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Lahaina Reopens and New Questions Arise

More hints of Directed Energy Weapons in Maui

Much like other recent fires such as Paradise, California, there have been several anomalies involving the recent fires in Maui. In the middle of an area untouched by fire, a random car with melted glass, and melted aluminum wheels.

NORAD tracked CCP satellites directly above all three fires at the time of ignition. Many people are saying it’s Directed Energy Weapons, and we are not getting any answers from our criminal government.

The people of Lahaina have been given access back into their neighborhood. And there are more of these anomalies being discovered.

A viral video of the Lahaina Pentecostal Church shows what appears at first glance to be an electrical fire in the ceiling. But how is everything in the Church pristine except for a portion of the roof seam and the wall at one end? Many are saying this looks like a laser cut through the roof.

There is an area with just a few buildings that have been devastated by fire while everything surrounding them has been untouched. It is unclear as to how these random buildings caught fire. And there are cars in untouched areas that somehow completely burned out. With melted glass and aluminum.

In one lot, the wood survived the fire, but everything else was turned into piles of ash. In many piles, this ash appears to have been metal.

We aren’t getting any answers. The victims of Lahaina are being ignored while the government funnels money to Israel.

And a frog has been found at ground zero which has been frozen in mid-jump. Suggesting an instantaneous flash of high energy.

The Reese Report
Greg Reese