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NATO Plans False Flag in Black Sea to Launch WWIII

The Globalists need a scapegoat to blame for their destruction of America

Just about every major government has been guilty of false flag operations to foment war. America has been guilty of several, but here are just a few...

Civilian passengers were murdered when a torpedo hit the Lusitania. Investigations revealed that explosives were inside the ship, which was operated by war profiteer J.P. Morgan. This event is what brought Americans, who were not previously interested in getting involved, into World War I, where they lost over a hundred thousand sons and daughters.

They were also not interested in getting involved in World War II, but after breaking Japanese encryption codes, the US government knew of their plans to attack Pearl Harbor. But the big banks were funding both sides and expected massive profits, so they let it happen to encourage Americans to sacrifice nearly half a million of their children in the second world war.

In August of 1964, the USS Maddox and the Turner Joy knowingly lied about being fired upon by North Vietnamese ships. For two hours they fired at nothing and maneuvered as if under attack. President Johnson was aware of this deception but kept it secret to initiate war against North Vietnam. And to sacrifice over fifty thousand Americans.

About three thousand people were murdered on 9/11 in the most notorious false flag in US history. This was used as a catalyst for the endless destruction of several nations that continues today.

Professor Stephen Starr, associate of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, was recently on Russia’s Soloviev live where he discussed a plan being suggested by NATO forces in Germany that stinks of plans for a false flag operation to usher in World War III. They have suggested a scenario wherein Russia sinks an American cruiser in the Black Sea. Followed by the United States attacking Russian ships with nuclear warheads. Which would then be followed by a Russian nuclear strike against NATO headquarters and a major US nuclear attack on all of Russia. They suggested more than three thousand strikes within one hour and the destruction of all major cities in Europe and the United States. Professor Starr said this would result in a hundred and fifty million tons of smoke and soot that would block out seventy percent of the sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere and last about ten years.

It’s important to note that it’s been NATO forces alone who have been provoking war with Russia for decades. Surrounding their border with missile systems and bio-weapons labs, and overthrowing Ukraine with C.I.A. Colour revolutions. The facts show that Russia has been given no choice but to defend themselves against deceptive Western aggression.

The anti-human globalist forces that hold a firm grip on America are clearly trying to destroy it from within. If they wanted America to win a world war, then they would not be murdering US troops with the deadly Covid shots. And they would not be manipulating them to castrate themselves under the guise of transgenderism. The globalists want the United States to be plundered and destroyed but they need a scapegoat to blame it on and they’ve clearly chosen Russia for that role.

During the American Revolution, Catherine the great of Russia unofficially supported the colonies by trading with them. Russian ships began delivering hemp, sail linen, and iron to American ports as early as 1763. During the war of 1812, Russia attempted to join as a third-party mediator in support of American independence. In 1863, Russia sent military fleets to New York and San Francisco to put pressure on the British and fight them if necessary. They patrolled the American shores for 10 months.

This Russian support of a sovereign America is undoubtedly what led to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 when the country fell into communist rule for sixty-nine years. Today Russia has asked for peace but the evil powers that want endless war can not survive unity between the East and the West. False Flag operations are the modus operandi of the globalists, and war, mass murder, and division is all they desire.

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