I know this is no laughing matter, but people got lazy and stupid, threw their critical thinking out the window, and became far far far too trusting of their government parental figure. At some point all you can do is throw your hands up and let them have their way. They are sheep among wolves:

The Anthem of SADS Victims

Vaxxer, Vaxxer, so obsessed, wore your mask and took your tests

Still got Covid, every strain - spike proteins in every vein…

Short of breath at twenty four, "Dr. Fauci, give me more!"

Swollen heart at twenty five, "thank Moderna I’m alive!"

Heart attack at twenty six, prayed to Pfizer for a fix.

Vaxxer, Vaxxer, death is lurking,

Doctor says, “That means it’s working.”

Died of SADS at twenty seven, all good Vaxxers go to heaven

Obituary headline noted: "Anti-Vaxxer Dies of Covid."

Family is quite dismayed, but they don't feel one bit betrayed

They all claim, “Its for the better – Without the vax, he would be deader.”

—Anonumous (Modified)

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I never fell for the scamdemic, I was on to them from day 4. When the experimental jabs came along I laughed and said,"how stupid do they think we are". Fear is not part of my life, no mask, no 6 ft apart and no jabs, I have God, He keeps me safe, calm and moving forward.

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My daughter is gone because of the evil lies, and the murdering white coat assassins working in the hospital!

Cindy Schara and I on the CHD Bus, telling what they have done to our girls!


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Sounds to me like blaming everything but the BIOWEAPON ‼️

Red flags went off for me when he said " stress can cause you to die suddenly ".

Not one mention of the BIOWEAPON which IS killing people and the real reason most are dying suddenly.😡

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How many killed by Covid? My bet is not many more than the flu would have killed each year!

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I spent time with a woman while at work who is a mother. She took the jab so she could continue to take care of the elderly at her church. She ended up bleeding out on a flight, ended up having a hysterectomy. All I could do was hug her. There really are no words for this level of evil. People wonder why I don’t smile anymore. It is because I hear stories such as her’s frequently. My roommate’s healthy elderly parents took the jabs and were both dead within 6 months. I hear about embolisms, heart issues, aggressive cancers and some deaths on a regular basis. This is beyond horrendous. This whole cover-up mode really is not working out for me. My local politicians do not want to hear the actual data...I know because I sent books, contacted offices, etc. and I get the stonewall response. Thus, I thank you, sir, for putting info. out there~

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Wow, you can't make this stuff up! Greg This by far is one of your best videos!!

And as a woman of color, the same tactics have you been used on Africans brought to America.,. And their offspring. Same faces same tactics! Now they're coming for those that look like them!

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As Denis Rancourt underlines, society is built on a dominant hierarchy. Because most people accept their place, they're reluctant to challenge the conventional orthodoxy for fear of not getting something they want or losing something they have. They cannot fathom, therefore, that the people in whom they put their trust, whose authority they legitimize through conformity and compliance, would ever do anything to hurt them, even though there's evidence to the contrary. This is not unlike a child battered by his parents who still defends them, refusing to acknowledge that they've caused him grievous harm and damage, believing that if he's more obedient his parents will be more loving, which, of course, never happens. They just continue to beat him, just like the government continues to screw its citizens. The elephant's been standing in the room for four years now, painted day-glo pink, bathed in a strobe light.

To think that just 7 years ago I thought I belonged to a tribe of like-minded people who today cheerlead the Dems, line up for covid shots, defend the trans agenda, proudly advertise their part to combat climate change, and safely distance themselves safely from anyone who goes against the orthodoxy is staggering.

I can only imagine what has been said by old friends behind my back, about the tragedy of my becoming a conspiracy theorist, if my family has said as much to my face. At one time it hurt my feelings and made me angry, but no more. I can only wait for the day when that large pink elephant steps rudely on them. If it doesn't kill them, I hope it wakes them up.

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Ole pedophilia billy strikes again. " I did not have voodoo sexual relationships with that woman!" wow! Where was all these reports in the early nineties? I guess I was too busy watching Andy Griffith.

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And then we have Trump still pushing the "it came out of Wuhan" by "accident" narative. And he's running for President on those words? How can anyone trust him if he can't/WON'T even get his information straight.

And they're counting down the election as if it's D- Day.

What a mess.

Full spectrum bullshit.

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Anymore, I rarely feel sorry for people that buy into the “narrative” and trust what the government and “medical industrial complex” are pushing, particularly when they swallow it hook, line and sinker.

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Danielle's story shall be heard, resonating with the hearts of many. As a relentless advocate, I will become the doctors' and nurses' worst nightmare, ensuring justice prevails! Part 2

I kindly request the doctors on Substack to reach out to me. I am in need of answers and the expertise of medical professionals to support my case. The importance of my situation, "My Danielle’s Life," cannot be overstated. I am determined to seek justice and will not remain silent until it is achieved.

Hospitalist Dr. Heather Meiselman and Sheri Andrews MD, both medical professionals assassins, reviewed my daughter Danielle's normal vitals. However, to my dismay, they determined 8/27/2021 to impose a dire prognosis on her. They were playing GOD.

They put a death sentence on Danielle and knew she would not walk out alive!

Please, take your time and examine the report, which demonstrates their fraudulent admission of Danielle under Plan 2 for Sepsis, COVID pneumonia, and Hypoxia. It is important to note that Danielle did not exhibit any symptoms of shortness of breath. Again, LIES!!!!


Please tell of the murder of my daughter in Northwell Health Hospital, Glen Cove NY.


REBECCA CHARLES, Danielle's mom

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Great report. Add the fact that most people live in constant fear of death. I was 74 and my family went hysterical thinking I would die without the shot! Interesting book: Dead Doctors Don't Lie by Dr. Joel Wallach

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Imagine the social mood when the COVID-19 shots cross 100 million KIA in the US.

It's coming.

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17 million casualties in 4 years?

They must be wrong.

Casualties in wars you may have heard of:

Afghanistan 2001-2021 = 215,000, Iraq 2013-2017 = 200,000, Iraq 2003–2011 = 650,000, War on Terror 2001-2021 = 1.26 m, Bosnia 1991-1995 = 105,000, Gulf War 1990-1991 = 40,000, Vietnam 1955-1975 = 4.3 m, Korea 1950-1953 = 4.5 m

All of these combined = 11.3 million casualties over 71 years.


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Jan 11·edited Jan 11

Greg, wonder if you caught one of the latest David Martin presentations in Copenhagen, Denmark, early Sept 2023, in which David outlines key steps from 1965 on "how they did this". With long term planning, a step-by-step process of garnering more power, 9/11, Anthrax, sars-cov1, Swine Flu, mers, Zika, Ebola, Fear mongering manmade releases to eliminate all accountability for public health response. History makes this Rancourt team's report far more believable, especially when you learn Remdesivir (rundeathisnear) was the sole drug approved for use in hospitals, initially developed by Dr Ralph Baric in 2002 and developed by Gillead Life Sciences, it was proven toxic during Ebola trials, drug had to be removed from clinical trials. Meanwhile, HHS was paying for Remdesivir, vents and subsequent hospital deaths. Again, US laws like Prep Act, Patriot Act, and more were passed gradually giving zero accountability for this entire response; allowing all manner of evil and inhumanity to occur. If you want to point a finger, appears US Congress was asleep while the Deep State plotted, or members of Congress were in on this.

This is the presentation: Recorded Livestream with Dr. David Martin - Facts Matter Conference, Copenhagen - Denmark - - https://www.bitchute.com/video/BgEB4UclF12q/

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