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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Captured by Unknown Forces

Research points to the most sensational cover-up in history

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on March 8th 2014. On May 19, about nine weeks later, a leaked video was published to YouTube by a third party who claimed to have received it on March 12th. The video shows what appears to be a jet airliner on fire being trailed by three spiraling orbs. Eventually, the three orbs change to a vertical pattern and disappear in a flash with the airliner, leaving a dead-end trail of smoke in the sky. A month later on June 12th, a second video was published to the same channel that showed the exact same event taken from a different viewpoint. These videos have been deleted from YouTube but can still be found on archive-dot-org.

Ashton Forbes and his team have been researching these videos extensively, and have provided exhaustive evidence that these videos are legitimate. Including digital forensics verified by CGI professionals, eyewitnesses, and government data, Forbes and his team have successfully addressed all de-bunker claims and have listed them for all to see on X-dot-com @JustXAshton. So far, nobody has been able to de-bunk this research.

Their research shows that the first leaked video was taken from a pair of American signals intelligence satellites known as USA-229. Twin satellites capable of creating 3D stereoscopic images by capturing two slightly different views. The twin USA-229 satellites are logged at the exact location, time, and apparent angle required to of captured this video. This event occurred at around two-thirty in the morning, it was completely dark, the wavelengths captured by these cameras are for detail, and the stereoscopic effect allows for added depth perception.

The source of the second video has been identified as an MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned combat drone with Infrared and thermal technology. This video focuses on the heat signature.

And the man responsible for leaking these videos seems to be Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin. He was accused of being a spy, but court transcripts prove that this was just spin. The details of his crimes, including the time they happened, are redacted, but it came out in the trial that the classified information in question was published on the internet. And Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin had full security clearance to the same technology used to capture these videos.

Using Inmarsat satellite ping data and military radar to track its path, and eyewitness testimony to verify it, Forbes put together the final flight path of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370:

On March 7th at 16:42 UTC Flight 370 takes off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. At 17:21 the plane abruptly turns back towards the nearest airport in Penang. A witness on an oil rig reported that the plane was on fire. Several witnesses along the East Coast reported hearing a loud bang and seeing a glow coming from the plane as it passed overhead. At 17:52 the co-pilot’s mobile phone pings the local tower. At 18:40 an eyewitness on a boat reported that the plane was glowing orange and appeared on fire. The Inmarsat ping data shows the same sharp left turn that we see in the videos, and then abruptly goes to zero as the plane disappears.

The CCP released Chinese satellite images that appear to be three orbs. They first claimed it was debris, and later said that releasing the image was a mistake. According to Chinese media, nineteen families have signed a statement claiming they made calls that connected to missing passengers after the disappearance but without an answer.

Some people are saying this was alien UFOs saving a plane from crashing. But this doesn’t explain the fact that three different advanced US military surveillance cameras captured this one event. Twenty-three of the passengers on board were related to Freescale Semi-Conductors, a field leading the development of super-conductor technology, which is what this appears to be. Some type of superconductor targeting system for teleportation. Which is reminiscent of what the NAZIs were doing with their highly classified Die Glocke project.

Luminous objects like this were first reported in May of 1940 as Germany invaded Belgium. And by 1942 several people reported seeing them in the skies over Germany. American pilots during World War Two called them, Foo Fighters.

And let’s not forget Gary Mckinnon, who in 2002 was accused of perpetrating the "biggest military computer hack of all time”, and who claimed to have seen evidence of an advanced off-world military fleet.

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