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The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich

The internal coup to sabotage the Second Nuremberg

It appears as if German lawyer, Reiner Fuëllmich, who recognized the COVID crimes against humanity as early as 2020, has been set up. Fuëllmich was spearheading a project known as the “Second Nuremberg”, and co-founded the Corona Investigative Committee. His Committee consulted about a hundred and fifty scientists and experts from around the world, as well as former employees of the World Health Organization, and their findings showed them that the COVID measures were the first steps in a plan to destroy regional economies in order to make populations dependent upon global supply chains, and were intended to reduce the population and install a world government under the United Nations.

The Corona Committee received a lot of donations which they believed were not safe due to the recent history of bank accounts being seized by complicit governments. One million Euros in gold was purchased and put in holding. To fund operations, both Reiner Fuëllmich and Viviane Fischer took out secured loans. Reiner’s loan was for seven-hundred-thousand euros and was to be repaid with the proceeds from selling his home. All documented and agreed upon by the committee.

Members of the Corona Committee met with a law firm in August of 2022, and filed criminal charges against Fuëllmich. Committee members, Justus Hoffmann, Marcel Templin and Antonia Fischer, claimed that Füllmich embezzled seven-hundred-thousand euros, the loan that he officially took out. They claimed he was a violent anti-Semite and that if he were given the opportunity to comment before criminal proceedings began, they would not file the complaint.

Two warrants were issued for his arrest, from Germany and from the E.U., without Reiner’s knowledge. Without an international arrest warrant, German and Mexican authorities illegally abducted Füllmich at the German embassy in Mexico. He was then flown to the Frankfurt Airport where he was arrested and put in jail. International law experts are calling his arrest an illegal kidnapping.

According to documented company plans, Füllmich's loan was to be repaid after the sale of his property. But the very same people that filed the complaint against Füllmich, sabotaged this agreement. The contracts stated that the profits of the Füllmich property was to be transferred to a Füllmich account so that he could repay the loan. But the notary, who is sworn to be neutral and independent, instructed the buyers to transfer the one-point-one-five-eight million euros into Marcel Templin's account. Which made it impossible for Reiner to repay the loan.

The loans were transparently agreed upon in written contracts. There was no secrecy and the company was aware of the loans at all times. The evidence that proves this has been officially submitted to the court, who has chosen to ignore it and has muzzled the defense and ordered they not be allowed to mention it.

The evidence shows that Hoffmann, Templin, and the notary, illegally obtained access to the profits of Füllmich’s property. And not only is the court ignoring this evidence, they have summoned these same people as witnesses against Füllmich.

The complaint states, "Füllmich has also made himself liable to prosecution for embezzlement by purchasing the gold bars without the consent of the shareholders, obscuring their existence and possessing them for himself." But the purchase of the gold bars is also documented. They are in holding and can only be accessed with the signatures of both Reiner Füllmich and Viviane Fischer. This is shown in company documents which were never given to the public prosecutor. But they have been submitted by the defense, and are being ignored by the court.

Furthermore, while the court froze Fuellmich’s accounts, they failed to freeze the one-point-one-five-eight million euros in Marcel Templin's account. Which is presumably still there, and appears to be the payoff for this internal coup.

The trial is happening now in Gottingen, Germany and the plaintiff’s sloppy accusations are beginning to fall apart. One reporter at the trial said: “The case was totally destroyed, and one could only sit there in amazement.” A journalist from BittelTV said that, “Reiner will not only be released but also compensated. The people who did this to him in my opinion will be charged themselves.”

It is beginning to appear as if justice may finally be served.

Produced in Collaboration with the Truth Barrier

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