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Cathy O’Brien

Author of TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave

I began this conversation by sharing my own childhood trauma. An event that I dissociated with at the time. I think we are all subjected to some sort of trauma that needs to be healed from in order to reach our full potential. And on a personal level, lately, I wonder if I’m even capable of trusting strangers. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. But lately, it seems as if many people think that the government will fix itself if we all just vote the right way. And to me, that seems completely mad.

This conversation was a pleasant reminder that the answer is us. We the people. Each one of us living our best life in joyful spirit. Building our own world as we learn to stop accepting the bait and falling for the traps of a small evil few. We need to come together.

As Cathy says in this video, if she can heal then anyone can heal. And if you do not know about Cathy’s story, I highly suggest investigating it. Her story is very telling of the evils that we are all facing today. Here are some links…

Cathy’s main website:

Cathy speaking out decades ago:

Cathy O'Brien - MK-Ultra Mind Control

Her incredibly powerful book:

TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave

A recent documentary film about her:

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