, it would be lawyers, in particular those, who claim to be great Christians but can't help human fellows because they do not have millions from the injured, still alive victims...

Btw. all FREE Substack posts with lot of direct proof of crime (plain bioinformtics of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike on my posts) was send to many, including lawyers, like Callender or Fuellmich, and ZERO response. That tells everything.

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I was just watching another video about the zombie apocalyps from Australian Max Igan—it’s excellent. https://rumble.com/v3jfxsw-building-the-perfect-slave.html

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so THIS is what they meant by a "world changing event" yeah ....thanks :-/

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Graphene Oxide Dances When Exposed To 5G


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