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Shared on all 3 of my social media sites. So true! Been fighting the info war to get the truth out for nearly 4 years now. 💪🇺🇸💪

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We are not 330 million united, though. A large percentage of the US *wants this, and not for any kind of intelligent reasons.

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How exactly do We the People hold those 545 treasonous puppets accountable much less fire them?

The shit show we have been manipulated into cocreating and watching unfold has been playing for decades so the players change but the game hasn't. Would Love your ideas on the How To's.

Awesome creative heartfelt commentary as allways. TY Greg. Love and Light 💥💖💥

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As I’ve been saying for years - 1776 or will be worse than 1984 - already is!

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That's bc the people making the decisions are controlled by the same guy who controls a disproportionately large number of the 300 million.( hint : he has 2 horns and a pitchfork)

That, and ignorance which is a huge problem these days.

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That's some powerful spoken word and visual magic cast against the evil. Every Statesman and Stateswoman (not politician) running for office should use this as their intro at their rally's.

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Two things are needed as a start. Term limits and audited financial statements produced no less frequently than annually, along with monthly statements of every account, every transaction, every person and entity in which they have any past, present or future interest, expected or realized. We must assume they’re all being bought. And when we catch them at it, we must not hesitate to render justice, including forcing full restitution.

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Wow🫶🏻👏🏻 brilliantly said!!!! A Birds Eye view big picture statement if ever there was one!

Something to seriously reflect on.

It’s not that complicated when broken down into basics.

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Wow.....one of your best commentaries!

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Here, here. Bravo Greg, Bravo.

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People are brainwashed-

Vaccines will protect society

Ukraine is a worthy cause

Questioning authority means you’re unpatriotic

Wall St controls real estate and business market

Communists control education system

Trump will save us, Democrats know best

TV has made Americans lazy, uninformed and uninvolved - not by accident

The reckoning is coming

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Wish things were as simple as exerting authority over a handful of people tasked with running the country for the many. But it's not that simple. There's the Committee of 300 to reckon with and the mafias that are riding over those 300. A mafia that's been around for over a thousand years even as far back as the Romans who have under their control 100k assassins at their disposal.

Those 545 are scared shirtless of going against their task masters.

As today all those in that 545 group were paid off to play along with the narrative. And the media even the Carlsons come out with things when its too late. Yeah we know what should be happening but it's not is it?

When you see a flag with fringe and tassels that means "flag of no nation."

When you see an eagle above the flag, that means martial law.

But it does not hurt to point things out again and again.

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Well the root of all the problem there (the 545) is Israel:


Not so easy Greg, we need to get behind America Firsters, not Israeli Firsters -- and Trump is one of THEM also. "Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive" -- Sir Walter Scott

The whole System is shot, unless WE REMOVE THE CENTRAL BANKSTERS in a complete system change--in line with our NATURAL COORDINATES:


“The Central Bankers and their lackeys must be banished or the Human race is doomed to further degradation” — Henry Makow

As Christ removed the money changers from the temple, so must we--from OUR LIVES.

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So insinc Greg. Nothing more needs to be said.

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1st - we have all the power - "We Will Not, Do Not Comply?"

2nd - quit asking permission for how to live our lives.

3rd - tell all of Them, from school boards on up, They have outlived their usefulness. They are no longer needed.

4th - the Constitution/Bill of Rights, 10 Commandments, and the Golden Rule are the only Laws to live by.

The 545 on down to state and local politicians need a mandate - No More Law Making. They can make 'suggestions' from here on, but no more laws.

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